Mew13 Lost in Da Internet! Part 2!!!!
by Mew13 (the Human one)

Authors Notes: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Um, Mew13 and da gang are off for another adventure! Mew13 is still a a link cable (trademark! for anyone who didn't understand the TMs in the last story, they are trademarks) and Missingno is winning!

Okay, here are the TWENTY phrases. Here we go agaaaaaaaaaaaaain! Acck, Eclipse, stop killing Missingno!!!!!

1. To be a Mewtwo or to be a Magikarp; that is the question.----------------
2. I demand that you put your blinkies right into the drawer!-------------
3. How dare you make such a painful noise!-----------------
4. Why, did you see a nose somewhere?
5. The image looks all screwed up on a Gameboy Advance.-----------
6. Who told you that??? It's not true! I'm not a racist stereotype!-----------
7. Have some galleries.!!!!!!!
8. Good soup is food.--------------
9. You must never wash the Pants..........
10. This is a major contribution to the American society.-------------
11. Where's my arm?! ----------
12. 500 Gamegirls ===========
13. Go! tyopsimolis!------
14. Time to...serve Team Rocket...------
15. I'm a weirdo who likes flushing toilets.--------------
16. Not Magikarp! Anything but Magikarp!----------
17. You're an elbow? ------------------
18. GRIFGBJ!-----------------
19. Phones should be respected.........
20. Who left my nose running?-------------

Here we gooooooooooo... Oh yeah, since it was stupid calling me "Editor" All the time last time, "Editor" (me) will now be known as Nat, just for this story, to clear up any confusion. Okay, ME! NAT/HUMAN MEW13/GOLDEN GROUDON! (but I'm still Mew13)(just Nat in the story)

