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Zora of Termina
Commenting on: 06-19-08

Y'all is no one in particular. I wasn't thinking when I typed it. Ah well, I'll stick to my plan of training my ass off and pwning you all after all. Oh well. :/

I still wanna know how this keeps happening to me this week, but it could be a good thing. All the drama-llama threads are gone so.

[20/06/2008 02:19:41]


*gives Zora big hug*

[20/06/2008 02:09:30]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Could be a good thing; forums sort of needed it really imo. Sucks for ASB though :(

[20/06/2008 02:04:37]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Yep. What Zora said? I wanted to curse but I decide to replace them with beelps for no good reason…probably humor.

But Butterfree will fix this…when I'm away…

i'll be away from Saturday-Sunday

[20/06/2008 02:00:02]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Who is "y'all"? o.O And I don't really see a reason to start the tournament over. I mean, I know who had what position and I'm NOT going through the hell of waiting for a bunch of lazy people to remember that they have to battle again.

And I've been able to recover a lot of basic stuff from Google so far, so I might be able to restart ASB. Can't get some of the attack guide, though, so I hope you guys don't need to look up anything that comes after Pain Split ><

[20/06/2008 01:58:14]

Zora of Termina
Commenting on: 06-19-08

What the hell.

It's not enough that my upstairs computer dies, which had my oldest sprites and ALL my scanned drawings on it, the forums have to get wiped too… Great, just f*cking great… My cherished account… The RPs that I loved… It's all gone…

Y'all got Flareth PO'd too. She's talking with me about it on another forum. And now I gotta tell Hysterical… It just isn't fair…

But at least they might start the tournament over… That'd at least give me a fair shot as all my other battles were too late for me to focus… And we might restart all the RPs… I'd like that… But why does this keep happening to meeeee?!

[20/06/2008 01:50:57]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Well, it could've been worse. Besides, a chanse to wipe away all the junk topics, and start anew on other topics that were straying. Plus we can start a new game of "Get to *Insert number here* posts*

[20/06/2008 01:45:53]


Erindor, you most likely don't know, me, but I'm gonna be Renteura. :P

[20/06/2008 01:35:00]


Well, it could've been worse for the RSP, anyway. It was kinda at a point where it should be pretty easy to start again. And I may or may not use a different username. I don't know. I had almost 500 posts. Mostly from the many, many RPs I'm in. =P

[20/06/2008 01:30:46]


Sad that the forums gone. :'( I'll be waiting till it's back up.

[20/06/2008 01:28:33]

Erindor the Espeon

Oh my. I was hoping that everything would be saved. In particular I am going to miss the RSP and my sprite shop. Most of my sprites were on my laptop and that got fried. I hope that I will be able to fix that…

Soo… Everyone that I knew that is going to change your name, (Mainly Eevee) please tell me what your new user name will be so that I can speak to you again.

I thought that my 200 post count loss was bad, but then I remembered that sooo many people had over a thousand.

[20/06/2008 01:24:59]


Noes. Well, at least we get a fresh start again. :P Are there going to be new styles when you remake them?

[20/06/2008 01:16:20]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Well, good luck getting the forum hacks and styles working again. Stuff like this just happens sometimes.

[20/06/2008 01:01:46]

Victreebel & Scizor Luver

I've felt so odd going online and not being able to post. I AM SO GLAD IT IS BACK!!! THANK YOU BUTTERFREE!!! (Gives spammifier Squirtle)

Of course, all of the the stuff on TQFTL forum was deleted, that means my Pokemon Antebellum, Team Strange, and Pokemon Mansion, not to mention *gasp* THE FIC CHARACTER BATTLE GAME!!! O_O At least we finished season one. ^.^;;; Of course, there goes my 550 posts….second best in the forum….oh well.

To get back into the swing of the guestbook spirit, would someone rate my team on Diamond?

Lv 36 Kiring-ki the Girafarig: Psybeam, Strength, Shock Wave, Guard Swap (Lucian's Bronzong is going to die >:) )

Lv 38 Donkarasu the Murkrow: Shadow Ball, Faint Attack, Pluck, Fly

Lv 37 Shiambraz the Infernape: Flame Wheel, Close Combat, Brick Break, U-turn

Lv 33 Golduck: Surf, Water Pulse, Fury Swipes, Confusion

Lv 34 Vespiquen: Heal Order, Defend Order, Gust, Power Gem

[20/06/2008 00:41:44]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

No, Kratos is not happy, although at least I have backups of the league rules and stuff. Now I have to go leave Negrek an email asking what she had saved on her own computer… and I have no idea what to do about ASB while she's gone. I was only doing what she told me to, I didn't have anything saved… D:

Good luck getting everything back together, Butterfree. Sorry this had to happen on TQTFL's birthday… ><

[20/06/2008 00:38:24]

Lord Shyguy

Darn, now I'm in a lasting state of depression… :(

[20/06/2008 00:38:09]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

I was like totally lucky since I was able to recover the Crystal League Tornament infomation. ^^;

Hopefully it will help when the forums come up again.

[20/06/2008 00:37:11]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Well, that sucks. Although, being pessimistic, I thought this might happen. I didn't expect it to though ;-;.

But, to be optimistic:

Oh well, maybe now all the fiction posts won't need to have another post after so they show up.

And for all the RPG things, they could just start off again without that later data (although, people might steal usernames >_>)

Okay, nevermind. The cons are outweighing the pros.

There goes the six hundred post count ;-;

[20/06/2008 00:34:02]


I leave for a week and this happens :,(

*hugs spammifier qwilfish in sorrow, is poked repeatedly*

[20/06/2008 00:32:42]


I remember where I was with the RPs, and I'm in a lot of them. This is going to be interesting… well, this'll be a fresh start.=)

[20/06/2008 00:27:51]

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