Pokémon contest!

I decided to make a pokémon contest! Here are the rules:

Okay! Fill this in and press submit when you're done! If you haven't made everything, I can do some of it for you. Like if you've made a description and type, but not a name, you could put "Make one for me" or "Help me out" or something in the name line, and I'd make a name or two for the pokémon. If I make more than one name, you could choose the name you want. The same could be with type(s), but not with description, your name (I mean, making a name for YOU is just plain stupid) or wether it's pokémon, gym or something else. If you don't want me to find a name/type for you but you haven't made one yourself anyway, just leave it blank. Also note that in "type(s)", if you're making a gym, you'd put the type(s) the gym uses in that spot.

NEW! There's a special theme contest! This theme contest is... THE LOUSIEST POKÉMON! Go here for more info.






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