Mew13: Pleeeeeeeeeeeease stop playing your GBAs! I've been a link cable for about a week!
Missingno: But I've just about won!
Mew13: I don't flippin' care!
Eclipse: Now for my secret super-evil Pokemon...
Mew13: My back huuuuuuuuuuuuurts.
Missingno: Shut up.
Eclipse: Go! tyopsimolis! MWAHAHAHAHA!
Mew13: I have no idea what that means.
Missingno: Go! Bulbchartle!
Mew13 and Eclipse: WHAAAAAT?!
Missingno: Hahahaaaa, fooled you!
Mew13: I hate you soooooooooooooooooooo much. *kicks Missingno HARD*
Nat: Man, this is boring! Didn't you know the story has started already?! And how can you kick Missingno if you're a link cable?!
Mew13: *goes pure white* *in tiny voice* It has? *transforms back to normal*
Nat:Erm, let's see... ahh yes! PICHUFLUFFBALL! GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!
Pichufluffball: *jumping from sky* GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *lands on Missingno's erm head*
Nat: Is that everyone?
Eclipse: Can I go take over the world now?
Nat: Noo! I need to tell the readers what's been happening, and I need to do it quick, or I'll be taping the rubbish that's on after DBGT without realising it! Man, how many times have I realised I've taped the rubbish?
Mew13: *ahem* The readers don't like your mindless babbling, and I'm a weirdo who likes flushing toilets. Can we skip to the point?!
Missingno: I know you are. Tsk, the image looks all screwed up on a Gameboy Advance.
Nat: That could be cos your whole party on Red is constructed of various Missingnos and 'Ms and your looking at the Glitched Hall of Fame, STUUUUUUUUUUPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!
Nat: Hee, that was fun! Oh yeah... Okay, up to now, Eclipse my Shiny Umbreon, who is Level 19...
Mew13: *snigger*
Nat: *laughs* Yeah, it's funny... has been infeccted with a virus (it wasn't Missingno! Stupid Virus Scanner) and is TAKING OVER THE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you remeber him saying "I shall send viruses around the world via Email and make everyone just like me" etc etc, he was joking. He doesn't have an Email address, he can't hack, and I HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS! MUHAHAHHAHA! Erm, Mew13, Missingno and Pichufluffball are trying to stop him, and theres... Oh can't tell you! It'll spoil the whole plot!
Mew13: OH PLEASE TELL ME! OR ELSE... I shall erm...
Nat: On with the story! I have a feeling this is something to do with DBGT!! Arrrrrrrgh!!!! *teleports to safe place, makes Mew13 and da gang go to nearby Science class* Okay guys, you're on your own... do what you need to, I'm not in charge of it!
Mew13: See ya... it's funny how Eclipse is the only human trained Pokemon arround here... BWAHAHAHAHA!
Eclipse: Can it! GRIFGBJ!
Mew13: We have a habit of silly words.
*Eclipse goes inside computer*
Mew13: Erm... is that Nat's science teacher over there? *points*
Missingno: No way! He's waaaaaaaaaaay too tall!
Pichufluffball: He's... he's A KANGASKHAN!
Dr Rocket: Ahh, my weirdest experiment almost completed!
Mew13: You're right, it is a boy Kangaskhan. And he's wearing a lab coat and trousers.
Dr Rocket: *sees gang*ACK! How dare you make such a painful noise!
Mew13, Missingno and Pichufluffball: ..............................................................
Dr Rocket: That's better. *gets back to work*
Mew13: Look! He has red "R"s on his sleeves!
Mew13, Missingno and Pichufluffball: TEAM ROCKET!
Dr Rocket: Ahh, that's right... only too right!!!!!! For I am... DR ROCKET! THE ONLY 72 YEAR OLD KANGASKHAN IN THE WORLD! MUHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!
Missingno: Who left my nose running?
Mew13: Looks like you still have Dribbleys.
Pichufluffball: ACK! HELP! HE'S GOT ME!
Missingno: Oh no! Pichufluffball!
Pichufluffball: Haha, fooled you! *cracks up*
Mew13: Did I ever tell you about the little Pichu who cried "Mightyena"?!
Dr Rocket: Ahh, the screaming of young kids in fake panic!
Pichufluffball: No, seriously, it's a Mightyena!!!
Missingno: Yeah right.
Mightyena: I'm hungry.
Dr Rocket, Pichufluffball and Missingno: ARRRRRRRRRRGH!
Nat: *watching DBGT*
Mew13: -_-;
Mew13: What's happening?
Nat: *gibber*
Mew13: Let me guess, you're watching the final episode again?
Nat: *nods*
Missingno: A mad Kangaskhan is about to chuck us out of Nat's school, and she's at home watching TV. That is not fair.
Nat: I know. Muhahahahahahhahaa!
Mightyena: I'm hungry.
Mew13: I know. Muhahahahahahhahaa!
Dr Rocket: Muhahahaaaaa!!! *whacks them with a sledgehammer*
Mew13: Noooooooo!!!! My sledgehammer!!!!
*they all go inside da net, including Dr Rocket*

Eclipse: Muhahhahaha, taking over the Internet is so much fun.
Magikarp: Magi-karp! Magi-karp! Magi-karp...
Eclipse: Shut up!
Magikarp: Duuh... um... Umbreons are so... duuh... um... stupid...
Eclipse: *looks offended* You know, a Feebas told me you like being mean about other species of Pokemon!!!!!
Magikarp: Who told you that??? It's not true! I'm not a racist stereotype! And To be a Mewtwo or to be a Magikarp; that is the question.
Eclipse: Hmm... I wonder... I JUST SAID WHO SAID IT!!

