Sane VS Insane

Disclaimer: I did not create Pokemon. Nor did that rock over there. I don't claim Kadabra either. Dannichu does.

Dedicated to: Dannichu. For giving me the idea from her fics.

Notes: This story is actually a game show I made up, and... WARNING: The questions and answers were done by Joey, so they are bound to be insane...

Sane Team: Alakazam, Espeon, Azumarril, Mewtwo.
Insane Team: Sneasel, Delibird, Kadabra, Umbreon.
Host: Me, Jolty!
Lighting: Joey
Someone who didn't invent pokemon: That rock over there.

Jolty: Welcome to Sane VS Insane!
Umbreon: We'll see you again next time!
Jolty: I say that. Well, anyways, lets see today's contestants...
Joey: It's night!
Jolty: TONIGHT's contestants then...
Joey: Better.
Jolty: Just keep that light straight and shut up!
Joey: Whatever.

(Backstage in the Insane team's side)

Umbreon: Did you get all the answers then Sneasel?
Delibird: Are suppossed to be cheating? It's not Christmas!
Umbreon: ...Just this one... So did you get em Sneasel?
Sneasel: No.
Kadabra: Were the nine vertical pies watching?
Sneasel: No! Me doesn't knowing how to read!
Umbreon: Great. Anyway, we know that stuff!
Delibird: Then why did you send Sneasel to look at the answers?
Umbreon: Duh, we're insane...

(Backstage in the Sane team's side)

Espeon: Do you think the Sane team will actually win this show for once?
Alakazam: Not if my brother's on the other side.
Mewtwo: Pah! They are foolish mortals! Psychic pokemon always win!
Azumarril: I aint Psychic! I can't read minds!
Alakazam: Something tells me she got picked for the wrong side.
Azumarril: I was I supposed to know?
Espeon: We're gonna have to win ourselves, Alakazam.
Mewtwo: And me! Foolish mortals!
Espeon: I don't think you are Kadabra's brother.
Alakazam: Hmm... my parents were mad too...

(Back on stage)

Jolty: Now, to start the show! We've been backstage to see what the contestants are up to, so let the game begin! Each team has an answer thingy, the Sane side has a Dinger and the Insane side has a Buzzer. So let the game begin!
Joey: You already said that!
Jolty: ...anyway... Question 1: What is two plus two?
Espeon: Four.
Jolty: I'm sorry, that was wrong, so the question goes to The Insane Team!
Sneasel: TWENTY TWO!
Jolty: ...Correct. Question 2: What are Totodiles?
Umbreon: I do not know!

Jolty: Nope, over to the Sane Team!
Azumarril: Idiots who killed my mommy!
Jolty: Erm... the card says your exact words... Correct! Question 3: Name a pea brained object.
Alakazam: Sneasel.
Jolty: No! His brain is smaller! Over to the Insane team!
Delibird: Jolty!
Jolty: I'll write the answers next time Joey! Anyways, you are right. Question 4: Translate Tom Boot!
Kadabra: THE BINS ARE COMING! ...again.
Jolty: Not this time... Sane Team?
Espeon: Tom Boot.
Jolty: Ing!* *Yes! Question 5: Who did not create pokemon?
Umbreon: Me!
Jolty: That is wrong... now, the Sane Team... if you get this right, you win the prize. If you don't, the Insane team does. Who did not create pokemon?

(The Sane Team whispers about the prize winning)

Alakazam: We can't win it, you know it's going to be mad.
Espeon: Say the right answer!
Alakazam: Ok.

Azumarril: Ooh, I know!
Espeon: We're doomed.
Azumarril: That rock over there!
Jolty: Congratulations! You win the prize! A century's supply of Umbreon droppings, shoes and sponges!
Umbreon: That is so not fair.
Sneasel: You answered the question!
Kadabra: Shoes AND SPONGES?! RUUUUN!!!!
Jolty: For the first time in history, the SANE TEAM WINS!!!

(After the show)

Espeon: That's the last time I try to get a job as an actress.
Alakazam: Where did Azumarril go?
Espeon: She found the gun.
Alakazam: MY CAR!
Espeon: You hid it in there?
Azumarril: (To a Squirtle passing by) I KNOW YOU! YOU'RE A TOTODILE!
Squirtle: (backs away) No... I'm in the next fanfic...
Espeon: God save me.
(A beam of light from the sky levetates Espeon into the clouds)
Alakazam: God save me too!
(Nothing happens)
Alakazam: Great, I'm in the next fanfic...

More notes: I told you it was insane! And I swear that rock over there didn't create Pokemon!

See you in the next fic guys! (If I can be bothered to write "The next fic")


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