Pokémon stories

The Quest for the Legends - Mark's great adventure by Butterfree

The pokémon Oscar - challenge from Dannichu by Butterfree

(No name given) by Kingdra2000

Articuno's Ice Palace by Dannichu

Mew13's first adventure by Mew13

Pikhu and the legendary party by Mew13

Fun in Cyberspace by Dannichu

Quest for the Wine gums by Dannichu

Mew13 in da Internet! by Mew13 (the human one)

Mew13 in da Internet! Part two! by Mew13 (the human one)

Team maddness by Mew13 (the human one, as always)

Imagine... - a thought by Butterfree

Team Magma and Team Aqua: Groudon vs. Kyogre by Ricky

The Box by Latios

Mean Mr. Mustard - the 7th movie script by Latios

A silly story for no reason: What we do in our spare time by Mew13 (the human one as always).

Pokémon Survivor! by Dannichu

The Wonders of Modern Technology by Dannichu

Poke Star Wars: Episode VI - The Return of the Jedi by Wave

The Rocket Bride by Wave

Sane vs. Insane by Jolty

The Legend of Charizard by Butterfree

The Second Clone by Butterfree (this is a thread at the pokémasters forums)

The Bloatonian Dream by Latios

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