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01/01/06: Happy new year

I updated the day before yesterday, just so you know. That update has of course been moved to the old updates.

Anyway, happy 2006. I've set myself the goal of receiving one million front page hits in the new year. (Good luck to myself with that...)

My list of New Year's Thanks for 2005, since that has turned into a tradition for the site, in no particular order except the order in which I thought of them:

  • Nidokingu, for being sweet and wonderful for the whole year
  • My dad, for helping me with stuff
  • Dannichu, for putting up with my arrest-worthy laziness at replying to e-mails
  • The people who put up with my endless perfectionism and general annoyingness
  • The people who actually read the FAQ before contacting me
  • All the entertaining people I've talked to on instant messengers
  • Everybody who takes the time to read all my ranty content
  • Everybody who takes the time to visit my site at all
  • Everybody. Really. I love you all. Let's make a big happy family. No, just kidding.

Yay. Now with my corny list over, I'll unfortunately have to tell you I haven't updated anything except a little bit more of the writing guide, which I'm revising. Have a nice year.

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