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01/01/05 (2): New Year's Changes

Well, since it's 2005, I've made some changes.

Firstly, there is now an Old Updates section. Secondly, now only the newest update will be on the main page; I think it looks better like that.

Thirdly, I have tweaked Misdreavus Style's color scheme - the text is now slightly bluish gray rather than white, the red is not as bright, and links have changed from yellow to grayish blue (white on hover). I hope it's easier on your eyes. There is also a new Almighty Random Poll, finally.

UPDATE EDIT: I also made a Style poll which will allow you to vote on various things concerning the styles on the site in the future.

UPDATE EDIT (2): I made Snow Style the default style just because of the season (sorry everybody in the Southern hemisphere) and weaked almost all the styles a little bit, the most noticable being Arcanine Style and Power of One Style. Not Oldie Style, though; if it weren't eye-hurting, it wouldn't be Oldie Style. ;)

UPDATE EDIT (3): I wrote a thought called The Mew Trick. It's about how the Mew Trick came to be and what kind of a feeling it was to discover it.

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