Team Magma and Team Aqua: Groudon vs. Kyogre

Long ago, Groudon and Kyogre had their Land - Water battle. The battle raged on until the Red and Blue Orbs fell from the sky, and calmed these two legendary Pokemon down. They went to sleep for millions of years. Now, Team Magma and Team Aqua want these Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre, to help them repeat the battle millions of years ago. It's up to their siblings to stop them from destroying the world, With the help of Tom, Will, and Angela, Brendan and May will struggle to defeat their brothers, the leaders of Team Magma and Aqua, to keep the world balance, or else...

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CHAPTER 1: The beginning of evil

Eons ago, Groudon and Kyogre battled a gruesome battle. It was Land Pokemon VS Water Pokemon. They battled until Mew and Mewtwo, with the help of Rayquaza, brought the Red Orb and the Blue Orb. These Orbs calmed the legendary Pokemon. This part of history happened millions of years ago. However, like most times, history will repeat itself. Will this battle repeat?

“I’ll defeat you!”

“Yeah, right!”

Max and Archie are rivals. They are competitive about everything, everything from catching Pokemon to eating. They treat their Pokemon like weapons. They have no trust in their Pokemon, but let’s face it; their lives were just as bad.

When Max and Archie battled, they do their usual 3 Pokemon VS 3 Pokemon. The ‘Land Master’ is Max’s nickname, since those are the only Pokemon he catches. The ‘Water Master’ is Archie’s nickname, since those are the only Pokemon he catches. Max’s Pokemon are Steelmouth, his Mawile, Slashmouse, his Sandslash, and Smashhead, his Quagsire. Archie’s Pokemon are Mermaid, his Vaporeon, Waterfish, his Swampert, and Lightning, his Lanturn. As usual, their battles are a tie.

“It’s your fault!”
“No, it’s yours!”

They argued after every battle. It's really a disgrace. Max's brother, Brendan, and Archie's sister, May, liked each other, but at that time, they were best friends. Sometimes, they have 2 on 2 battles. After the tie (every time), Brendan and May compliment each other, but Max and Archie would argue.

One day, after Max, Brendan, Archie, and May were battling, their mother called them inside for dinner.

“Max! Brendan! Come in!”
“Come in, Arch and May! It's time to come in!”

Their lives change after that.

It's ten years later, when Max and Archie became evil. They copied each other's ways, and tried to be better at them. Now, Max and Archie both have a Mightyena and a Golbat. Max also has a Camerupt.

“Defeating is my thing, and land defending is my game!”
“Well water defeats land!”

As you can see, Max loved land Pokemon, especially Ground types, and Archie loved Water Pokemon. Now, when they battle, it's as if they're battling for their lives. And with this battling strategy, plus their rivalry, they will probably cause havoc- around the world! Max and Archie attend PSU, Poke School University. This semester, they were learning about the past, Ancient Mews, Ho-oh and the Legendaries of Ecruteak, Silver and Gold Wings, etc. However, what really caught their eyes, though, was the 'Groudon and Kyogre' battle or really known as the 'Land - Water' battle. Groudon and Kyogre were two legendary Pokemon that had different views for the world. Groudon wanted more land on Earth, since more Pokemon lived on land. Kyogre wanted more water, since Water Pokemon need more space to live than land Pokemon. Who won?

That wasn't in Max or Archie's mind. They worried about the rare Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre. They wanted to know how to revive them, and then they read:

'The Red and Blue Orbs are what caused the battle to stop. They are thought to be demolished, but they are now resting peacefully on the summit of Mt. Prye.'

They realized that if the Orbs calmed them down, the Orbs could release their power. And they had to get it from Mt. Prye. Max and Archie knew they couldn't try to defeat each other by themselves, so Max formed Team Magma and Archie formed Team Aqua. Team Magma follows Groudon's plan, and try to add more land to the world. Team Aqua follows Kyogre's plan, and try to add more water to the world. Team Aqua thinks that Kyogre won the battle, since there is more water than land. Team Magma thinks that Groudon was feeling sorry for Kyogre, so he gave Kyogre permission to add more water. Who won, Groudon, or Kyogre? Will Team Magma win? On the other hand, will Team Aqua win? Is the world in trouble?

Chapter 2

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