This is a challenge like Fun in Cyberspace. The phrases (made by me, Butterfree...) were:

  1. Look! Someone took my hairbrush! AAAHHHH! SOMEONE TOOK MY HAIRBRUSH!!!!
  2. Yes, that's right... only too right, because I am now going to give you a very... very... cute little Pichu!
  3. I am in love with cream crackers.
  4. What an awfully foul-smelling couch! Take it away!
  5. No, ____, I'd say you've got a cold.
  6. Ahhh, now I understand! It was the elbow!
  7. What is electricity?
  8. It's world domination time!
  9. I knew it was you who found that troll, ____!
  10. How dare you call me a Normal type???
  11. I am very offended, madam.
  12. Duh, look it up in the dictionary!
  13. Who put my mailbag into the freezer?
  14. Sdrawkcab gniklat ma I.
  15. Put down the doorknob! Put down the doorknob!
  16. No way! That car is full of air!
  17. Closing my eyes makes me sick.
  18. Excuse me, but are you responsible for this... thing, Mr. ____?
  19. Oh, just imagine ____ is a ! Houndoom or something, and then you'll see it.
  20. I am about to re-arrange the cosmos. Wait, wasn't that in some movie?

Mew13 lost in da Internet!
by the human Mew13!

Pichufluffball, the puffiest Pichu ever!

Mew13: So how do we set up the Internet?
Missingno: How should I know?! You're the smart one!
Mew13: How dare you! *thrashes Missingno*
Missingno: I am very offended, madam.
Mew13: ........... You called me madam. KILL!! NOBODY CALLS ME MADAM! I AM A KID, PEOPLE!
Eclipse: Erm, the Internet?!
Mew13: *still choking Missingno* Oh yeah.
Eclipse: Okay, we plug it in here... *gets electrocuted*
Mew13: Let me guess, you forgot to dry your paws?
Pichufluffball: What is electricity?
Mew13, Missingno and Eclipse: ...........................
Pichufluffball: I am in love with cream crackers.
Mew13: Hello? Have you forgotten, no love scenes in this story??!
Eclipse: *still buzzing* Theeeeeeee Inteeerrnettt iss seet uuupp...
Missingno: Yay! I know where I'm going first!
Mew13: Where?
Missingno: Neopets!
Mew13: *falls over sidey ways*
Pichfluffball: *eating all the cream crackers* What's that shiny thing?
Eclipse: You mean me?
Pichufluffball: No! On the screen!
*big flashes on screen*
Missingno: Arrrrrrrgh! Programming error!! Noo!
Mew13: You ARE a programming error!
Eclipse: We're being sucked in!!!!
Pichufluffball: Look! Someone took my hairbrush! AAAHHHH! SOMEONE TOOK MY HAIRBRUSH!!!!
Mew13: Who cares?
*all get sucked into computer screen*

Mew13: Where are we?
Pichufluffball: Hairbrush... waaaaaah.
Eclipse: It's... it's...
Mew13: What?
Eclipse: It's world domination time!
Mew13: Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh! The computer has a virus and it's infected Eclipse!! Arrrrrrgh some more!!!
Eclipse: *Runs off yelling* Muhahahaha! I will take over the world via the Internet!
Pichufluffball: Oh great.
Missingno: Umm... guys... HELP?!
Mew13: *whispers to Pichufluffball* Lets just leave Missingno in that circuit thingy!
Missingno: Help?!?!
virus scanner: Excuse me, but are you responsible for this... thing, Mr. Pichu?
Mew13: What thing?
Virus scanner: This thing! *points to Missingo*
Mew13: What, Missingno? No, he's my pal.
Virus scanner: You're a pal to a virus?
Mew13: Missingno put a virus in Eclipse?!?!?? MISSINGNO!!!!!
Missingno: I am officially doomed. It wasn't me!
Virus Scanner: That will be all.

