Mateo Mylen (Muh-tay-oh MY-Len) walked casually into the fossil section of the Museum. His eye caught a gleam from a nearby fossil.
He walked over and touched the glass. The sign on the front said it was an extinct Pokemon called a Anopusu. Mateo ran his fingers over the sign, and suddenly rammed his elbow through the glass, sending off the alarm. He sprinted out, and, looking back at the swinging door, suddenly ran smack! into two girls that were walking.
In surprise, Mateo dropped the fossil and it hit one of the girls on the head. All three of them fell down and stared at each other, then at the fossil, which was now glowing as it changed form.
Mateo watched in horror Museum gaurds ran out of the building. Greatly alarmed by now, he swiped up the fossil (which was quite big and still growing) and tumbled over the two girls, running like none other toward the ally.
The two girls, not knowing what else to do, ran after him, although they did not know that he was what the guards were after.

Meanwhile, Mateo dropped the enlarged fossil and out of it came the strangest thing he had ever seen. Big, blue, and feathered, was the first thing that came to Mateo's mind. At a closer look, it had eyes popping out of the side of it's head. It had scythe-like arms - and yet somehow looked friendly. Suddenly he felt arms close about his own.
"Oh my god!!" he yelled unexpectedly.
"Help!" said one girl.
"Oh no, did you damage your quadrocap muscles??" the other asked urgently. She noticed he had fallen on his leg.
"What???" Mateo asked. He had just about been scared out of his wits. He looked and saw the cops comming after him. Figuring they were suspects that could report him, he dragged the girls with him, across the ally and into the dump behind it. Splot.
"Aaaaaaa!" said one.
"Oh!" said the other.

After getting out of the dump, they plopped down on the other side and the first girl asked Mateo what his name was.
"M-m-m............" he studdered before he added, "Mmmateo."
"My name is Sophia Richard Lake Tyler John Casey Hatfield. (or Sophie for short) And this is Mara." the one girl said. None of them had noticed the fossil for quite a while. Suddenly Mateo looked around and saw nothing.
"Anopusu?" He called. It came out of the dump and walked over to him. It thought he had resurected it. (When really it was the girl whos head it hit)
"You call that thing Anopusu?" exclaimed Mara. "Anyone should know it's rightful name is Aamarudo!" "Anyone should know that it's extinct, too." said Sophie with a bit of awe.

The next morning Mateo swiped a newspaper and saw the front page:

"Boy seen running with a never before seen Pokemon!"

"Appearence: he has black hair and is wearing a brown t-shirt, and pants that have been cut off at the bottom-"

I'm world famous, He thought. Then he turned the page.

"Fossil stolen from Museum! Suspect last seen wearing a brown t-shirt, has black hair, and pants that have been cut off at the bottom! Large reward!"

"Oh shit!!" He exclaimed. Then he saw the girls comming nearer, so added,
"I mean oh crap! No-no- I mean on no!" he said franticly.
"What's wrong?" asked Mara as she saw the paper.
"Blauughgh- uh nothing! Um, I stubbed my toe!" Mateo said, tossing the paper in a garbage can.

"Oh! Look! A Pokemart!!" Mara squealed.
"What's that?" asked Mateo.
"A place to where Trainers of Pokemon can go to retain belongings of use." Sophie said. Mateo looked at Mara.
"A place where you can buy useful things for your Pokemon." She said.

They walked in and Mateo saw a rack of balls with a sign above that said: "Pokeballs". Mateo grabbed three and walked over to a Potions stand. The man at the counter had been watching him closely. He was reading the article about the boy who stole the fossil. He looked at the picture in the paper and then at Mateo. His eyes got wide. Saying nothing, he grabbed the phone and called the Police. Mateo noticed none of this. Suddenly he heard sirens. He looked up and saw cop cars pull up and surround the area.
"We've got him surrounded! He can't come any way but out!" He heard one cop say. Mateo thought quickly.
"Go, Kiruria!" He said. Grabbing Aamarudo, Sophie, and Mara he ran to a corner where the shopkeeper couldn't see them. Mateo commanded, "Teleport!" They were all Teleported out of the store and into a place they had never been before.

Meanwhile, after about a half an hour of waiting, one cop suggested they go inside, because obviously he wasn't comming out. But when they went in there was no one but the shopkeeper there.

