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Idea theft

Everybody knows that other people's art or exact words should not be stolen. But it's not as obvious that theft of ideas can be really hurtful too.

I have many unique ideas. And I hate to see other people using them. Sadly, that happens.

Now, which ideas are the ones you should not use for your site? Put simply, I usually get the basic inspiration from somewhere else. But the exact way I do things is mine. For example, making a Secret Link game that works exactly like mine, with weird clues that give you teensy hints of where the link is located (the link, not the next clue), is ripping off, especially if you call it "The Secret Link". Making an Anti-anti-Pokémon section that's structured exactly like mine with very similar counters would be copying. That goes for most sections, but not all. I have a few entirely original sections. For example, as far as I know nobody else has made a section about how to make your Pokmon game challenging or a club against the hate between AP and AAP (well, until I made mine, that is... -_-;;;;;). Making such a section would therefore be direct copying.

This doesn't go for my site only. A lot of webmasters have unique, never-before-seen ideas that would be very disrespectful to copy. Therefore, if you are a new webmaster you should always make sure that you're not directly copying an idea off somebody else.

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