This is an old page - it still exists for archival purposes, but it hasn't been on the menu since 2005, possibly earlier. That means I wrote it as a young teenager and found it embarrassing or redundant enough to disown it even when I was fifteen. Thus, it is probably outdated, poorly or childishly written and presented, and otherwise of questionable quality, and I do not necessarily endorse any views and opinions expressed here today. If you've stumbled upon it, treat it accordingly.


Tips and tricks


-The Battle tower-

Evolve Onix into Steelix

Give an Onix a Metal coat to hold, then trade it to another Gold, Silver or Crystal game.

Evolve Slowpoke into Slowking

Give a Slowpoke a King's rock to hold, then trade it to another Gold, Silver or Crystal game.

Evolve Poliwhirl into Politoed

Give a Poliwhirl a King's rock to hold, then trade it to another Gold, Silver or Crystal game.

Evolve Scyther into Scizor

Give a Scyther a Metal coat to hold, then trade it to another Gold, Silver or Crystal game.

Nearly always win the Bug-catching contest

To win the Bug-catching contest nearly every time, do the following:

  1. First, save your game before starting. This won't always work.
  2. If you have a Pokémon with Sweet scent, use it in the contest. If not, play the Pokémon march on the radio. Make sure your Pokémon can beat all the Pokémon in the contest in one hit with an attack with high PP rating - or have some weak Pokémon and make it hold Smoke ball.
  3. Just start walking in the grass (or go into it and use Sweet scent).
  4. When you find a Pokémon, make it faint or run from it except if it's a level 14 Scyther. If it is, do not damage it, just throw Park balls at it until you catch it. If you don't catch it and just run out of Park balls without catching a Pokémon, turn off your gameboy and turn it back on.
  5. If you catch it, quit the contest if it's a male. If it's a female, keep going and look for a male one, because Max stat Pokémon are always male for some reason...
  6. When there are 10 minutes left, also catch level 14 Pinsirs.
  7. When there are 5 minutes left, also catch level 13 Scythers.
  8. When there are 2 minutes left, also catch level 13 Pinsirs.
  9. When there's 1 minute left, also catch level 15 Butterfrees and Beedrills.
  10. Then, you should have caught something good. If you don't win, just turn off your gameboy and try again. Remember that when you are given the choice of keeping either of some two, pick Scyther over anything else, and Pinsir over Butterfree and Beedrill, and I think Butterfree over Beedrill.

Never lose in the Game corner

Do the following to never lose any coins at the Game corner:

  1. Check if you have coins. If you have, go on to step 3. If not, do step 2.
  2. Buy 50 coins at the counter.
  3. Remember how many coins you have now! If you forget this number, all this will be for nothing!
  4. Save your game.
  5. Start playing the slots or card flipping with three coins. Use any machine you like, but always remember the number of coins you had in the beginning!
  6. Watch the number of coins you have, but be sure to remember the number you had at the start.
  7. When your number of coins reaches any higher than the number you had in the beginning, remember how many coins you have now instead of the old number and save again.
  8. If you ever run out of coins, turn off your Gameboy and turn it back on, and you will be back with the highest number of coins you had through the whole process!
  9. If you get bored of playing the slots, also just turn off without saving. Also, it might be good to turn off when you're more than 700 coins under the number you remembered, as not even two slot jackpots in a row would get you higher.
  10. Do this until you have enough coins for the Pokémon or TM you want.

Beat Falkner

If you chose Chikorita, I suggest that you make it stay away from this battle. If you chose Cyndaquil, be aware that Falkner's Pidgey and Pidgeotto know Mud-slap, which is a Ground type attack and therefore super effective on Cyndaquil, and although it's weak (10 base damage) and won't hurt you very much, it lowers accuracy and because it's super effective, Falkner will like to use it on Cyndaquil and that might give you some accuracy problems if you're unlucky. If you chose Totodile, you're neither at an advantage nor disadvantage, as they will use Gust which won't lower your accuracy. But whichever starter you chose, your best bet against this gym is a Geodude with Rock throw (level 11), although it could have the same problems as Cyndaquil if you're unlucky (either you don't beat Pidgeotto in one hit or you miss at the first Rock throw). It could take some time to train it to level 11, but it's well worth it. A Pidgey with Gust I once used did well too, if you don't want to use Geodude for some reason.

