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The Quest for the Legends

A trainer fic I've been working on since 2002 and revising over and over because I can't stop trying to make the best of the deeply flawed original. It has its own minipage (and a couple of spin-offs, too), so just go there and browse around. Rated PG-13 to R for various things detailed in the "Legal" section.


A few scientists get drunk and start fiddling with gene splicing. Ten years later, they're taking care of eight half-Pokémon kids, each freakier than the next, while a religious fanatic plots to murder them all.

This is a sort of alternate-universe closer-to-real-life deconstruction of Pokémorph fics that started out very experimental and mostly intended as dark humour but later gained more direction and turned out extremely grim, even for me. Thus, it is now rated R. There is a boatload of uncensored swearing, violence, blood, death, mild sexual references, and discussion of controversial subjects people may be offended by. Not for kids who don't know what they're getting into!

Incidentally, if you go to TV Tropes, a reader made a page for it a while ago. Feel free to edit it.

This story is complete. There will be no more chapters.


  1. Chapter 1
  2. Chapter 2
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  5. Chapter 5
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  14. Chapter 14

Silly (and Not-So-Silly) Extras

These things are honestly pretty pointless, so if you wouldn't enjoy reading them, just skip them; you're not missing much. Most of them are just me finding some potentially amusing excuse to write more about Dave and Mia, because I enjoy their interactions enormously. And the idea of Dave trying to give her dating advice seemed pretty hilarious to my sleep-deprived mind and refused to let it go until I'd written it.

Dave and Mia Discuss Sex: Chronologically happens sometime prior to chapter five, when Mia is still at school, but it's utterly meaningless (and considerably more disturbing) if you aren't already completely familiar with the characters, so please don't attempt to read it unless you've previously read the entirety of the actual fic. Be warned that, as the title implies, it contains (or rather consists entirely of) discussion of sex, including mentions of pretty skeevy stuff, but all in a completely non-graphic way (no body parts or actual acts are brought up). It also has swearing, though I should barely need to warn you about that if you really read the whole fic.

Dave and Mia Discuss Politics: In my head this happens before Dave and Mia Discuss Sex, but it doesn't actually matter. Unusually, it actually doesn't contain any swearing. It does have discussion of politics, including some pretty... interesting ideas, and a couple of mentions of murder and torture, but again there is nothing graphic. And again, it will probably make rather little sense if you haven't previously familiarized yourself with the characters involved by reading the actual fic.

Dave and Mia Discuss Horror: Yet another one. Swearing, discussion of gore and psychological horror, makes no sense if you haven't read the fic, etc.

Chapter 9.5: A bit less silly than the others, thanks to taking place the night after the end of chapter nine instead of pre-chapter seven. It's still mostly Dave and Mia talking, but they're not quite discussing any one subject in particular, it doesn't take place in his car, there is actual non-half-assed narration between lines of dialogue, a couple of other characters appear, and it's more than twice as long. I suppose there's nothing stopping you from reading it in chronological order, between chapters nine and ten, if you want, though it's probably more meaningful post-fic. Contains swearing (lots of it, thanks to Dave's state of mind), copious consumption of alcohol, mentions of sex, discussion of death and murder, objectification of women, and kicking of puppies. (Not really for that last one.)

Dave and Mia Discuss Relationships: Back to the pre-chapter-5 timeframe, this time with more Mia!POV. Contains swearing, more sex talk, disturbing bloodlust, and a complete veer off the initial subject.

Dave and Mia Discuss Hotdogs: This one is longer than usual and happens four years after the creation of the morphs, or six years before the bulk of the fic and the other extras. It is also written in present tense, so if that makes your eyes bleed, you have been warned. Contains swearing (surprise, surprise), the r-word, casual religion-bashing, a really terrible joke about river banks, and no actual mention of hotdogs until near the very end.

Dave and Mia Watch Paint Dry: At this point it will probably not surprise you that yes, I really would write about them watching paint dry. This is a drabble (i.e. short fiction that is exactly 100 words), and thus not actually long enough to contain anything objectionable, other than just being very, very stupid.

