NOTE: Everything said on this section is FAKE! Don't try ANYTHING in this section!

OK... I know fake cheats sound like a pretty stupid subject, but after I started making these, I suddenly found it much easier to see wether a code on the Internet was fake. Like the codes from Red, Blue and Yellow where you were supposed to evolve a Pikachu or Raichu into "Pikablu" in some way without using a Gameshark. After I made up my first fake code, I realised that they must be fake. Why? Well, because even though some stupid guy out there gave it the name Pikablu and thought it was related to Pikachu, THE NINTENDO GUYS MAKING THE POKÉMON GAMES KNEW PEFECTLY WELL ITS NAME WAS MARILL AND IT WAS NOT RELATED TO PIKACHU OR RAICHU AT ALL, NOT EVEN AN ELECTRIC TYPE! So, obivously, Nintendo would never have put a "Pikablu" evolved from Pikachu or Raichu into the game program. Well, enough of that, let's start!

Evolving Ampharos into Dratini

First, train a Mareep in Gold or Silver to level 15 and evolve it into Flaaffy, then train the Flaaffy to level 30 and evolve it into Ampharos, and then train the Ampharos to level 100. Then give it Rare candies until it becomes level 0 and then go to the move deleter and delete all of its moves except Thunder wave. Then, trade it to the Crystal version. There, teach it a damaging attack and train it to level 5. Then, delete the damaging attack and trade it to the Yellow version (the nurse won't stop you). When it is in Yellow, it will be a Dratini!

Okay, I made this fake code after I first heard that Ampharos's Japanese name was Denryu and that "Ryu" means dragon. A very complicated and time-consuming code, so you should be sure to get that this code is FAKE, and it won't work and you should not try it.

Get Mew (1)

First, get six level 100 pokémon in your party. Make sure they are all final-form pokémon. Then, teach them all Strength. Go to the truck by S.S Anne and make all of your pokémon use Strength. Then push the truck and Mew will be there!

This is a variation of the old "Mew under the truck" code. It is still on some sites, but most people have realised that there is no way to move the truck. Some months ago, I saw some site saying "Teach a level 100 Machamp Strength" in this code, and then I decided to make my own way to make this code work. More on the original "Mew under the truck" code in the "fake code ratings" below.

Get Mew (2)

After getting all other 150 pokémon and the diploma, go to the Game freak man that gave you the diploma. Talk to him 100 times and he will say "Oh, I forgot to give you something. Take this pokémon." Then, he will give you Mew!

Again, a fake code to get Mew. It is a mix between "talk so-and-so many times to..." codes and the "Get Mew from Game freak man" code. More on those codes in the "fake code ratings".

Fake code ratings!

So you won't misunderstand me, the codes are rated by how likely that code is to fool people to try it. Yes, it rates those common codes everywhere on the internet. Well, enough of explaination, here we go!

Mew under the truck

Ah, it's an old one. It has been on the internet since the early days of Red and Blue. Anyway, this code includes three "facts": first, is says that if you either trade for a pokémon with cut or lose a battle on the S.S Anne, the ship will stay. That is true. Second, it says you can go to the dock after getting Surf and surf over to a platform with a truck on it. That is also true. Third, is says that you can move the truck with Strength and Mew will be there. THAT IS FAKE. So, one out of three "facts" is fake. That is actually not bad. But the thing about this code is that everyone got the Cut HM and went out, so the ship in their games is gone. THAT is why it's still on the Internet. THAT is why some people still believe it. So, congratulations, you who made this code! I'm going to give your code 9 out of 10 for this tricky little fake cheat!

Talk so-and-so many times to...

Duh. Those codes are everywhere. There's also "do that so-and-so many times". I'm sure they are all fake. Have you never wondered why trainers and other characters always say the same thing every time you speak to them, apart from the girl in Cerulean city with Voltorb in R/B/Y? It's because the programmers are too lazy to make everyone say different things this and that time you talk to them. And actually, I'm not sure a Gameboy can handle making some twenty people say something else and give you rare pokémon or something the 50th, 100th or 1000th time you talk to them. As with "do that so-and-so many times", it's just the same. And it's not very hard to find them fake. I'll give those 5.

Get Mew from Game freak man (in R/B/Y)

This code says you get Mew for getting 150 pokémon and talking to the man that is not working on a computer in the pokémon mansion. I know that because I've got 150 on my Yellow version and I just got some stupid diploma, and Meowth346 said it's not in the Japanese version either and Meowth346 doesn't just lie about a simple thing, now does he? I'll give it 7.

Bill's secret garden

Hahaha. Very funny. The person who made this code must have thought: Hey, I could waste everyone's time by making a code where you need Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite and the legendary birds, it would take ages to catch three Dratinis or Dragonairs in the Safari zone! Well, this code says that if you talk to Bill with Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres in your party, he will let you into his secret garden. The person who made it propably noticed, just like me, that there was some path leading farther up from the backside of Bill's cottage. Well, it's fake. A very nasty fake code, as I deposited my Yellow version Pikachu to try it, and then I spent the whole day training it to level 100 so it would become happy again. I'll give it 8.