What is Neopets?

Neopets is a great site where you can play a fun game for FREE! In the game, you first need to sign up. To sign up, you enter a username you'd like to use, your e-mail address, your age and some more stuff too. Then it will maybe say your username has already been used and you'll have to find a new one or choose a name that is the name you chose with a bunch of numbers at the end (I don't recommend that). Then, when you've FINALLY got yourself a username, you get to create a pet! Just choose your species, and click "I have chosen!" and then you can give your pet a name and personality. Meaning, more work to find names... well, after that, I think you're supposed to get the Activation code. If you typed your e-mail address in correctly, it will send the activation code to that address. Just close the window and check your e-mail. Then find the mail and click the link in that message. And then you can go and play Neopets!

In Neopets, you can care for your pet, play with it and also play some games by yourself. It's a great site. Oh, and the address to Neopets is www.neopets.com. Almost forgot. Well, remember that your pet becomes hungry, even when you're not logged on! If you have to go for some days, you should put your neopets in the Neolodge, where they'll get fed and be happy! It costs Neopoints (the money in Neopets), though.

You should sign up with neopets. There are great fun games there! And it's always fun having a pet, isn't it? It's quite complicated, though.

If you've not signed up with Neopets yet, you should do it after clicking the text link two pharagraphs above. That won't cost you anything, but it'll earn me neopoints ^_^! I'd be very thankful. It could sort of be a way to pay me if you liked my site...

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