Eclipse: *to a Charizard on the Internet* Yes, that's right... only too right, because I am now going to give you a very... very... cute little Pichu!
Charizard: You're a maniac. *torches Eclipse*
Eclipse: * has no effect* *Faint Attacks Charizard*
Charizard: *fainted*
Eclipse: Now I shall go ruin someone's computer! Muhahahaha!
Mew13: *arrives* Everybody, close your eyes! I need to use Evil Lightning Blast!
Pichfluffball: Closing my eyes makes me sick.
Eclipse: FOOLS! *uses Psychic on Mew13 and Pichufluffball*
Mew13 and Pichufluffball: *fainted*
Eclipse: *uses Virus attack on a computer cable thingy*
Computer: Fzzzt BAANG!
Eclipse: Great, only a trillion more to go.
Mew13: Hmm... Evil hates being called not evil... ECLIPSE! YOU AIN'T EVIL!
Eclipse: ..................... KILL!
Pichufluffball: You really put your paw in it that time, didn't you?
Mew13: Can it! Oh yeah... WWWAAAARRRGH!
Eclipse: KILL!
*Missingno appears*
Missingno: I am about to re-arrange the cosmos. Wait, wasn't that in some movie?
Eclipse: No no no! If we were slaves of Metacune, our eyes would be a different color!
Mew13: And Metacune's not in this story.
Eclipse: Precisly. Can I get back to killing things now?
Mew13: Can I say something first?
Eclipse: What?
Mew13: Sdrawkcab gniklat ma I.
Pichufluffball: What does dat mean?
Mew13: I have no idea. I had to say it sometime...
Pichufluffball: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! *Tantrum attack!*
Eclipse: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! *runs off*
Pichufluffball: Okay.
Missingno: *advances on Mew13 and Pichufluffball*
Pichufluffball: No! Keep away, evil glitch!
Missingno: No, I havn't been virused. ATTTCHOOOOOOO! *snot flies everywhere*
Pichufluffball: Eeew... Missingno! You got dribbleys!
Missingno: Pardon?
Mew13: No, Missingno, I'd say you've got a cold.
Missingno: We have to find Eclipse! Come on!
Mew13: One, have nowhere to go. Two, I am desparatley waiting for Pokemon Sapphire. Three, ECLIPSE IS EVIL!
Pichufluffball: Duuh, we know all three of those! How will we find Eclipse?
Missingno: Check the History thingy?
Mew13 and Pichufluffball: *slap foreheads* OF COURSE! But how do we get up there?
Missingno: Umm, Mew13? ARE YOU FORGETTING YOU CAN FLY?!?!
Mew13: Oopsy.

Mew13: Lets type a random address. *types * (ps. Don't click it! I have no idea what it does!)
*all get teleported to*
Pichufluffball: *looking at green and yellow couch* *pukes*
Missingno: What?
Pichufluffball: *pukes again* Gaaah! What an awfully foul-smelling couch! Take it away!
Mew13: It's a picture, idiot.
Missingno: Lets get out of here! *types*
*teleported again*
Mew13: Arrrrrrrrrgh! This place is pure EVIL!
Pichufluffball: Duuh, Eclipse has been here.
Missingno: How did you know?
Pichufluffball: Could be that the page took hardly any time to load.
Mew13: We have ADSL.
Pichufluffball: Is that some sort of food?!
Mew13: Why am I going weird?
Pichufluffball: Nooooooooooo! We need to check our email!
Missingno: We don't have an email address yet.
Pichufluffball: Oh yeah!
Mew13: Umm, a little help?!

Eclipse: Those FOOLS! I have sent emails containing my virus arround the world, forcing EVERY LIVING BEING TO ENTER THE COMPUTER AND BECOME JUST LIKE ME! MUHAHAHHAHAHAAAAAA!
Pikachu: ............... I'm doomed. DOOMED, I TELL YA, DOOMED!
Eclipse: *slaps Pikachu* Shaadup!
Pikachu: *Thunder*
Eclipse: *Hyperbeams Pikachu*
Pikachu: *faints*

Mew13: Stupid elbows! *Evil Lightning Blast!* *frazzles elbows*
Pichufluffball: I can't attack the elbows! When I'm all puffy like this, my fur absorbs the electricity! ............. Missingno! Throw me on the elbows!
Missingno: I have no arms.
Pichfluffball: Use Psychic Force then!
Missingno: 'n'alright. (that means alright. It's a stupid saying I made up-- 'Nall-rite')
*Pichufluffball lands on elbow cluster, frying them to a crisp*
Pichufluffball: YES! I RULE! *stupid dance*
Missingno: *checking Favorites list* HEY! Eclipse listed this site in his Favorites! I bet he's at or! He's always liked Dragonball GT, ya know.
Pichufluffball: So have I.
Mew13: Yay! Brill Anime!
Missingno: Okay enough dithering! Pick one!
Mew13: Umm........................
Missingno: Brilliant site as it is, it won't help us.
Mew13: What's the URLs for Mew's Hangout and Cave of the Dragonflies?
Pichufluffball: That won't do any good either! Come on! I wanna go to DBGT site!
Missingno: Tough!
Mew13: Ahhh, now I understand! It was the elbow!
Missingno: ....................................
Mew13: I just HAD to say that.
Pichufluffball: I just saw Eclipse! OH MY GOSH!
Mew13 and Missingno: What?!
Pichufluffball: HE'S WEARING LANCE'S CAPE!
Mew13: So what?
Pichufluffball: I don't know...
Missingno: I can't see him.
Pichufluffball: Oh, just imagine Mew13 is a Houndoom or something, and then you'll see him.
Missingno: Oh yeah!
Mew13: *a bit angry* Stop fooling arround!
*all teleport outside computer*
Mew13: What happened?
Missingno: Oh no! Our wonky computer is malfunctioning!
Mew13: Why does it always do that just at the moment when I want to kick someone? *kicks Missingno*
Missingno: Is Eclipse here?
Pichufluffball: No.
*an Alien pops along*
Alien: Ahhh, now I understand! It was the elbow!
Mew13: What?
Alien: The elbows ate my head.
Mew13: Your head is intact and elbows don't have mouths.
Alien: They could smell me from a lightyear off.
Mew13: They don't have nasal receptors either.
Missingno: Hey! Let's steal that human car and drive it to another computer!
Mew13: *shrugs* Well it beats flying. Let's wreak havoc!!
*they all walk out*

