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07/25/17: Picker Polish

The "Final evolutions only" box on the Favorite Pokémon Picker now actually works as intended, after having had a bug with Pokémon that gained final evolutions in a subsequent generation. If you had a previous picker state, the picker should offer to simply add the remaining Pokémon.

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07/14/17: Fan Fiction Update

I've updated all the stories in my Fan Fiction section to be within the layout of the site proper, which probably makes for a nicer reading experience than the plain HTML files they used to be. This includes Morphic, which now also has links to the previous and next chapters on each chapter, hopefully making it a bit less of a hassle to read.

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07/08/17: Sixth Movie Review Revamp

I've revamped yet another movie review, this time the one for Jirachi: Wish Maker. See, I really can do things in a vaguely reasonable amount of time! Maybe I can get the seventh movie review revamp out this month too (but then again, maybe not; I'm getting two friends visiting and going to America in between, so on second thought you probably shouldn't expect it until August).

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