Jack and Gabriel Discuss Death: A more serious extra this time, featuring Jack and Gabriel. Takes place after chapter 14 and references a lot of spoilers, so don't read until you've read the entire fic. Contains swearing and, incredibly enough, discussion about death.

Dave and Mia Discuss Family: An alternate-universe extra where a certain incident involving a Fire Stone in chapter 13 didn't happen and things turned out rather differently as a result. By which I mean it somehow turns out even more depressing than the actual fic. Note that this is still a Dave and Mia extra (and not a full alternate ending trying to provide closure for the whole fic), but it's a lot heavier than the most of the other Dave and Mia extras, so be warned. Contains swearing, violence, blood, character death, and mentions/thoughts of suicide.

April Fools' Day 2011

For April Fools' Day 2011, I put up not one but two fake supposed first chapters of the Morphic sequel.

It's kind of a long story how that came about (that kind of spoils the joke chapters, by the way, so I'd suggest reading them before you read that), but the basic gist is that sometime in the wee hours of the morning of April 1st, I wrote this update, claiming that due to real-life business I'd chosen to pass on the writing of the Morphic sequel to my friend Espeon and that this was the first chapter. It was in fact written by Espeon, but I neglected to mention the fact that he has never actually read Morphic; I simply sent him one-liner descriptions of the main characters and had him think up some deliberately ridiculous plot to write around them, and the result was the sort of April Fools' joke that's not exactly about to seriously fool anyone because it was just too silly, but merely meant to amuse in itself. Needless to say, this is about as uncanonical as you can get; everybody is completely out of character and the whole thing is nonsensical.

Then, on the evening of April Fools' Day, I took down Espeon's chapter, confessed to it having been a joke and proceeded to claim that this was the real first chapter of the Morphic sequel. This one was actually written by me and, though the premises it starts with are ridiculous, it was done in a plausible enough way to successfully fool quite a few people into thinking this was the real thing, especially since by this point there had already been a joke - somebody even updated the TV Tropes page accordingly. Because I wrote it myself and the characters are all in character, you can actually consider this a sort of alternate universe canon - if these circumstances somehow came about in the actual fic, this would be what would actually happen.

Of course, ultimately, on April the second I revealed that one was also a joke, and the sequel was back to being a vaguely promised future something.


Wow, all of these are old (except Curse and Butterfree). I need to start writing one-shots again.

The One

A short thought about rare Pokémon.

Sunset Beach

I still really like this thing personally, even though it's old and the writing is shaky in parts. It was written for a fanfic contest at The PokéMasters forums ages ago that was about writing a battle between a Kingler and a Delcatty.

Pokémon Master

This holds the dubious title of being the only thing I've ever written starring an anime character in the main role. I actually still rather like this, too.

Legendary Revenge

Oh, man, this is morbid. I have mixed feelings about it; I hate how I did the death scene, but I love the cluelessness of the main character, which was inspired by me playing my Gold version. Ah, memories.

Last Defense

Not my favorite one-shot. The POV of an abused Pokémon is just kind of... typical. And it doesn't emphasize my actual point nearly enough. Meh.


Morbid, morbid, morbid.

The Pokademy Awards

For a change, this is not at all morbid. It's just a silly old humour fic about George the Charmander, who is unfortunate enough to be announcing at the 2003 Pokademy Awards. And yes, if you couldn't tell, that does mean it's old.


And then we return to morbid, in one of my very favorite things I've written, ever. Don't mind me, though; I like morbidness too much.


Sequel to Chains. I always meant to write a third one which would connect them better, but I can't really get it right.

The Forum

A short little satirical story-with-a-moral in the style of a bedtime story. I love this thing. I really do.


I always meant to write a "Move Series" which would basically interpret Pokémon attacks in various ways. This particular one is just a drabble which interprets the move Imprison in a humourous way.


I suppose this is the second part of the abovementioned "Move Series": a twisted interpretation of how the move Curse works. Also considerably longer.


Concerns a trainer confronted with the realization that Butterfree aren't very strong. Apparently people like it. No morbidity, for a change.


Bonds (poem)

Awfully sappy, but I guess it's kind of cute, in a completely sappy way. Way, way old.

On the Run (poem)

It's odd, but I still kinda like it. Oldy McOld.

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