Fake pokémon

This section is divided into two parts: Combinations and My fakes. Actually, all of them are "my" fakes, but the combinations are just combinations of two or more pokémon. None of the combinations is on their own picture, there are just group pictures. Some have dozens, some have just a few. On My fakes, however, I did a much better job making them and I think they all have movesets. Note that in my story, there are many fakes, both combinations and my fakes, and they're all in the second chapter, with a detailed description and movesets for most of them. Also note that the browser will automatically resize the pictures when you click the links. If you hold your cursor over them for a second, you'll see something in the lower right corner, and if you click on it, the pictures will go back to normal size. Also check out the Fake pokédex for pokédex datas for some of the combinations.


Combinations of Paras, Clefairy and Butterfree
Combinations of Jigglypuff, Mew, Rattata and Vileplume
Combinations of Ekans, Pidgey and Pidgeot
Combinations of Vulpix, Zubat and Golbat
Combinations of Pikachu, Kadabra and Beedrill (one of my best ones)
Combinations of Paras, Clefairy and Butterfree
Tons of combinations and their names and movesets
Combinations of Meowth, Venomoth and Golduck
Combinations of Poliwhirl, Mankey and Growlithe
Combinations of Ponyta, Geodude and Machamp
Combinations of Farfetch'd, Slowpoke and Seel
Combinations of Cubone, Lickitung and Krabby
Combinations of Chansey, Tangela and Kangaskhan
Combinations of Scyther, Gyarados and Electabuzz
Scytherfree and Paradude
Lots o'combinations with movesets
LOTS of combinations with names, but nothing else. Most of them Beedrill and something.

My fakes

Leon (the normal Eevee evolution)
Thekhar (Cards (its name is spelled wrong))
Fangcat and Tancat
Five fake starter pokémon with so much information that they're on a special page
The Sadess
Smokat, Nawcat and Transpat
My legendary dragon trio; Thunderyu, Volcaryu and Polaryu

Note: There will be more in the "my fakes" soon - you'll see! I've already made the pictures, but I can't put them up because that would spoil the Quest for the Legends.

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