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01/14/05: Variable test, and a new Style Poll
What the title says, basically. I've put up the last type of a Free Quiz Script, which also includes educating Javascript lessons since I for some reason felt an urge to explain how the code works, and I've fixed a small error I made in the "Votes" type. There is also a new Style Poll, and I've put a link to the old updates under the newest ones, which are now three. I've also put a heading on the news page; it seems awkward that there is a heading everywhere else but not there.
01/13/05: Chapter 21
We're having an English test tomorrow, which is the last exam for now. I'm so going to fail that one... ;) But I still did a lot of studying today. That means I bought some Lemony Snicket for a book that I turned in a year ago, hung around on the internet all day, and last but not least, wrote chapter 21 of The Quest for the Legends.
01/12/05: "One Value"
I've put up a new Free Quiz Script, this time for the type I dubbed "One Value". I found out what I was doing wrong, thanks to finally discovering where to find Javascript errors in Firefox, and only needed a tiny bit of editing to take care of that. Now the script works in both ASP and Javascript. I promise that the third type of quiz is coming soon; there is no way I can have problems with that one since I'll really just edit one part of the "Votes" script.

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The Almighty Random Poll!

My 2004 was pretty good - but was yours?

How was 2004?
Best year of my life! ^_^
Pretty good.
It was all right.
Not so good.
Worst year of my life...
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The Style Poll

I think I'm going to make a new default style each month. So, which style should it be for February? Just so they'll all fit into the poll and because it's a bit funny to have, say, Mewtwo Strikes Back as the default, since it's an old movie, the only options are the Pokémon styles.

Misdreavus Scyther
Espeon Shiny Umbreon
Arcanine Articuno
Houndoom Shiny Ninetales
Which should be the default for February?
Misdreavus style
Scyther style
Espeon style
Shiny Umbreon style
Arcanine style
Articuno style
Houndoom style
Shiny Ninetales style
Why no movie styles?
Make a new style.
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