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I think tcod forum is dead now XD lol Ahh, the memories of being a n00b there in my old forum going days….

Hi everyone :)

[19/05/2017 12:28:32]


you have a pretty cool site :)

[06/05/2017 14:21:26]

Commenting on: 05-03-17

You are cool

[04/05/2017 09:15:27]


I think I might have suggested this once a long time ago, idr, but a potential idea for a functionality change on the capture mechanics pages: make it so that you can use arrow keys to shift the health bar by minuscule amounts maybe

[03/05/2017 19:10:34]

Website: Cave of Dragonflies

I love this site♡

[01/05/2017 04:45:05]

Odie Dog
Website: Odie's Ocean

Hmm, I thought I wished your site happy birthday :/ I probably forgot. Anyway, happy (very late) birthday! :D

[30/04/2017 02:35:20]

Jirachu MilleniumPika

Hi butterfree and co :D if any of you want to play pokemon with me sometime, lt me know. okay?

[27/04/2017 11:38:32]


Hello ~

[24/04/2017 17:55:27]


Shiny Noivern :}

[24/04/2017 02:07:43]


Happy Belated Birthday to the AWESOME tcod :) *hug's my cute korrina av on the forum x3*

[21/04/2017 00:40:52]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I thought about it, but I'm not sure they're very good reviewing material - they're so short there's not that much to say about each one. Even reviewing them as a whole, overall, I don't feel like I'd have that much to say - although I suppose if I watched them all again I might have more? I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan of Generations overall - there were some episodes that worked well, but most were unfortunately too short and not presented well enough to effectively dramatize their subjects. I'm thinking particularly of the episode featuring AZ - that's a story that I like a lot, but the Generations episode fell really flat to me and that was a huge shame.

(I hear it's out in Japanese now, though, so maybe I'd like them more if I watched subs. The English dub still just really, really grates on me.)

[18/04/2017 18:17:53]


Hi there!
Have you thought of doing Pokemon Generations in your reviews section? I know it isn't exactlty a movie but I love seeing what you have to say about everything, and they are only 3 minutes long each

Either way, still love the site. I was totally fooled by the zodiac

[18/04/2017 04:20:43]


Hi! I'm replaying OR/AS, any tips, pointers, etc. I'm just past going with Steven Stone to Southern Island and training a Metang and Kirlia into a Metagross and Gardevoir. BTW I have a shiny Lunatone. In Sun and Moon, I haz shiny Arcanine, but i want a Celebi. Also, Im called in the game "TheLegend27"If you get reference, let me know. kthxbai!

[12/04/2017 02:50:35]


I like the forum here i wish it was more active lol

[11/04/2017 01:36:44]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Hah, amazing! Thanks for letting me know. I am far too interested in this.

[08/04/2017 23:56:16]


Wow. I've been a fan of this site for probably a decade now, and it's possible you may already know this, but I saw a video pop up in my Youtube subscriptions from MandJ TV Pokevids saying "Find Out Who YOUR Top 10 Favorite Pokemon Are" and immediately thought he had found your Favorite Pokemon Picker tool, and I was right! It's pretty cool to see someone who makes content out in "the open" on a website like YouTube feature something from here, and it made me really happy considering how much this site(and by extension, tQftL) has meant to me for ages.

It's giving me the urge to play with it again, hehe. Just wanted to throw you a heads-up about it in case you didn't know!

[08/04/2017 18:18:21]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Haha. Sounds like something I would do. :P

[04/04/2017 23:26:05]


Had a dream where you updated the pkmn personality quiz to have 109 possible outcomes.. was very impressed but thought it was a little much

[04/04/2017 01:32:17]

Commenting on: 03-31-17

You made an Undertale reference.

But yeah I got a good laugh out of this, I like it. Nice one.
Merry April fools.

[01/04/2017 15:42:39]

Commenting on: 03-31-17

Ha! You got me for a while, I'd completely forgotten about April Fools. :P

[01/04/2017 14:32:33]

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