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01/01/15: Happy New Year

It's 2015! This past year hasn't been the most active for this site, but nonetheless, all in all, I did get some pretty noteworthy new material done - the sixth-generation Zodiac, What Trainer Class Are You?, R/B/Y stat modification, the Favorite Pokémon Picker, the new type quiz, and of course the sixth-generation capture mechanics.

As always, I'd like to thank some people for making my 2014 lovely:

  • elyvorg, for watching Breaking Bad with me, making me play some delightful video games, gratuitous Skyping, and housing me even while she was busy doing Real Science. I wish I could have stayed longer. Also, for being a fellow Cylon.
  • opaltiger, for making me smile every time he appears on a British quiz show, dealing out four Cylon cards instead of two in the Battlestar Galactica board game, and spontaneous e-mails. It may not be obvious enough how much I appreciate you but I do.
  • Dannichu, for being continually amazing, having me over in both May and October, attempting to show me Happy Valley until the Internet cut out, actually showing me The Thick of It which is pretty great, and generally facilitating Expogoing.
  • Negrek, for Dave and Mia Discuss The Quest for the Legends.
  • Music Dragon, for the QftL DVD commentary.
  • magical, for magically finding the X/Y capture routine.
  • Altissimo, for testing things, talking, and doing a massive project the fruits of which should hopefully be finding their way onto the site soon.
  • Metallica Fanboy, for running some really great mafia games.
  • Zowayix, for getting me to look into R/B/Y stat modification, which I'm linking again because I still think that's one of the most delightfully messed-up things I have ever done and I am on a quest to convince everyone in the entire world that it's cool.
  • Vondell, for being a very cool person that I feel cool by extension for having had on my forums more than a decade ago, and for consistently posting both things that make me laugh and things that make me think on a daily basis.
  • Hacker Monthly, for publishing my R/B/Y capture mechanics, being pleasant to work with in the process of editing it, and sending me a couple of free copies of the issue.
  • Ashley Cope and Tracy Butler, for authoring my favorite webcomics and drawing these lovely sketches.
  • Shadey, for being the snuggliest husband.
  • My dad, for long programming discussions.
  • You stray people still following this website after twelve years, for being awesome.

Hope your 2014 wasn't too bad. Happy new year, and may it be productive and include hoverboards.

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