My pokémon links!

Why this site? Simple. It's the best one ever!:-) ...Okay, it's because it's made with plenty of interest and personal thoughts and also a lot of information and fun. Also, Mewkitty's nice.

This is a good site, similar to Mew's hangout! So check it out!

This is also a terrific site, but lacks a little personal thoughts. It has the best info on Ruby and Sapphire in the world, everything about the games, trading cards, movies and TV shows, fanfics, fanart... everything.

There's not much stuff on this site yet, but it's going to be great, I'm sure!

Click Here to visit GHPD!

This is a very good site with a great pokédex that is also downloadable! That's where I go when I want to know something about a certain pokémon.

This is a great site with great fanfics and codes and a challenging secret link game.

This is Dogasu's page, I don't really understand much of it because all pokémon/character names are in Japanese, but don't misunderstand me - this site does NOT get penalty points for that, because it IS supposed to have Japanese pokémon names, even though the webmaster knows the English names. I love going to the humour page - those pokémon-bashing articles have to be the funniest thing I've ever seen!

This is where I got the script for my cursor trailer from. Thanks Lissa!

This is Mewtwofan's pokémon page, a great site with cool music and anti-anti-pokémon! Check it out!

Mew13's site. New, so not much on it, but a very nice site anyway.

Joey and Jolty's home! Very nice site.

This site is called Pokémonland, it's very nice.

Pikachu's place. It's not that big, but has some nice content.

Poké meadows. Very nice site, although it doesn't have the most content ever. It may not be a pokémon site, but it has MIDIs from video games, including pokémon. There are such incredibly cool remixes... oh, all Ruby and Sapphire music is still in New files. There is a lot of it, it's just not on the actual site yet.

Myuu's pokémon Rainbow Cloud! Very nice, although I have to say that it could use some more stuff.

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