The Quest for the Legends

The winner of the March 2004 Best in Category award for OT and the September 2004 Reader's Choice Award at The Pokémon Tower, and that was the old, bad version. People love it too much.

This blog below contains updates on the fic. If a paragraph has PU in front of it, it means "Page update". That's an update on this page, meaning I'm putting up a chapter, a revised version, tweaking the chapter index, etc. etc. If a paragraph has TQFTL in front of it, it means The Quest for the Legends, it's an update on the fic's progress, that is, how the new chapters are going. Also, HMMRCIG stands for the progress on the How Much More Revised Can It Get? version, YAR stands for the Yet Another Revision and ILCOE stands for the ilcoeth (I've Lost Count Of 'Em-th) revision.

June 25th, 2005: IT'S BEEN A WHILE...

PU: Well, at least I've gotten chapter 26 up.

May 7th, 2005: THIS IS IT!

PU: Yes, the almighty chapter twenty-five is up... go read it now.

May 6th, 2005: GET READY...

PU: Chapter 24, The Threat, is up.

ILCOE: The moment of truth draws nearer... the mighty chapter twenty-five approaches! Expect it soon.


PU: Chapter 23 is up at long last. Enjoy...

March 11th, 2005: IT'S BEEN A WHILE...

PU: Well, at least chapter 22 is finally up.


PU: Whee. The first chapter of the Pokémon Festival, chapter 21, is here. As you'll see, I've changed the order of things around.

January 9th, 2005: ALAN AND RAINTEICUNE

PU: Chapter 20, or the equivalent of chapters 21 and 22 from the old version. I still wince at the thought of Rainteicune, but at least Rainteicune's story is a bit more thought-out now...

January 5th, 2005: CLIFFY!

PU: Chapter 19 is up. It ends in somewhat of a cliffhanger. Mwahahaha. Evil me.

December 25th, 2004: ENEMIES FOREVER

PU: Yep, I think it's the first chapter that preserves the equivalent's old title from the UMR - after all, that was probably my best title in the UMR... (no, wait, The Mew Hunter was kept too.) Anyway, it's up.

December 21st, 2004: CHAPTER 17

PU: Chapter 17 is up (equivalent of chapter 19 of the UMR). I've always liked this chapter...

December 6th, 2004: SIXTEEN... AND FIFTEEN

PU: Chapter sixteen is up. I also appear to have forgotten to update the blog when I put up chapter fifteen.

November 12th, 2004: AND 14, YAY

PU: Yeah, chapter fourteen. I really think I did a good job on this one...

October 28th, 2004: AND CHAPTER 13...

PU: What it says, chapter 13 is up.

October 19th, 2004: CHAPTER 12

PU: Chapter twelve... I also, a while ago, updated the background image in this blog.


PU: Chapter eleven is up. Only three and 2/3 pages, but meh...

September 25th, 2004: CHAPTER 10 IN ITS FULL, ILCOETH GLORY

PU: Chapter ten has been put up. And yup, I just finished writing it. No more waits. My fingers hurt from inserting all the HTML code into it; it's 16 pages...

September 21st, 2004: W00T!

PU: Incredibly enough, I managed to write a whole, non-rushed, nine page-long chapter in two days. So enjoy chapter nine.

September 18th, 2004: EXTRA IV AND CHAPTER 8

PU: I put up Extra IV and chapter 8. I wrote Extra IV long ago, actually, but never bothered putting it up. I'm lazy...

August 31st, 2004: ILCOETH REVISION + CHAPTER 7

ILCOE: Finished. OK, I think this will be the last revision I'm doing in a while. I've gotten hang of the description pretty well now, and I'm getting to the good stuff. Extra II was removed and replaced with a different Extra II.

PU: Chapter seven has been put up.

August 19th, 2004: CHAPTER FIVE ILCOED

ILCOE: Chapter five's ilcoing is over. I'm also now posting the ilcoeth revision over at Bulbagarden.

August 17th, 2004: FOR THE ILCOETH TIME...

PU: I made a banner for the fic, so I re-designed this page. I also replaced Mewkitty's adorable blog with my own - as cute as it was, it didn't go well on a dark blue background like this one. Oh, and I know you don't recognize this Ninetales - it's an important character who was meant to appear in chapter 37 of the UMR and I'm not spoiling ANYTHING, so don't even try.

ILCOE: Can you guess what I'm doing? I'm revising it YET AGAIN. This time it's the ilcoeth revision, which stands for "I've Lost Count Of 'Em-th". Basically, it's one more revision. I'm revising this fic too often... anyway, if you want to follow its progress, go to the thread at the Pokmon Dimension Network forums (it's in need of members, so if you're looking for a forum to join, it's a choice worth considering).

August 14th, 2004: IT'S UP

PU: Chapter six has been put up. Enjoy...

August 13th, 2004: CHAPTER SIX, FINISHED

HMMRCIG: Chapter six is done. It's twelve pages. Not up on this page yet, but it will be tomorrow. If you're too impatient to wait, there's a link further down here in the blog to the thread I'm posting it in at the serebiiforums.

July 1st, 2004: AND YET ANOTHER ONES

YAR: Finished. Done. Chapter 1 to 5 have never been better...

PU: All the YAR chapters have been put up, too.

June 30th, 2004: YET ANOTHER ONE?

YAR: I'm doing yet another revision... just a small one this time, from version 3.0 to 3.1 (that is, from HMMRCIG to YAR). It's a very simple one, just small edits in chapters one to five of the HMMRCIG because I'm not completely satisfied with the whole of them.

