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05/03/17: New Quiz Scripts

I've been meaning to redo my free quiz scripts page for years; it was hopelessly confusing, needlessly made itself more confusing in order to support the incredibly far-fetched possibility of someone wanting to run the scripts on the server side with ASP, and the code it gave you was pretty bad. I've finally finished that rewrite now; the new quiz scripts are a lot better and easier to customize, and the instructions are far better organized; the added flexibility admittedly means there may be more instructions all in all than before, but I hope overall it's a significant improvement.

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05/02/17: Capture Mechanics Fixes

It took a couple of days longer than I thought, but I've updated all of the catch rate calculators to handle changes in Pokémon data between games better, including properly implementing the stat changes in X/Y and Sun/Moon. Thus, now the Gen VI/VII calculator will have the Fast Ball get a bonus against Pidgeot, while the Gen III/IV calculator will not. It's a very minor thing that affects very little, but it's more robust and makes more sense.

I also fixed a bug that was causing the shake bar to not appear on the R/B/Y calculator if you had checked 'Show detailed report'. Again, please let me know if you spot any bugs.

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