As it turned out, they had landed in the living room of someone's house. The TV was on, but no one was there. They looked at the screen and saw a newscastor talking about a warning about something.
"We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring this newsflash," he said.
"The Pokemon diamond, the jewel said to have the power to instantly transform any Pokemon to its strongest state, has been stolen from the Orangepeel museum. The trio believed to have stolen this gem"-oh no. thought Mateo. He knew what was comming. "-are Si-sishi (Sye sye she) Sayanra, Fiona Sayanra, and Angie Bradshaw,(Whew, thought Mateo) all recent runaways from a foster home in Everwood city. They are also wanted for assaulting an officer and other thefts." The newsperson said as pictures of them were displayed on the screen.
Suddenly a fat man carrying a tray walked into the room. He almost dropped his tray in surprise.
"What are you doing in my living room??" He exclaimed.
"Um..We got teleported here- with my Kiruria." Mateo answered.
The man blinked. "We'd better get going now." Mara added.
They stumbled out the door, which conveniently was right in sight. Outside, Mateo said, "So I guess we're not the only ones being tracked because of theft-" he stopped as he realized that was a pretty dumb thing to say.
"What!" Mara exclaimed. Now he was stuck. So Mateo shamefully told them of stealing the Anopusu fossil.
"Well you should probably change your clothes if you're being tracked....." Mara began.
"You might as well admit yourself this day!" Scolded Sophie. Mateo squirmed and said,
"I like Mara's idea better.."
"Juvenile delinquent." Answered Sophie.

After buying new clothes (with the money Mateo was going to spend on Pokeballs but never got around to it [though he still had the pokeballs]) Mateo decided to find something to eat. He (or so he thought) was famished from hunger after not eating for two whole days. That was a crime in itself as far as Mateo was concerned!
They walked into a chinese place and orderen take-out eggrolls. Mateo figured He would have less of a chance getting cought by Chinese and take-out eggrolls. After eating, Sophie patted her stomach and said,
"I seem to have a small object lodged in my dental cavity. Would anyone, by any chance, happen to posses an interdental cleaner?"
"No." Mateo said automaticly.
"She means a toothpick," Mara said.
"No again." Mateo replied.


Next day, as they were avoiding being seen, Mara noted that she saw someone trailing them. So they started to run, and soon came to a bridge over water. Mara hated water.
"We shall have to perambulate over it," Sophie started.
Nobody asked what it meant. They all started running.
Now, right about in the middle of the bridge there was this crack, see. Mateo was in front, tearing across it like a maniac, when suddenly he fell. Through the bridge, that is, and into the water. Sophie, who at this time was literally dragging Mara, also tripped and fell in.
The Police that were trailing them made quick decisions, and went down to the end of the river, and threw out a net-like substance to Mateo and the girls. Not thinking(or caring) who threw it, they quickly grabbed hold and climbed on shore, only to suddenly realize and start to go back toward the river (which they figured was a better consequence then being arrested). Unfourtunently, they were too late, and ended up in handcuffs being dragged toward a car.


In the car, Mateo was thinking something over. He leaned over to Mara and Sophie and whispered, "Whatever happens, just do what I tell you," which didn't make much sense, but they quietly agreed. The car came to a standstill, and Mateo rammed himself against the girls, breaking open the door.
They all tumbled out onto the street and Mateo yelled,
"RUN!!" So thay ran, and luckilly the Police were quite lousy aims as far as guns, so they managed to get away.

A few days since then, still in cuffs, they happened to be strolling along (running, to be exact) when they ran smack! into a cop. He smiled with malice.
"I've been waiting for you all day," he said.
"Yeah.........well we got here as fast as we could," Mateo answered. The cop had to stuggle to keep a staight face.

"Young man, tell us your name," the Main Cop, as Mara called him, asked Mateo.
"Uh.....John." he said.
"And your last name?"
"Johnson." Mateo said, thinking of the first thing that came into his head. The girls stared at Mateo in way that made him think he should have said something like "Taylor" instead.
The M.C. (Main Cop) looked suspicious, but he entered the name into his computor.
"It says here you've commited the crime of murder," M.C. said. Mateo couldn't believe his ears.
"And what is your name, and yours, you.......ladies?" he asked Mara and Sophie.
"Mara." Mara said, not even trying to lie.
"My name is Sophia Richard Lake Tyler John Casey Hatfield." Sophie sdaid importantly.
He entered the names. "Well," he said, "It doesn't look like you've ever done anything. You may go and wait outside." Mateo tried to go with them, but obviously, he was noticed. "You stay here." M.C. said.
Mara, for once, had a suddun brainstorm.
"Sir," she piped up. He nodded at her.
"Please, Sir, let go. H-he never did anything, Honest! Can't you just....check the name again? It's has to be wrong! My....Er, brother has never done anything like that!" At this she broke into false tears, and the Cop entered the name again and saw there were two John Johnsons.
"What is your middle name?" He asked Mateo.
Sophie looked at computer screen quickly and mouthed, without the cop noticing, "Paquin" at Mateo.
"Uh- Paquin!" Mateo said. The cop looked dissapointed, but he clicked on the name, and it came up with no matches for crime stuff.
"Fine," he said. "You three may go, but we will have to keep an eye on you."