Beat Bugsy

If you chose Chikorita, make it stay as far from this battle as possible. If you chose Cyndaquil, you should however most definetly use it as your main Pokémon in this battle. If you chose Totodile, it's again neither good nor bad. A Growlithe caught on Route 36, that Geodude, or maybe even a Pidgey with Gust can be used instead for Cyndaquil if you chose Totodile or Chikorita. If you chose Chikorita, I suggest having at least two of those at hand if one should fail.

Beat Whitney

If you chose Chikorita, you can use its Razor leaf. If you chose Cyndaquil, I reccommend not using it against Miltank, since its Rollout can be a big pain. If you chose Totodile, you can teach it the TM for Ice punch (sold at the Goldenrod department store). Your best bet, though, would either be a Geodude, as its Magnitude (level 16) is very powerful if you're lucky enough and it's resistant to both Normal and Rock attacks, or a Machop you can get in a trade in the Goldenrod department store (for Abra) as its Low kick and Karate chop are super effective against Normal Pokémon. You should always have a backup if Geodude/Machop fails, though. Totodile or Chikorita will do as a backup if you chose either of them, but if you chose Cyndaquil, I strongly suggest that you get both Geodude and Machop. Of course, it's always best to have both even if you chose Totodile or Chikorita.

Beat Morty

If you chose Chikorita, it's no good in this battle except in case it has Mud-slap and I don't reccommend it then either. Cyndaquil's Ember is whimpy, but if you bought Fire punch and taught it, or of course if you somehow managed to get 5500 game coins and get Fire blast at the game corner, it will be very strong. Totodile will be pretty good if you've taught it Dig, second best would be Surf. But Geodude's Magnitude or Butterfree's Confusion are my reccommendations. They should finish this gym off quickly and effectively.

Beat Jasmine

If you chose Chikorita, it won't be that bad. Razor leaf deals normal damage to Steelix and Grass is resistant to Magnemite's Electric attacks. Cyndaquil will beat her very easily. Just use a Fire attack on all of them and you'll win. Totodile can beat Steelix, but it's easy prey for the Magnemites. Geodude with Magnitude, however, will once again save the day for any Totodile or Chikorita user and that Machop and Growlithe can also be used with a great success.

Beat Chuck

If you chose Chikorita, then now you finally have the gym your starter will sweep. Poliwrath is weak to Grass and Chikorita's rather defensive stats should allow it to survive the Fighting attacks. If you chose Cyndaquil, you could have some problems using it due to its low Defense and weakness to Water, so you should just keep Cyndaquil in its ball in this battle. Totodile is neither at an advantage nor disadvantage here. Butterfree's Confusion will do well here, and if you happen to have a Pidgeotto over level 33, it's Wing attack can be the way to victory. If you got a Pichu or an Elekid from the Odd egg, its Electric attacks can also beat Poliwrath.

Beat Pryce

If you chose Chikorita, it will be in the gray area in this gym. Grass is super effective on all his Pokémon, but Ice attacks are super effective on Chikorita too. If you chose Cyndaquil, this gym will be harder than you think. Seel and Dewgong's Water type neutralizes your Fire attacks, and although Piloswine won't be much of a problem, it is a Ground type, so you should think twice before trying to sweep his gym with Cyndaquil except in case it's now a Typhlosion with Thunderpunch. If you chose Totodile, you will beat Piloswine easily with Surf, and then you can use other attacks if you have to use it on Seel and Dewgong. Again, if you got a Pichu or Elekid from the Odd egg, or if you caught a Magnemite, you can use Electric attacks on Seel and Dewgong. Your Geodude won't do too well here, but Machop is another story. If you have Chikorita, you really should use Machop. If you chose Chikorita, you could also want a Water Pokémon for Piloswine.

Beat Clair

If you chose Chikorita, you shouldn't use it here. Same goes for Cyndaquil. If I remember correctly, at least one of the Dragonairs knows Ice beam, and at least one knows Surf. Totodile will do well if it has Ice punch. Your best bet would be a Jynx from the Ice path with Ice punch (level 25) or Smoochum if that's what hatched from the Odd egg. Kingdra has only one weakness, Dragon, and since that really isn't an option now, you just have to use strong attacks with normal damage. That includes Ice, so you can still use your Jynx against it. It's best to have a lot of strong attacks ready on all of your Pokémon, because Kingdra is very tough.

