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Commenting on: 06-19-08

Oh, I hope that, once the licence is renewed, we will be allowed to post right away, instead of having to wait for EVERYTHING (e.g. Styles, Hacks) to be put back up

[20/06/2008 00:21:17]

Arylett Dawnsborough
Commenting on: 06-19-08

Oh wow. It's all gone. Aw man, all my posts are gone. I was really looking forward to making it to 1,000 posts, I was at 900.

Ah well, stuff happens, ya? I'm sure that you'll get the forums back and we can all rebuild everything in time, a fresh start!

[20/06/2008 00:21:06]

Lord Shyguy

I guess it isn't too bad, because when the site was a LOT younger, the forums swiched hosts or something and the exact same thing happened… I think.

[20/06/2008 00:20:53]


I just read my post. Talk about random.

[20/06/2008 00:14:49]


Yay! It's back! At first, it would say that there was an error on the guestbook. Then, the guestbook was up and running again. THEN the guestbooks weren't running again. >.<

Also, you don't have to be sorry about anything, Butterfree. It wasn't your fault at all what happened. I don't think any of us blame you, anyway.

Who are all of these new people? I've never even seen any of these people on the guestbook ever before.

I was reading a book, and it said that Iceland has only ever had one armed robbery, EVER. Yay!

[20/06/2008 00:13:43]


Perhaps, for all of the RPGs, we could start them off where we were when the server got messed up.

[20/06/2008 00:11:40]

Full Metal Cookies
Commenting on: 06-19-08

I wonder if we'll have to restart ASB? o.o


[20/06/2008 00:10:18]


all my RPGs….


Everything….I wanna cry

[20/06/2008 00:10:16]

Lord Shyguy

Well, on the bright side for me, no more RPG's for a while! I was getting bogged down in them anyway.

[20/06/2008 00:08:25]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

oh-noo, My gym stuff got deleted, but hopefully I will get it rewritten again. ^^;

[20/06/2008 00:07:31]


DANG! Gotta tell Zora and Hysterical and stuff.

[19/06/2008 23:59:02]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

>.< Ouch. Well, look at the bright side… No more thread revivals for a month or two! :D

But oh, Kratos will NOT like this one bit. We were in the final round of the tournament

[19/06/2008 23:56:19]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Feel so sorry for you, we know you are very upset about this. Good luck in getting the forums back up, Butterfree.

[19/06/2008 23:53:24]


Yeah. Pretty much. Ooh, I have a better username idea. Evoli? Yes, it's the French name for Eevee. Not actually too much better.

[19/06/2008 23:48:07]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-19-08

Yes, you'll have to re-register. When I say "all the data", it should be self-evident that this includes user data. In fact, it ought to be considerably more self-evident than things like styles and hacks being wiped.

[19/06/2008 23:48:04]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

If the forums were completely wiped out, does that mean we'll have to re-register once they're back up?

[19/06/2008 23:45:44]


This really stinks. It'll be back soon, so.. yeah. Well, it could be worse. I might use a different username, though. Eevee is not really that creative a username. =P

[19/06/2008 23:45:15]

Lord Shyguy

It would make me cry if my whole account was deleted…

[19/06/2008 23:41:31]

Fox McCloud

Holy… about 3 comments got posted between when I clicked Sign and when I posted that.

[19/06/2008 23:41:17]

Fox McCloud

… Wow. It's really too bad about all this… I hope you get the forums back up soon…. and yes, the accounts are deleted to heck. So yeah, we pretty much are starting fresh.

[19/06/2008 23:40:31]

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