HMMRCIG: Chapter six will probably be split up from the original plan; it's on the fifth page already, yet I've only gotten past the first main event that's supposed to happen in it. We'll see...

PU: I both put up the three Extras which I forgot last time, and also a "Revision History", which contains chapter 1 in every version ever, the most noticable thing in the section being how extremely drastical the change from 2.0 to 3.0 (UMR to HMMRCIG) was. Also, chapter 1 has been changed to the YAR.

June 26th, 2004: THE HMMRCIG IS UP

PU: The HMMRCIG so far has been put up on this page, the reason being that I finally bothered HTMLizing all the pages when I made an account on Enjoy...


HMMRCIG: I managed to finish the revised chapter five. It is now officially longer than any of the fic was ever before; thirteen pages in Word. If I remember correctly, tied for the longest before were chapter two and 23, with ten pages each. Go to the above link for chapter five!

June 15th, 2004: IT'S BEEN TAKEN DOWN...

PU: I took the fic down, as it says above. If I stop being lazy, I will put up the HMMRCIG so far sometime in near future. Until then, click the link up there to read the new version.


HMMRCIG: I've been struggling against some writer's block, but I got over it and rewrote what I had managed to get down while I had the block, since it felt way too forced. I'm exactly three pages into the chapter right now, and I'm past the hardest bit, so it hopefully won't be too long until it's finished.


TQFTL: I'm making yet another revision. Yup, this time it's the HMMRCIG, or How Much More Revised Can It Get? edition. It's much more of a change than the UMR was. You can read the revised chapters so far at this thread at the serebiiforums if you wish so.

HMMRCIG: I'm currently working on chapter five, slowly but steadily. But it's going to be long, so don't expect it right away...

March 24th, 2004: CHAPTER 36 IS UP...

PU: What it says, chapter 36. Don't miss it.

March 2nd, 2004: CHAPTERS 34 AND 35!

PU: Chapters 34 and 35 are up now.

TQFTL: I've got something great planned, explaining two old mysteries, just wait... by the way, if you want to help me with the story, go to the forums, this thread.

February 15, 2004: CHAPTER 33 + LOST IN RUXIDO!

PU: Chapter 33 is up, and Extra #2 (Lost in Ruxido) too.

TQFTL: I planned a new plot twist out of an unsolved mystery I found. This is going to be so great...

December 29, 2003: THE UMR!

PU: The UMR, Ultra-Mega-revised version is up! The UMR is also double-spaced. Oh, and there's a new category: CRZ, which means crazy. That's just for the crazy versions, and will be for Lost In Ruxido.

UMR: It's DONE! You heard me, it's done, so you won't have to remember what UMR means anymore!

TQFTL: I'm writing chapter 33. It's going slowly, but I've got a pretty good idea of what it's supposed to be.

December 15, 2003: THE ADORABLE UPDATE BLOG!

PU: Ok, this here blog is just so cute, I HAD to put it somewhere. Well, the bad thing is, my pages are all black so a white blog like this one just wouldn't fit in. Then it hit me: This story seems to be quite popular, and the background here is white! So this is the adorable update blog. Adorable indeed. Anyway, this is where I'll be posting how the fic is processing. If a paragraph has PU in front of it, it means "Page update". That's an update on this page, meaning I'm putting up a chapter, a revised version, editing a character bio, tweaking the chapter index, etc. etc. If a paragraph has QFTL in front of it, it means The Quest for the Legends, it's an update on the fic's progress, that is, how the new chapters are going. If a paragraph has UMR in front of it, it means Ultra-Mega-Revised and means that it's an update on the Ultra-Mega-Revised version I'm making. It's basically all of the chapter revised as they need to. And, of course, Extra #1, the poem "Switching sides".

UMR: As you should know, the UMR isn't up yet. None of it. I'm on chapter 28, so it's really close.

QFTL: "Extra #2" will be Lost in Ruxido, an insane script-form fic that technically is "chapter 33.5" but I don't want to imply that it's a part of the fic because it isn't.

Revision history
Ouen Map (possible spoilers)
Fic Art (spoilers)

- Extra I: Chalenor
Chapter 1: The Pokémon on the Road
- Extra II: Wait a minute... levels?
Chapter 2: The Ouen Legends
Chapter 3: Vuiiii!
- Extra III: The Agreement
Chapter 4: Cleanwater City
Chapter 5: The Lake of Purity
Chapter 6: The Mammal, the Monster and the Mental Change
Chapter 7: Charmeleon's Trainer
- Extra IV: The Full Story
Chapter 8: The Master of the Clones
Chapter 9: Mew's Escape
Chapter 10: The Mew Hunter
Chapter 11: The Lizard and the Mantis
Chapter 12: Let There be Light
Chapter 13: The Black Desert
Chapter 14: Thief and Victim
Chapter 15: Darkness and Poison
Chapter 16: The Third Badge
Chapter 17: The Shark and the Serpent
Chapter 18: Enemies Forever
Chapter 19: Good or Evil?
Chapter 20: The Warning
The Pokémon Festival - May 21st: Evolution
The Pokémon Festival - May 22nd: The Attack Approval
The Pokémon Festival - May 23rd: The Pokémon Frenzy Tournament
The Pokémon Festival - May 24th: The Threat
The Pokémon Festival - May 25th: Chaletwo's Arrival
Chapter 26: Dead or Alive

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