"Dang, I can't believe how stupid that cop was!" Mateo breathed as they were walking (nervously) out of the building.
"John Johnson??" Sophie fumed.
"I had to say something," Mateo insisted. "But I still can't believe you told him I was your brother! We're gonna get totally skrewed for that!" he added to Mara.


All three of them, though, had forgotten the part about "We'll have to keep an eye on you". So as Mateo was sending out his pokemon, who he had a feeling were just as hungry as he, he happened to do it at a very stupid time, as a matter a fact right as the cops happened to be walking out for lunch. Mateo started to run, but the girls were in the way, and he never got farther then a few steps.
"Dumb ol' girls," he muttered to himself.
Now one of the cops was staring most intentedly on Aamarudo, in the meantime he asked his friend for a paper. The front page: "Boy Seen Running With Never Before Seen Pokemon!" the picture was black and white, but he could just make out the pokemon in it. Hmmm, curious. he thought. It looks just like that pokemon.
"Hey, you, kid," he called to Mateo.
"Yes?" Mateo asked timidly.
"What kind o' pokemon you got there?"
"Um....Aammaaaaa- aaaaaI mean" he said. Lucky for him, the cop had never seen a Tyranitar, and he let him off the hook.

"You're going to get us in big trouble," Mara said one day as Mateo came back with a sly grin on his face.
"What did you take now?"
"Oh, nothing. You don't need to know."
"Yes I do."
"Oh, no, you don't."
Mara opened her mouth to say something, such as an insult, but she couldn't think of one worth saying, so nothing came out.
"Mateo," Sophie said, "you will show that thing to me."
"No, I don't think so."
"And after I completely saved your butt, too! You were going to be arrested!" Mara pointed out.
"I had it all under control!" Mateo contradicted.
"Well if that is the way you feel, we shan't be travelling with you any more, as you seem to have everything under control," Sophie said.
"Fine! Two girls is too many for me!" Mateo retorted. So the girls stocked off.
"Hmmff. Come on, Aamarudo," Mateo called. Soon he came to an open place that he could easily be seen in, so he cautiously recalled Aamarudo. Suddenly he feld the touch of a hand on his back.
"Aaagghh!" he yelled, jumping up and sprinting across the field.
But when he turned, all he saw was a little girl rolling on her back, laughing at him! Mateo's face burned.
He yelled over hoarsely, "Wadda you want!"
Still laughing, the little girl, who Mateo swore couldn't have been more then six, said,
"I was going to challenge you to Pokemon battle, but I think you're too chicken!"
"I'll challenge you right here." Mateo answered.
"O.K.! Go, Bulbasaur!"
"Oh, come on." Mateo said doubtfully. "Don't you got anything better?... Go, Kiruria! Use Psychic."
Bulba fainted in one hit. Mateo thought it was awful lousy, but he didn't say anything. Then he noticed that Kiruria was glowing. He smiled with pleasure as it evolved into Saanaito.
The girl was smiling too, strangely enough. "What're you smiling about??" Mateo snorted.
"Go-o-o-o-o, Guraina!" Soon after, a large, dog-like thing emerged from the Pokeball.
"Use Thief!" the girl yelled. Quite loudly, I might add.
"HEY!" Mateo said. "I'm the one who should be doing theiving here," he added to himself.
"Now use Crunch!" Mateo's mouth dropped open as Saanaito fainted. Hmm, he thought. I am in deep trouble now. He was my only- well, I guess I still have Aamarudo......
"Go, Aamarudo!" he said. Now it was the girl's turn to be surprised.
"Aamarudo, use..........Whatever!" Mateo said. Aamarudo then used something that kind of squished Guraina, with rocks, that is, and needless to say, it fainted. Mateo sneered. He usually was not the type to show off, but this 'was an exception' he told himself. His expression, though, swiftly changed as the girl said,
"I'm going to report you! You're the one who stole the Anopusu fossil! I'm reporting you!"
"I already have been reproted!" Mateo called after her. She didn't stop.
Mateo suddenly had the feeling he was going to be in even worse trouble now, as the cop's were coming after him, and he didn't have the girls to back him up. He skittered over to the alley were they had departed and called in,
"HEY!! Sophie! Mara! Come baaack!" He then ran down the alley until he came to what he thought was the back of they're heads.
"Mara! Sophie! Come back!" The girls turned at his call, and he said,
"Come on, come back! need you! I'm sorry!"
"What did you do now?" Mara called.
"Um......I.......Well, reported by a little girl and now, I need you for....backup. Oh, yeah.....and company." he added so it wouldn't seem like the only reason he wanted them was for a scapegoat. Which was, of course, true!
Well, girls will be girls and girls are easily convincable. Needless to say, they fell for it and came with.