Beat Will

If you chose Chikorita (which should be a Meganium now), it's pretty much of no use here except for against Slowbro. Typhlosion will beat Exeggutor and Jynx with Fire attacks and if it has Thunderpunch, it will also take Will's Xatus and maybe have a fair chance against Slowbro. Feraligatr with Ice punch will beat the Xatus and have a fair chance against Exeggutor. If it still has Bite, it will totally ruin Will. A Dark Pokémon will be your best bet without doubt. The bad thing is that at this point, the only Dark Pokémon you can have are Sneasel and Umbreon. If you have them, use them; if you have a Pokémon with high Special attack and Bite or Crunch or with high Attack and Shadow ball, use it. A traded Houndoom would probably be the best, since you won't be reading this if you're even considering trading over a Tyranitar.

Beat Koga

If you have Meganium, it will be creamed. It shouldn't take part in this fight at all. If you have Typhlosion, however, you will beat Ariados, Venomoth and Forretress with Flame wheel (or Fire blast if you played enough in the Game corner), Crobat with Thunderpunch and Muk with Earthquake... in other words, you'll sweep. If you have Feraligatr, Ice punch will beat Crobat and Earthquake will beat Muk. Jynx will be good as Psychic attacks beat all of his Pokémon except Forretress which can be handled with Arcanine or another Fire Pokémon. That Arcanine or another Fire Pokémon will of course beat Ariados, Venomoth and Forretress too. A Flying Pokémon will be good also, beating Ariados and Venomoth like nothing... that Graveler (or Golem if you could trade back and forth) can also beat all except Forretress (then again it might have Fire blast)... as you see, almost anything works.

Beat Bruno

If you have Meganium, it will do well. His Onix is easily beaten with Grass and the Fighting moves won't do any terrible amount of damage. His Hitmonchan knows Fire punch and Ice punch, though (not that it has the Special attack to be a real threat). If you have Typhosion, it's not that good here. It's too risky to use Earthquake on his Onix as Typhlosion's Attack isn't very high and Onix's Defense is high, and it will hit you back with Earthquake if it survives. If you have Feraligatr, Surf will beat his Onix, but it's nothing special against his other Pokémon. Jynx will beat him easily, though, as long as it has a good Psychic attack. A traded Psychic TM or a Lovely kiss + Dream eater combo will work - if Jynx is fast enough, that is. Or of course if you got it from the Odd egg and kept it as Smoochum until level 37 so it would learn Psychic naturally. Exeggutor or Starmie would also do very well if you have them.

Beat Karen

If you have Meganium, you have to rely on your other Pokémon here. If you have Typhlosion, it will beat Vileplume with a Fire attack, Houndoom and Gengar with Earthquake and Murkrow with Thunderpunch. Feraligatr will beat Houndoom with Surf, Gengar with Earthquake and Murkrow and maybe Vileplume with Ice punch. Umbreon is very tough, but remember that Machop of yours? If you kept it as Machop to level 37 and then evolved it, you have Cross chop. Otherwise, it'll have to be level 43 or more or you'll just have to use Vital throw. Either way, it's the best you can get.

Beat Lance

Lance, the great Gamesharker. No, really, in Gold, Silver and Crystal he has de-leveled his Dragonite and evolved AND de-leveled the Dragonairs, and he even taught Aerodactyl Rock slide. At least, if you have Meganium, you're toast. He's actually more of a Flying trainer than a Dragon trainer. If you have Typhlosion, Thunderpunch will beat Gyarados if you're fast enough (or if Gyarados is stupid enough to start with Rain dance) and Charizard will fall to it too, but there isn't really much more Typhlosion can do as Aerodactyl is one of the second-fastest Pokémon in the game and knows Rock slide (evil gamesharker!). If you have Feraligatr, it will beat his Dragonites with Ice punch and Charizard and Aerodactyl with Surf. Use an Electric Pokémon (Raichu or Electabuzz from the Odd egg) against Gyarados and Charizard if you have Meganium and the Dragonites will fall to Jynx. Aerodactyl will be harder since it's so fast and knows Rock slide (evil, evil gamesharker!) but a Water Pokémon and maybe Jynx can handle it.

