Pikhu and the Legendary Party
By Mew13 (Yeah, its me again)

Pikhu was a street Pokemon. If you don't know what a Pikhu is, it is pronounced Peek-hoo and looks like a cross between Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu. Anyway, Pikhu was scraping through waste bins outside of a restaurant, and was pretty bored.

"Life's always the same." He said. "I wish there was more to do in the city."
He chewed on a cheeseburger that had been thrown out in the trash. Pikhus have special powers that let them digest any food, even if it's mouldy. They prefer good, not-past-it's-sell-by-date food though. After eating his burger, Pikhu sat in his turned over bin, drawing a picture. He was a really good artist, and he would like to show it to someone else, but he had no friends. There weren't many wild Pokemon in Ecruteak city.

Pikhu looked up at Tin Tower. He dreamed someday that he would scale the tower and meet Ho-oh. But rumor had it that Ho-oh had flown away again. Pikhu sighed and tried to get to sleep under a thrown out fleecy jacket. Not that pink was his favorite color.

After his nap, he woke up at 11 am. He went on his usual routine, to the Cafe to steal a scone or a pancake, and back to the bin. He stole a pancake, and took a different route back to his bin. He liked to explore.

He wound up in a fight against a Houndour and a Growlithe, both boys.
The doggish Pokemon leapt on Pikhu, but Pikhu Thundered them and went on.

Pikhu was lost! He saw a building and went inside. There were 3 old looking men, who were looking after their Noctowls and Eeveeloutions. Pikhu went up to the Jolteon.
"Hey, do you know where I am? I was looking for my home and I got lost."
"Hmm," Started Jolteon. "Oh, right, you're a Pikhu, aren't you?"
"How did you know?"
"Pikhus are Legendaries. Flareon found a book about Legendary Pokemon the other day. He likes reading."
"Wow! I'm a Legendary?!" Exclaimed Pikhu.
"Yep." Said Jolteon. "Okay, anyway, if you go through that door-" The Pokemon pointed to the other door, "-You can find a path that takes you to a tower. I've heard that Suicune and Ho-oh and the other Legendaries are having a party."
"Cool! Hey, don't ya ever want to get away from these old guys?"
"Yeah, that would be great!" Said Jolteon. "But my trainer has some sort of device to control Pokemon. It doesn't work on Legends, they're too strong. But he forced me into a Pokeball when I was an Eevee... I didn't want to evolve... Anyway, that party might finish soon, you better go."

Pikhu ran through the door, and he heard a "Jolteon! Go!" and a Thunderbolt attack.
Jolteon looked really scared. He didn't look like he wanted to fight but he was now firing Pin Missiles at Pikhu.
Pikhu set up a Light Screen and talked to Jolteon.
"What are you doing?!"He cried.
"I can't help it! He's using the control thingy!!" Pikhu was hit from a Flamethrower and a Surf attack from his right. Flareon and Vaporeon were under control too!

"Destroy the control!" Yelled the Pecking Noctowls.

Pikhu jumped in the air and searched for the control. He spotted a shiny silver box in the old dude's hands, and a radio transmitter on the Pokemon's backs. He charged a powerful Thunder attack, with energy coming from Jolteon too. When the energy flowing inside him became unbearably strong, he discharged it in a mighty Thunder attack- and controling Jolteon's energy too. The blast his the controler and shattered it. The transmitters broke off of the Pokemon's backs and they stopped attacking.

The old guys ran away, their Pokeballs dropped and shattered, making Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon and the Noctowls wild Pokemon again. Pikhu dropped to the ground and the others huddled arround him and threw him into the air again and again.

"Thanks, everyone!"
"No, thank you." Said the biggest Noctowl. "If you hadn't come along, we would be their slaves forever."
"Really?" Asked Pikhu.
"Yeah, they were always making us fetch them drinks and stuff. Lazy idiots!" Said Flareon.
"Well, I'm gonna get going. See ya!" Pikhu yelled as he went out the door.

Pikhu stared at the tall building in front of him. He sighed and went inside. It was so H-U-G-E! He went to the staircase and climbed. He met a Rattata on the stairs. It looked like it had been hurt baddly. Pikhu asked it if it were okay.
"I'm fine," She started. "But the Legendaries aren't! A human with fifty Masterballs has come to catch them!"
"Oh no!" Pikhu picked up Rattata and gave her a lift on his back. "Come on, I'll get you healed and we can save the Legendaries!"