One day, as they were walking, Far no reason whatsoeveer, Mara asked Mateo,
"Hey, where on earth do you keep your Pokemon?"
"In their Pokeballs."
"Well where do you keep those?" Mateo tossed his head slightly, and Sophie said,
"I see them! They're on his ears! Hanging like ear-rings!" They all laughed.

Meanwhile, the little girl who was reporting Mateo made her way to the police station, and she proceded to tell them about him.
"....And he looked like this!" she did her best to do an impression of a teenage boy, but she couldn't quite manage it. Eventually she ended up describing his clothes.
The M.C. smiled as he heard the girl describe him, for he knew that she had found Mateo.

A few days later, The girls happened to be off doing whatever girls do, and Mateo was sitting and munching on a little bit of food that they had managed to afford. What Mateo didn't know was that someone had seen him and was sneaking up on him.
Suddenly he felt something on his shoulder.
"Huh?" he turned and saw something very large and heavy coming towards his head, so he ripped himself away and backed off. He saw........surprise......a cop.
The cop had a kind of club in his hand, which Mateo figured was to knock him out or something so he wouldn't cause very much trouble.
"Uh......Help?" Mateo said. Next thing he knew, he was sitting in something like a back room with a bunch of cops. This wasn't a very comfortable situation, and it made Mateo feel quite nervous.

"You have proved to be quite evasive in the past, but we now have made sure you will not get away..." the Main Cop was back.
"I don't know about that," Mateo said pertly.
"You have been cought several times for commiting the crime of theft."
"Maybe I have, and maybe I haven't,"
"We shall see........You also posses the legendary Pokemon Anapuso, do you not?"
"No, I don't." Mateo answered. This was the truth, as he didn't carry Anapuso, but Aamarudo.
"Besides," he added, "Even if I did carry it, which I don't, I wouldn't tell you if I did or not."
"Oh, yes, you will." And with that, M.C. nodded to an employee and the employee walked over to Mateo, yanked him on his feet, and began hunting through his pockets!
After a few minutes of humiliation on Mateo's part, the employee gave up.
By now M.C. was incredibly furious, and he told Mateo,
"Fine..............As you seem not to carry Aamarudo, we will just have to see whether you do or not.........Lock him up -- Until he confesses." he said to the employee. Actually, the employee never exactly managed to get a hold on Mateo, and when he finally did, M.C. had a few more things to say. "Now, Mr. Mylen, it has been seen that you travel with two others. Where are they?"
"If I knew that, Id've run by now." Mateo said. M.C. was not amused.
"Be away with him." M.C. said to the employee.

Mateo walked a few steps, out of the sight of M.C., and then rammed his elbow into the employee's side.
Then he ran off out of the building.

After running a while, Mateo had a sudden thought.
"Maybe Sophie's right.....I'm gonna be in sooooooo much trouble when I actually get caught. Maybe I should just turn myself in..." He thought about this for a while, but then decided against it. Then all at once he heard someone yell,
"HEY MATHEW! That you?" Mateo was puzzled for a second, wondering if it was he who was being talked to. Then it came to him that Mathew was his real name, so he peeked over his shoulder to see who it was.
"Uh....Yeah?" Mateo mumbled.
"Mathew! It is you!" Mateo looked around and saw a kid about his age, so he examened him further and realized it was one of his friends. His friends, of course, being the ones he hadn't seen in about 4 years.
"Whaddayawant?" Mateo spat out quickly. "I don't exactly have time here."
"Mathew, I've wondered about you! I havn't seen you in like, 2 years!"
"Call me Mateo, willya?" Mateo wanted to know why this kid had to say his name at the beginning of each sentence, but he didn't ask.
"You don't remember me, do you?"
"No." Mateo answered flatly.
"Oh, well, I'm S-"
"Mateo! There you are!" Mateo turned to see Sophie, of all people, walking toward him.
"We have been searching for you," she said. "And we were wondering if you would like to go on a little junketer, when we found you?"
"Uh.....I guess.......but would you kindly tell me what the heck a junketer is?"
"Who's this, your girlfriend?" the other kid said suddenly.
"Shut up!" Mateo flushed. Turning to Sophie, he said, "Alright, let's go. Where's Mara?"
"Over there," Sophie pointed. Mateo looked at the kid and shrugged, then let Sophie lead him away.

Don't worry, folks, this is NOT the end, and I intend to keep writing!

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