Mew13's first adventure: episode 1
By Mew13 (duuh!)

Hi everyone! Before I start keep in mind that every fake Pokemon in this adventure MUST NOT BE TAKEN OFF ME! They are my ideas so there! (sticks toungue out at you) Most of the real Pokemon here are taken off my Blue, Yellow, fake copy of Gold (hey what can I say it was only Ł8!), Silver and Crystal versions. Yes I do have a surfing Pikachu and his name is Storm (water and electric attacks, see?) thankyou, cheat cartridge that is now broken down and making me have to get a new one! It's an Xploderlite, not a Gameshark. In my story I am called Mew13 and I'm 11 when I'm called Nat and I'm really 12. I'm not called Mew13 on any of my games, but I'm called Wierdo on Gold. Some parts are made up. Storm didn't learn Surf until we were in Fuschia city. I imagine I live on my own in a log cabin out in the countryside. Enough of the gab, its time for action!

When I woke up on my 11th birthday, I had no presents but I still felt super excited. Today was the day I could get my very first Pokemon! I quite liked the idea of a Bulbasaur or a Charmander... anything really! I just grabbed my clothes, long denim jeans and a blue t-shirt. I'm not the fashnoble type, I wear the same thing all the time!

I went to prof. Oak's lab to see if he was there. Only my idiot rival, Payne was there. I sneaked behind him and yelled BOO! It was so funny, I almost died laughing at his shock! Haha! I decided there was nothing to see. I went outside to look for Oak and headed for the long grass to play with a Pikachu I had seen a couple of times. As soon as I stepped into the grass Oak came up to tell me it was dangerous. At the second we were about to leave, my Pika pal jumped up and started sparking at the old dude. He caught Pika with a Pokeball and took me back to his lab.

"Okay, Mew13, I only have one Pokemon left, so take it!" Oak instructed me. I picked up the ball and Payne pushed me aside to grab it!
"Payne! What the heck are you doing?!" Oak cried. "I want this Pokemon!" my annoying rival yelled. Oak sighed and said, "Here Mew13. You will have to have the Pikachu." The ball popped open and the mouse appeared in a flash of light. He stretched and yawned. He spotted me and ran up to hug me. I hugged him back.

I got ready to leave, Storm (my new Pokemon) on my shoulder chewing a chocolate chip cookie. I walked towards the exit when the irritating brat that was my enemy challenged me to a duel. He sent out Eevee. "Darn, I could have got an Eevee!" I said. Storm kicked me in the shins. "Sorry! You're better than any Eevee!" I apologised to Storm. He nodded and I felt guilty because he was better than any Pokemon.

"Eevee! Tackle!" Payne yelled. I told Storm to Thundershock her. The zap paralysed Eevee, giving Storm more time to pull off impressive electric attacks. After the third attack, Eevee fainted. Me and Storm did a high five. Payne went off in a huff. We gladly left and headed for Viridian city.

We battled a couple of Pidgeys and Rattatas and found Viridian. Storm rushed to the Pokemon center, as a Gust attack had done a critical hit and hurt him baddly. He jumped up on the table and was healed. I thanked the nurse and we went exploring again. Storm poked me in the back and said "Umm... can we go fight again?" I gasped at how Storm could talk. I knew he was special, but not like this...

I took him to Viridian forest after stocking up on potions and antidotes, just in case he got poisoned. We battled and won against the trainers there. In the long grass we found a level 7 Pidgeotto! Storm battled the bird and used Thunderwave to paralyze him. I threw a Pokeball and caught him! Yay! We got out of the forest. We came to Pewter city and headed for the Pokemon center. We visited the museum and some guy actually tried to nab my Pikachu, but Storm Thundershocked him. Haha! The exhibits were really interesting. Storm and Pidgeotto liked the Moonstone and Fossils the best. We found the gym and Brock challenged me to a fight. Storm jumped in, eager to electrocute Geodude. But he knew electric attacks don't work on ground types... Geodude used Rock throw and Storm was hanging in on a thread. He stood up and tried his best to do a back flip. The room filled with water and Storm landed on... a surfboard, while the room filled with water, drenching everything. Yay! I had a Surfing Pikachu!!

