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01/01/05: Happy 2005!

Happy new year, and thanks to everybody who visited this site in 2004. I would also like to specially thank the following people:

  • Dannichu, for being a great friend and brightening up my days with her e-mails until she started having technical problems. :( Dannichu, if you're reading this: I'm sure the Nine Vertical Pies were behind it.
  • Micky Onimusha, for being so cute and fun to insult. ;) (The cute bit is an inside joke, by the way.)
  • Dad, for helping me out with a ton of ASP coding when I was stuck.
  • DarkScyther, for writing the absolute best piece of Pokémon fanfiction I have ever read.
  • Brit Chris, for writing Monica's Revolution to keep me occupied for the whole year.
  • ChicRocketJames, for writing Tangled Web and The Last of Its Kind, both of which have left me amazed.
  • The authors of all my other favorite fanfiction.
  • Obsidian Blade, for inspiring me to scrap The Quest for the Legends and completely rewrite it.
  • Frostweaver, for both writing inspiring reviews and giving me a huge ego boost.
  • Everybody else who has reviewed my fanfics, especially those whose reviews were rewrite-inducing.
  • All the loyal visitors of this site, for making me feel loved when I look at the hit counter.
  • Satoshi Tajiri, for having invented Pokémon.
  • Everybody on the forums I go to, for providing me with what I spend my day on.
  • Pokémon fans, for making me feel like I'm not alone.

Happy new year, and I hope you enjoyed 2004 as much as I did. ^_^

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