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04/03/14: Quizzes Updated

I got an error report today pointing out to me that my Steel quiz hadn't been updated since the fourth generation and half of it was dreadfully wrong as a result. I've now updated not only it but also the Flying quiz to be correct for the sixth generation, and both those and the Yellow quiz and G/S/C quiz now have label elements around the answers so that you can click anywhere on the answer and not just the checkbox/radio button. (The latter two's actual content didn't need to change since they were specific to old games anyway.)

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04/01/14: Happy April Fools' Day

Hope you had a good April 1st. Sadly, my website is not in fact psychic and the What Trainer Class Are You? quiz was a joke - the results were completely random. I hope you enjoyed it anyway and will forgive me for not giving you a proper personality test yet.

As always, I've added it to the April Fools' Day joke archive. I'm sort of torn on whether to just have the quiz linked from there or if I should also put it up under the Humour section or something of the like; let me know what you think in the comments.

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