The theme contest!

Now, everyone loves making up pokémon that are the strongest in the world, invincible and rarer than all the other legendary pokémon put together, with the added feature of no one being able to control it but you. There are fewer people who like making pathetic pokémon. Well, I made one, and I'm wondering if one of you can beat mine... at least, so no one will rip off mine, my pokémon will be the very last entry in this contest. It ends once I've gotten nineteen entries so it will be twenty with mine. Then I'll get some people who didn't send an entry to judge the contest... well, now, it's easy to make the lousiest pokémon in the world. It just has all base stats of 1 (like Shedinja's HP) and learns nothing but Splash. That's why there are limits. Your pokémon must have:

So, now you can fill this form in!




Hit points base:

Attack base:

Defense base:

Speed base:

Special attack base:

Special defense base:


Your name:

Remember; if the pokémon isn't within limits or if you give improper information, it won't participate in the contest!

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