Train low level Water Pokémon

Teach it Surf, attach the Smoke ball to it and go to Mt. Silver. Save, go into the cave and find a Graveler or an Onix. If it's not, just run and the escape will be safe since you attached a Smoke ball. If it is a Graveler or an Onix, try using Surf. If you're faster and it beats them in one hit, just keep on training (although you should note that Onix has higher Speed than Graveler). If you're slower or it doesn't faint them in one hit, turn off and back on and then try on Victory road.

Train low level Grass Pokémon

First, your Pokémon needs to know a Grass attack. Save. Then fish with the Good rod. If you beat the Pokémon that appears, save. Otherwise turn off and try again.

Train Electric Pokémon

Go to the Lake of Rage and save. Fish with the Super rod if your Electric is at a decent level and knows Thunderbolt, otherwise use the Good rod. Even though the Magikarps give very little experience, the trouble is worth it when you finally find a Gyarados. It is double-weak to Electric, so you can beat it. Save after each Gyarados and each three Magikarps, though.

Which starter?

Simple. Take the one you like the most!:D All three have good and bad points, but if you want the best to pick, I did an experiment on it... ++ means great advantage, + means slight advantage, * means neither good nor bad, - means slight disadvantage and -- means great disadvantage.

--- Chikorita Cyndaquil Totodile
Falkner -- - *
Bugsy -- ++ *
Whitney * - *
Morty - * +
Jasmine * ++ --
Chuck ++ - *
Pryce * -- +
Clair - -- ++
Will - ++ +
Koga -- ++ +
Bruno ++ - +
Karen -- ++ ++
Lance -- - ++
Total: -9 1 9

Well, I really expected Cyndaquil and Totodile to be more equal now... in my first experiment where the plus and minus system was very stupid, and didn't function properly, I got that Totodile had 15, Cyndaquil had 5 and Chikorita had 4... at least this is all about Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr having Ice punch after Goldenrod, Dig at Ecruteak and Earthquake at the Elite four, and Typhlosion having Thunderpunch and Earthquake at the Elite four (when it's a Typhlosion; Cyndaquil and Quilava can't learn them). Of course that doesn't have to be, and it's really up to which moves you give them. Also you might give the pluses and minuses out differently, like giving Cyndaquil only one minus for Lance, etc., but I gave two pluses and two minuses pretty often... you can do it yourself and find out. Also, of course, no one says you have to use your starter at all. You might as well ditch it on the PC as soon as you've caught another Pokémon. But this is how my experiment went... also, don't forget that any of the starters can beat anything with a plenty of training. Take the starter you like the most.

What to do during the credits

Hold down B and the credits will go quicker.

Haircut trick

Save in front of the haircut man, and always restart except when it says "(insert Pokémon name here) looks delighted!" That way, you will always get the maximum ammount of happiness you can get out of each haircut.

Train Pokémon with accuracy-lowering or evasion-boosting attacks or Fly

Fight wild Geodudes and Gravelers that know Selfdestruct or Explosion. Use your accuracy-lowering attack/evasion-boosting attack/Fly, and hope they Selfdestruct and miss you. It gives loads of experience.

Faster between Johto and Kanto

Fly to New bark town and Surf into the water. When it says you're on Route 28, you're in Kanto. Then just Fly wherever you want. It's much faster than the Magnet train.

Train any low-level Pokémon

Mystery gift with your friend. Get your friend to have five strong Chanseys. Then take your low-level Pokémon along with five very strong Pokémon with very high Attack and Selfdestruct or Explosion. Have the low-level Pokémon first in your lineup. Immediately switch to one of your other Pokémon and let them use Selfdestruct or Explosion and hope the Chansey faints. Since your low level Pokémon is the only conscious Pokémon you have that took part in fighting the Chansey, it will get all the credit, and since Chansey and Blissey are the Pokémon that give the most experience of all... that means a lot of levels. Then switch back to the low level Pokémon and repeat.

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