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Just in case anybody doesn't know how Hangman works: the computer chooses a random word (or, in this case, Pokémon name), and gives you a number of dashes, each standing for one letter. Then you click a letter below. If the letter appears in the word (Pokémon name), the letter will reveal itself in the word (all occasions of it, if that letter appears more than once). If it doesn't appear in the word, a part of an image is drawn, and if the image is finished before you guess the whole word, you lose. In normal hangman, the image is of a man being hanged, but since this is Pokémon hangman, it has a Pikachu that will get angry and Thundershock you. (The last three images have Pikachu saying "Pi", "Ka" and finally "CHUUU!" when you lose, so you'll know when you need to watch out.) Basically, your goal is to guess the Pokémon correctly before you receive a shock and have your score reset to zero.

Nidoran male is Nidoranm and Nidoran female is Nidoranf. Flabébé is Flabebe. Other non-letter characters are coded as _ (click "other" to guess that) or removed, to simplify guessing:

However, when you've actually either guessed a Pokémon name correctly or used up all your tries and the whole name is revealed at last, it will be shown with more sensible characters.

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