The Cave of Dragonflies

12/25/03 There's a section with the sprite system I use on my forums... there's a new color scheme you can use (snow style)... I revamped my old "Training techniques" section and changed its name to "Fancy a challenge?" because that's what it really is about, how you can make a challenge out of your game. Thank you and merry Christmas. Or Season's greetings if you prefer that.

I also made an "Art thieves, click here!". Click if you dare.

And chapter four of The Type Chart.

12/17/03 Biiiiiig update. I actually went and took the advice I gave myself in the Site rater. So there's a new minipage called Deja Vu. Why? Because it's about Fire red and Leaf green, which are remakes of the original Red and Green, so it's sorta Deja Vu-ish... meh, who cares about the name. It has a lot of FR/LG stuff... anyway, then there's YET ANOTHER type of awards, and extra 1, chapter 31 and chapter 32 of The Quest for the Legends are up along with that cutie blog from Mew's hangout I just couldn't resist so I put it there to announce how the story's going. Also a new Almighty random poll, this time actually not random. Sue me, as long as you vote first, as it's important.

Also, is it just me, or am I suddenly getting hits real fast? o.O I'm positive that it's only been a few days since it was 80,000... anyway, I put up chapter three of The Type Chart. Then I just went and made custom colors you can choose on the slpash page.

12/11/03 Well, as usually, a large-ish update after a long wait. Well... first off, I changed some of the affiliates' link buttons and fixed the link to PokéPC in the links. Unfortunately, chapter 31 of The Quest for the Legends is not complete yet, but as good news for my readers, you can read The Type Chart while you wait, it's my new fanfic (don't worry, TQFTL is far from abandoned) which is a pokémon/The Matrix crossover. I made a site rating service, read for details, and in my last update I forgot to mention the FAQ. As you may have noticed, I updated the splash, and as usual, there's a new almighty random poll.

11/30/03 OK... I joined the Suta-raito topsites, made a special section with why pokémon isn't animal cruelty in detailed logic, a debating guide, fixed a few things around the site and want to thank everyone who sent error reports. Then Sarah the Swinub sent a fanfic. Also, two new counters in the Anti-anti-pokémon for pokémon haters section and I added to the counter to the Houndoom thing. And a section called "The Jackhammer of Logic" which contains anti-pokémon reason pages I've smashed up. Then, I got ANOTHER guestbook, which has not only banning but also CENSORING!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!

I also changed the almighty random poll, and made an almighty random poll archieve where you can vote in those you missed and view the results.

11/23/03 I'm not dead. Really. Come on, if I was, how would I be typing this? Being a ghost, and therefore insubstantial, would give me certain typing difficulties. Besides, how does it matter whether I'm dead or not since I can at least update? Anyway, as you can see, I made the font of the updates smaller because they were taking way too much space now that the updates are so big... AND I put them in a div so now they can scroll down, and put them in another font because they just looked better that way, somehow... Anyway, loads of updates. Don't remember what I've updated, actually. Just that there's a new quiz called the Type quiz... it was harder to make than you think. A lot harder. Mainly because I got myself to believe that I wouldn't need to code it, just do it the old way by writing HTML and copying-and-pasting, since the type quiz is about clicking links that take you to the next question. The thing is that when I changed the look of the result pages, which I did about three or four times, I had to go through twenty result pages to change them all... @_@ This update's lesson: NEVER write something you may want to change without using code. Anyway, there's some bunch of stuff... oh, the Anti-anti-anti-anti-pokémon section. If you're having a hard time counting the antis, it means "Against those who are against Anti-anti-pokémon". It's not long, just a small statement, and as usual, completely flame-free. I've got loads of ideas of new sections, too. Oh, and there's a new poll at the bottom. As happy news for my readers, the problem with chapter 31 of The Quest for the Legends has been solved and as soon as I get around to writing the whole of it, it will be up. And I put the guestbook below the updates, it was the only way I saw out of a certain problem. Then I just thought "what the heck" and decided to layout the whole site with DIV tags and include the affiliates on every page. That took a LONG time. A few hours yesterday evening and an hour and a half today. Just hope all that was worth it... -_-;;;;;

11/02/03 Do you know what day it is today? It's this site's birthday! Yep, on this day exactly one year ago, a small website called Butterfree's pokémon site was moved from My documents to the Butterfree drive which was shared to the internet (meaning, for short, that everything on it was accessible online). And in honour of the site's birthday, I made a POKÉDEX! A pokédex for Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby AND Sapphire, based on a database. Well, I had some adventures with that, I made the whole database, and then managed, with the amazing help of Microsoft Access' stupidity, to delete everything for pokémon 252-386. I spent the rest of that day making it again. Well, sadly, due to a lack of time (it's very short since I discovered when the site actually went on the net), version 1 doesn't have attacks or locations, but it has stats, pokédex numbers, abilities, breeding groups and whether they're obtainable in Ruby and Sapphire or not. Attacks and locations will come, in worst case at my birthday (February the 18th) because that's a day I feel like planning something big for, just like today (Lesson learned from this: Always set yourself a time limit for everything you're going to do if you want to do it). Anyway, there's a lot of updated stuff, I fixed a lot of small errors around the site, and chapter 30 of The Quest for the Legends is up. Also a nice new conspiracy theory that's "sent in" by Dannichu, but written and tweaked around by me, fan-sent fake codes and BabelFisions... a section in Anti-anti-pokémon about the morals of pokémon... ahh, whatever, just check everything out!

Unfortunately, this update was delayed to the third because there wasn't time to upload the whole thing. Oh well, just in time before 70,000 hits! :)

... Unfortunately this update was delayed even further, to the fourth, because a computer at Dad's work that has some role in updating (although I don't know what that role is) decided to get stupid. Grrr... but I added an error report section because I had nothing else to do. And the STOP THE FLAMING page. Please read it and think about it.

10/25/03 I'm really sorry, I had this update ready three days ago, but I never uploaded it... anyway, I wish I didn't have to repeat this, but... NO SWEARING IN THE GUESTBOOK. If you do that, I may lose my temper start yelling at you in red, bold, underlined, italicized, size 72 font and all caps. An example of that can be found a few pages back in the guestbook. And if that still doesn't do it, then the guestbook will be deleted. You already know that when I say I will, I'm serious, so you better keep out of the line if you want a guestbook at all. Anyway, Latios sent a new fanfic, and the BabelFished section has been so popular I've already gotten some fan-sent stuff in it. Also one by me... then I wrote some new counters in the Anti-anti-pokémon section and tweaked it around a bit more. Enjoy. And I also got my first fan-sent fake code! And I put a little poll beside the Pikachu that's below the updates. Please vote!

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