Geodude fell to the ground, soggy and defeated. "Hmph! Return, Geodude." Said Brock.
Storm ran up and hugged me. I think i squeezed him a little too tight, because when I let go he was gasping for breath.
"Go! Onix!" Brock yelled while a huge snake thingy appeared.
Pidgeotto jumped out of his Pokeball to help Storm. Pidgeotto used Gust while Storm used Tail Whip and Surf again. Soon, Onix was defeated! Yay!
"Heh, you are good. Not often an Electric type beats Rock/Ground types." Said Brock. "Here's your Boulderbadge and Bide TM."

I took my Pokemon back to the Pokemon center to heal. I noticed a Jigglepuff in the corner and talked to it. It started singing. I patted it on the head and walked outside, only that Storm wasn't following! I ran back inside and he was beside the Jigglypuff, and was taking a snooze!

I poked Storm in the back and he woke up. "Who? What? Where? Why?" The Pikachu cried in surprize. We were hungry (as usual) so we stopped at a restaraunt and ordered burgers. Over in the corner, a man with a grumpy look had an adorable Nidoran Male at his feat, tied with strong chains to the man's breifcase. The Nidoran looked really underfed. But he was so cute! How could anyone tie him up like that?

When we went to go out, the man looked at us and walked towards us. Storm started sparking. The man was kicking Nidoran as he walked. Storm sparked even more. "Hey, you." He said to us. "Do you want this Nidoran? It won't fight good."

I accepted of course, and the man went back in the restaraunt and ate some more. "Greedy Swinub." Grumbled Storm. "Hey, I wonder why Nidy can't fight?" I asked Storm. "Check your Pokedex." He repiled.
I took Nidy out of his Pokeball and pointed my Pokedex at him.
"Nidoran: Level 1." Said the high tech gadjet thingy.
"Whoa! Level 1?! No wonder he can't fight!"
"Yeah, I know." Said Nidy.
"Okay, how come two out of three Pokemon I have can talk?!"

I spent all day training Nidy, Storm and Pidgeotto to level 15. "Great, Nidy! One more level and you can evolve!" I said.
"Yeah! That would be great!" He told me. "Then I can be a Nidoking, and... what comes after Nidoking?"
"Uh, Nidoking can't evolve."
"Oh! It's just I thought... Nidoking evolved into Nidoran Female..."
We all cracked up laughing.

We travled to MT Moon, fighting loads of trainers on the way. I checked my Pokedex. "Okay, Nidy is on level 15 still... Storm is level 16 and Pidgeotto is level 16."
"I'll never catch up." Said Nidy miserably, his ears drooping.

We explored MT Moon next. I hadn't used Nidy because he was still depressed. Eventually, we came accross this dude in all black. "Are you a trainer?" I asked.
"Duh." Said the man. "I'm part of Team Rocket!"
"Uh, what's team rocket?" I asked.
"Never mind the chat! Let's fight!"
The team rocket guy sent out Raticate. Storm and Pidgeotto, tired from repetitive battles, couldn't fight. Nidy suddenly jumped out of his Pokeball, spikes looking um... spikier.
"Uh, okay Nidy! Leer it!"
Nidy's eyes lit up bright red. The cave flickered black for a second and Raticate looked a little scared.
"Now use Horn Attack! Then Poison Sting!"
Nidy combined the attacks for some reason, resulting in poisoned Raticate with a lot of hit points lost.
"Use Hyper Fang, Raticate!"
Nidy tried to dodge it, but Raticate latched onto Nidy's back leg, and bit really hard.
"Oh no! Nidy, hang in there!" I cried.
All of a sudden, the cave went bright white and faded a little. The light was coming from...

Okay, not much facts here but... I'm going to write a funny version of this when I can be bothered. I have a lot to do... especially after restarting Blue and I got a Charmander this time (now Charmealeon) I hope ya enjoyed this story, I'm currently writing another story, about Archae and Archoe, who are two Legendaries I made up, who are similar to Latias and Latios.


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