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11/05/15: Finally

Eccch, why do things always take longer than they ought to? (Well. Probably because my brain has been about 75% Hamilton, and 25% is not a lot of brain to work with. But it's supposed to be a rhetorical question, damn it.)

At any rate, the revamped Spell of the Unown review is up at last. I'm fairly happy with this one, I think - it's not too much different in substance from the old one, but it explains what I'm talking about in less vague/emotional/hyperbolic terms. If you're browsing on a mobile device, you may notice the screenshots in this one show up bigger than in the previous two; if you have any opinion on whether you'd prefer shrinking them down or making the first and second movie ones bigger too, by all means let me know.

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11/02/15: Thirteen

Happy birthday to you!
You're thirteen, it's true.
Oh, my dear teenage website,
I can't believe how you grew.

Thirteen years ago, Butterfree's Pokémon Site first saw the light of the internet. I am now, apparently, the parent of a teenager. Sort of. Let's hope thirteen isn't unlucky in this instance.

I've been having a pretty busy couple of months (and okay, I may also be having a silly obsession with a ridiculous historical rap musical), and I'm deeply sorry for the lack of updates; I really should have been able to get these silly review revamps done ages ago. And I very much meant to have the third movie one done today, but nope, it just wasn't happening (my friend wrote this really adorable fanfic, okay). I will do my absolute best to finish it tomorrow. Sorry, site.

Instead, you get a new Almighty Random Poll, because the previous one was pretty old. I'm actually kind of curious about this one.

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