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03/26/05: Whee, Easter
Nidokingu and I are still working on that secret project, but lots of work has been done at the forums and I've put up a new one-shot of mine, Chains. Yay, my most symbolic piece yet.
03/09/05: Very minor update
Technically I didn't update, I just slightly changed the colors of the sprites on the style banners. But there's a big project in the works between Nidokingu and me, so I might be a bit busy for quite a while...
03/04/05: Cool date...
Anyway, I made a Mew style. If you like pink, this is something for you. I also removed the borders from the updates on all the styles except Misdreavus style; the borders were kind of ugly on the updates when they weren't on the menus anymore.

Oh, yeah - I've forgotten to mention it for a long time, but according to SiteMeter, the total pageviews of the whole site now exceed 1,000,000 and the total unique visits are over 200,000. The site gets over 700 unique visits per day on average (nothing abysmal, but I'm proud nonetheless) and almost 4000 pageviews per day. :3 I'm still celebrating in accordance with that old front-page-only hit counter, though - that's how I've been doing it since the site began.

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Ah, the joys of being plagiarized.

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Burn them.
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I made four new styles a while ago - which one is your favorite?

Sandslash Skarmory
Ponyta Swampert
Which new style is the best?
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Ponyta Style!
Swampert Style!
I like them all!
I still prefer (insert old style here).
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