Mew13: This car will do. *hops in car*
*Pichufluffball and Missingno get in too*
Missingno: Alien? You coming?
Alien: No way! That car is full of air!
Mew13: Erm, the outside is full of air too.
Alien: What?! *explodes*
Pichufluffball: That was interesting...
Mew13: *in drivers seat* I'll drive! ......Now, how do you start this thing?
Missingno: Possibly by turning the key.
Mew13: *grouchy* Okay okay, I knew that?
*drive to a school*
*walk in school* *actually, Missingno floated via special powers, Mew13 flew and Pichufluffball roled in*

Mew13: Now where do we go?
Pichufluffball: I got a gnome! *holds up elfin thing*
Mew13: I knew it was you who found that troll, Pichufluffball! I saw you capturing it in a net! Now let it go!
Pichufluffball: Okay okay *sets troll free* Bye Gnomey!
Mew13: This place scares me. I don't like humans.
Missingno: Let's hide!
Pichufluffball: Let's not! *Thundershocks himself* *fur absorbs attack* I got shock absorbers!
Missingno: Yeah, sure, whatever...
Mew13: Really bad joke. *finds mailbag on floor* Ooo! Let's have a sack race!
Missingno: We'd need two more, stupid.
Mew13: Oh. *something swipes mailbag* Hey! I wanted that thing!
Eclipse: Muhahahaha! I now have a mailbag for the fun of it MWAHAHAHAHA!
Mew13: Why can't he leave us alone?!
Missingno: Arrrrrrrgh! He's heading for a cookery class! NOOOOOO!
Eclipse (in cookery class): *puts mailbag in fridge*
Mew13: NOOOOOOOO! RIGHT! Who put my mailbag into the freezer?!?!
Pichufluffball: You know it was Eclipse, stupid.
Mew13: Well, Butterfree told me to say that... it wasn't as if I could alter it...
Pichufluffball: I'm sure you altered one saying!
Mew13: Who asked you?!
Eclipse: Can I get back to the point of being Evil, please?
Mew13: Go ahead.
Eclipse: *gets absorbed into nearby computer*
Mew13: Why would anyone have a computer in a cookery class?
Missingno: To download recipies from the Internet?
Pichufluffball and Mew13: DON'T MENTION THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mew13: *checks watch* Oh no! It's almost time for the annoying TO BE CONTINUED bit! What things have we got left to say?
Pichufluffball: I'll go up and check. *climbs up story*
Missingno: What can we do till he gets back?
Mew13: I brought my Gameboy! *holds up Purple Gameboy Advance*
Missingno: Me too! *holds up Clear-blue GBA*
Mew13: I havn't got my link cable TM...
Missingno: Neither have I...
Mew13: I got an idea! *Transforms into link cable TM*
Missingno: Good idea! *puts Mew13 into slots* Now who's gonna play your Gameboy?
Mew13: Get Eclipse to do it.
Missingno: But Eclipse is Evil!
Mew13: Shaddup.
Eclipse: Ooo! Ooo! Let me play!
Missingno: I got Pokemon Red, do you have Blue?
Eclipse: No, I have Yellow...
Editor: Erm... things are getting a little too boring here, lets see how Pichufluffball is doing...
*goes up to near the top*
Pichufluffball: *climbs over "and"* I must be getting near the top... *sees list* There it is! Let's see... we need "How dare you call me a Normal type???", "Put down the doorknob! Put down the doorknob!" and... "Duh, look it up in the dictionary!". Wait? Does that count as already saying it?
Editor: *shrugs* I soppose so...
Pichufluffball: Will I go and tell the others?
Editor: Yep.
Pichufluffball: Wait! I thoight you were the kind and generous author who will offer to do any difficult task for a Pokemon is need?
Editor: What gave you that idea? And do you realise you've said "wait" twice! Be original! Use a Theasaurus and get a better word!
Pichufluffball: What's a Thesaurus?
Editor: *slaps forehead* Duh, look it up in the dictionary, you wimpy Normal type!
Pichufluffball: How dare you call me a Normal type???
Editor: *picks up doorknob* One more word out of you, you baka...
Pichufluffball: Put down the doorknob! Put down the doorknob! *sheilds face*
Editor: *checks watch* Oh My Gosh! It's time for that annoying-


Authers notes: Heehee, thanks to Dannichu for the inspiration of a script story, Butterfree for settting me a mad challenge, my friend Mist (her nickname) for letting me use Pichufluffball in the story, Eclipse for offering to be infeccted by a virus (he's the shyest Umbreon in the world)(he actually did go mental. He wasn't actually meant to take over the Internet...), Mew13 for actually being there and Missingno for just being a glitch. Thanyou, thankyou!
POKEMON SHALL RULE FOREVER MORE! SO SHALL DIGIMON, DRAGONBALL Z/GT AND HAMTARO! Ha, I like to get accross that I like those things soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

Special thanks... to me and all listed above!

If you want to send more phrases for me to use in continued stories!

A Random Mad Person,
Mew13 (the human one)

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