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Disclaimer: Pokémon, Pikachu, and all other pokémon characters are the trademarks of Nintendo. They were made by Satoshi Tajiri and not me, and this is just a fan site. All images on this site were made by me (Butterfree aka Dragonfree) unless otherwise stated.

09/13/03 Let's see... Latios sent a joke and a fanfic... if you haven't noticed, I added a small thing to the Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon haters section shortly after my last update... I deleted the team making section, it didn't help anyone like it was and I'm rubbish at the depths of team making... I updated the Webmaster tips... and I think that's all. Oh, I put up a section with ideas you shouldn't copy off my site.

09/11/03 More Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon haters, a small update in the names with the incorrect spellings of the most commonly wrong pokémon names in brackets beside them, a new affiliate, and I have writer's block.

09/07/03 More anti-anti pokémon... this time I wrote a neat little counter to the classic "Why are you attacking us, we haven't done anything to you" argument. And it's even an original one, because it's not the typical "you hack our sites" you see everywhere so I thought I didn't need to mention it. Also, expect chapter 28 of The Quest for the Legends soon.

I promise:

  • This site will only tell the truth, except when I clearly say something is not true.
  • I will update this site as often as I can so my site can become a good one!