"So how did you get hurt so bad?" Pikhu asked while running at Mach 3 speed with Rattata still recovering.
"Well-" She started...

*****************************(Rattata's Flashback)***********************************
"You stupid Rattata! I can't believe I lost another Gym match! It's all your fault!" A tall boy with long red hair shouted at his Rattata, his first caught Pokemon. "That's it! I don't want you making me look bad again!" Rattata looked sad. The boy kicked Rattata and sent out his Arcanine.
"Arcanine! Extreme Speed!" The Arcanine struck Rattata with more force than any Quick attack could. Rattata fell down the stairs of Tin Tower. Arcanine's mouth had a giant fireball inside, he fired it and formed it in to a star-shape.
"Fire Blast!" The trainer yelled. Rattata fell down more stairs. Her tail was broken!
"Come on Arcanine, a big, cool Pokemon like Entei would be a good replacement for that scrawny rat!"
The boy carried on up other stairs.

"Humans are so cruel. I saw a bunch of Pokemon that were being controled by some weirdo humans." Pikhu said, slightly shocked at poor Rattata's tale (and tail).
"That trainer with the Masterballs was my trainer. I feel so ashamed..."
"Don't be. It's his fault, not yours."
They had reached some teleporters. Rattata leaped off Pikhu's back.
"Which one?" Pikhu asked.
"That one, I think."
A piece of paper lay over the teleporter.
"My trainer leaves paper on the teleporters in case he gets lost. Only living things can teleport. But a piece of paper would be doubled on the teleporters and apppear on both linked teleporters." Rattata told Pikhu.
"What's with all the scientific stuff?" Pikhu said, his eyes narrowing.

They jumped on the teleporter at the same time. They dissapeared and reappeared in another room. They followed the paper and found the top of the tower.
"Ready?" Pikhu asked.
"Yep." Said Rattata confidently.
"Wait!" Said a familiar voice.
"Yeah! It's me! Noctowl flew me and my brothers and sisters up here! We came to help!"
A bunch of Noctowls with the 5 Eeveeloutions and Eevees on their backs landed on the Tin Tower roof. The Noctowls flew away and Pikhu, Rattata, Jolteon and his brothers and sisters ran along the long roof.

A huge hot flame almost scorched Rattata's whiskers off. It was Ho-oh's Sacred Fire!

"Ho-oh must be trying to defend his pals from the trainer!" Said a Flareon. "Come on, we have to move!"
The gang moved on, barly avoiding Aeroblasts and Sacred Fire attacks. Plus Sky Attacks.
"Was that Moltres?" Asked Pikhu.
"No- Moltres's Sky Attack was a little different from that one." Said an Eevee. "The only other Pokemon that learns Sky Attack naturally is..."
"Missingno!" Cried another Eevee.
"Missingno? How did he get to the legendary party?" Asked Jolteon.
"Must of been a gate-crasher. Of he came to help. If he was caught, the trainer would be glitched and his Pokemon would run away from him." Pikhu yelled over another Aeroblast.

Two minutes later, they found the trainer. He had caught Articuno!
"No! Articuno!" Cried Jolteon.
A massive Thunderbolt hit the trainer. Zapdos, Jolteons, and Pikhu had all attacked at the same time! Articuno broke out of the ball and crushed it in his beak. The Pokemon all looked at the trainer.

"Sky Attack!"
"Sacred Fire!"
"Flame Wheel!"
"Mega Thunder blast!" Was Pikhu's cry.

The trainer flew into the atmosphere. The Pokemon cheered.

"Want a cake?" Pikhu asked Jolteon. They were all having fun at the party. Articuno froze drinks, Zapdos helped Moltres and Ho-oh fry burgers, Suicune cooled off the Pokemon when they got burnt tongues from the spicy food Entei and Raikou made, and Missingno turned out to be an invited guest. Lugia was guarding the stairs, to make sure no humans came to fight. They all had a great time and decided to live in Tin Tower forever. Pikhu would make sure that their peace was never destroyed again.

The End

Yay, that only took me two hours to write! I hope you like it! To find out a fake cheat I made up myself about Pikhu (My fake Pokemon- not yours!) visit my website! mysite.freeserve.com/Natz_nutty_Poke_site! Anyway, if you liked my story, please email me at madasanat@hotmail.com! Yes, I am a Nat and I am a bit (a lot) crazy. I will draw a picture of Pikhu soon, as soon as possible! I is lazy!

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