*Nat Teleports inside computer*
Mew13: Hi Nat! Nat... tell me... does Millenium exist?
Nat: Yis.
Mew13: *awestruck* Tell me about it all!
Nat: Well it all started when I bla bla bla...
Missingno: Shall we chuck them into a live wire?
Pichufluffball: Yeah.
*chucks them into live wire*
Mew13: I am an Electric type. It does not affect me Mewhahahahahahah!
Nat: Yah, but I'm not... *bzz*
Millenium: *frees Nat and Mew13*
Nat: Yay! Milleniums come to save us! *silly dance*
Mew13: Good soup is food.
Nat: I know. Right, we have to find Eclipse and stop him... GO! ZIPPY!
*a Manetric appears*
Zippy: *howls and barks and stuff*
nutty225: HEY! I'M THE OFFICIAL WOO-HOO SAYER! *thumps Millenium*
[IMPORTANT NOTE! For those of you who don't know, nutty225 is me, Nat. That's my first Neopets account... but I lost the password for it, and I'M THE OFFICIAL WOO-HOO SAYER!*
Nat: Ok who switched my name? Pichufluffball, I know it was you!
*Eclipse appears*
Eclipse: MUHAHAHHAAAAAAA! This is a major contribution to the American society!
Nat: *gets angry* What about the UK society?!!!!!!!!
Eclipse: MUAHHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Faint Attacks Nat*
Nat: *unconcious*
Zippy: *Thunders Eclipse* *barks a triumphant and slightly insane bark*
Eclipse: *paralyzed*
Mew13: My turn! *something sneaks up on her* What the-
Dr Rocket! MUAHHAHAAAAAAAAA! *jabs weird looking device into her shoulder* MUHAHHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Mew13: *goes into a trance sorta thingy* Time to...serve Team Rocket...
Missingno: ACCK! SHE'S GONE WEIRDER THAN NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Dr Rocket jabs the thingy into Missingno's back... thing*
Missingno: Must... serve... TR...
Pichufluffball: NOOOOO! *jumps onto Eclipse's head in an attempt to wake him up*
Eclipse: Who what where now why?!
Pichufluffball: Get up! *jams a Paralyzecureberry into Eclipse's mouth*
Eclipse: MUHAHAHA! Wazzup?
Mew13: *Evil Lightning Blasts them both*
Missingno: *Sky attacks them*
Eclipse: *glitched*
Pichufluffball: *glitched*
Nat: Owie... Yay! I woke up! *looks at Mew13* What's with ya! You look like something from uh... TEAM ROCKET!
Mew13: Mewhahahaaa! That is right, Mewhahhaaaaa!
Missingno: *Water guns Nat*
Nat: *with a dose of sarcasm* Ow, paaaaain...
Dr Rocket: *attempts to jab thingy into Pichufluffball, but he's so fluffy it won't work* DARN IT!
Eclipse: *suddenly faints*
Zippy: *Thunder*
Storm: *Thunder*
Zapdos: *Thunder*
Minun: *Spark*
Sparx: *Thunder*
Sparky: *Thundershock*
Pichufluffball: *shocks himself* ZAPDOS! DROP ME ONTO DR ROCKET!!!
Zapdos: Ok. *picks up Pichufluffball and drops him onto Dr Rocket*
Dr Rocket: *faints*
Eclipse: Oh my gosh... where the heck am I?
Pichufluffball: *eats a cream cracker or eleven* Uhh, Eclipse?
Eclipse: What?
Pichufluffball: Are you still virusified?
Eclipse: Thankfully not. I think when I fainted it flew away or something. Now where am I?
Pichufluffball: The Internet!
Eclipse: yay! This will be fun!
Storm: LOOK! I'M SURFING THE NET! *gets on his board* *Surfs on an image of water*
*an Elbow pops along*
Elbow: HELLO!
Pichufluffball: ARRRRRGH! AN ELBOW!
Elbow: You must never wash the pants.
Eclipse: We don't have pants. YOU'RE an elbow?
*Mew13 blasts them again*
Mew13: *attacks Nat*
Nat: *fainted*
Storm: *uses Surf on Mew13* TAKE THAT!!!!!!!!
Mew13: jsdzrhuerfheuwu47wcn 47cv44nvv5nwsnnnccwwwwwz4nnnvw
Storm: Pardon?
Elbow: I demand that you put your blinkies right into the drawer!
Storm: Whats a blinkies?
Pichufluffball: No idea.
*Mew13, Missingno and Dr Rocket go to*
Eclipse: Not exactly secret is it?
*goes to webby site*
*a Shiny Groudon is standing right in front of them*
Eclipse: AAARRRRRRRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pichufluffball: It's a picture, sheesh. This is Nat's site. How did we get here?
Eclipse: They musta redirected us!!!!!!
Pichufluffball: Let's try again! *continues dragging Nat arround*
Storm: *stands on Go*
*go to...*
Pichufluffball: How did we end up at!
Eclipse: Who cares? I wanna read the R/S info for Umbreons! *stars reading*
Storm: He worries me sometimes.
Pichufluffball: Me too.
*type team rocket's address again* *Zippy steps on Go*
*go to...*
Eclipse: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pichufluffball: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Storm: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zippy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Minun: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zapdos: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sparx and Sparky: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nat: *wakes up* NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone: *tears website apart*
Nat: For those of you who didn't know, we've been redirected to a Pokemon hater site. *outrages*
Everyone: *outrages*


