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08/27/16: Let the Pokémon Going commence

I've finally finished and put up my Pokémon Go review. As usual, it is pretty long and rambly. Go has its own section in the menu because I'm planning a couple of other pages on it (some basic play tips and something about the game's stat mechanics); once those are done, I will return to your regularly scheduled non-Go content.

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08/09/16: New Poll

Day two! So far the transition seems to have gone decently; I've made several bugfixes since yesterday, but nothing catastrophic. Thanks to everyone who's submitted error reports so far!

I figured it's more than time for a new Almighty Random Poll, so there's a new one about, guess what, Pokémon Go. I hope you aren't too tired of hearing about it yet because I am planning on making a couple of pages on it. But just a couple.

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08/08/16: Welcome to the new Cave of Dragonflies!

Hello from the new server! If you're seeing this update, you're successfully being directed to the shiny new version of the site, on a new server, running on an all-new backend.

You are probably not very impressed, because the site looks identical to how it did before, but the entire thing has actually been remade from scratch behind the scenes. This does mean that everything is effectively new right now - there might be bugs or other oversights I made in the porting. I'd be extremely grateful if you would report any oddities you bump into - and this very much includes any old links that no longer work, by the way, since I've made an effort to make everything redirect to its new location despite the major reshuffling of the site's URLs.

I'll probably be spending the next few days doing some extra testing, smoothing out any remaining issues and making a number of behind-the-scenes improvements, but after that, I can finally get back to working on some new content. Thanks for your patience during this lengthy transition! Hopefully I will never have to do this again.

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