Nat: Right, let's find Mew13 and Missingno.
Pichufluffball: But we need a plan!
Nat: *sends out Flygon and Sekuri (for those of you who don't know, Sekuri is my fifth Mew)*
Sekuri: Mew! Mew mew meeeeeeeew!!!
*a Porygon and a Porygon 2 appear*
Porygon: Pory pory gon gon porygon! (trans: We can take you to Team Rocket's site if ya want.)
Eclipse: Sure!
*they all go to Team Rocket's site for once*
Storm: arrgh it's all black i cant see 2 inchs in front of me
Nat: argh they have such rubbish grammar
Zapdos: youre telling me
*Dr Rocket Mew13 and Missingno appear*
Nat: ARRRRRRRRGH! Oh look, the grammar's back.
Pichufluffball: *steps in front to absorb Mew13's attacks* *blasts it back at Mew13*
Mew13: *glitched*
Missingno: *Sky attacks everyone*
Everyone: OWIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pichufluffball: *absorbs everyone's attacks and blasts it back at Missingno*
Missingno: *faints, wakes up and goes back to being a good guy!*
Mew13: *does the same*
Missingno: I'm going to a few websites... I'll be back in two minutes!
Nat: Darn you.
Dr Rocket: Muhahahahahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Dizzy punches everyone, and falls down*
Nat: GO! NAT!
[Note: a Nat is a Dragon Pokemon I made up. They are mostly female and they are Grass/Dragon types (cos Grass is my fave!)]
[Other note: I was playing an emulator version of Blue and used a gameshark code to get a charizard as a starter. In battle it was all messed up and the opponent was reversed (like what happens when you get Missingno) I looked at the stats screen and it was a Rhydon called Charizard. It's number was like in the 200s. And it was LV 100!]
Charizard: *ROARS*
Nat: Shut up and Wing Attack that Kanghaskhan!
Charizard: *wing attacks Kanghaskhan*
Dr Rocket: *faints*
Charizard: Have some galleries.
Dr Rocket: *mumbling* 500... Gamegirls
Pichufluffball: That's food isn't it?
Missingno: Where's my arm?!
Mew13: You don't HAVE an arm, stupid.
Pokemon Nat: *Faint Attacks everyone*
Everyone: *fainted*
*Missingno gets up*
Missingno: Phones should be respected!
Mew13: I know!
Nat: Not Magikarp! Anything but Magikarp!
Pichufluffball: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
*all get teleported out of 'puter*
Zippy: Well I'm glad that's over.
Mew13: How many things have we got left to say?
Nat: Uhh... just one, I think. Who's going up there to check it out?
*everybody points at Eclipse:*
Eclipse: YAY! *climbs up story*
Mew13: What a weirdo.
Nat: I know.

While Eclipse is away, Nat and Mew13 play Ruby on the Emulator, Storm goes Surfing, Missingno and Zippy have a fight against eachother on Red and Blue, Zapdos, Pokemon Nat, Sparx and Sparky all go in their Pokeballs, Charizard flys away, Pichufluffball eats all the cream crackers and gets fluffier than ever, Mew13 quits playing Ruby to go hug him cos she thinks he's a puffball and not her pal, Pichufluffball electrocutes her, Sekuri annoys everyone and then Flygon blows everyone away with his Hyper beam and destroys the school. Nat is very happy, even though she landed on her cranium.
Everybody is unconcious.
An Umbreon falls from the sky.

Eclipse: I'M BAAAAACK!!! Oh for cryin' out loud, I'll have to say it!............................................... ACCK! THERE WASN'T ONE LEFT!


Well what did you think of that?! It was fun to write, even though it wasn't as good as the first one. The bit where Eclipse said ACCK! THERE WASN'T ONE LEFT! Is true. I went up there *points* to check if I had one left, and there wasn't. Made a good end, though!

Special thanx: Toooooooo... Butterfree and Meowtheon for giving me twenty WACKY phrases, the first ten are from Butterfree, and the other ten from Meowtheon. THANX GUYS! Well, bye bye...
Mew13, the great ruler of MADNESS! aka Golden Groudon

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