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Website: Stareon's Hideout
Commenting on: 08-11-14

Looking good, Butterfree!! Especially the contact page! What a difference!!! :D

[12/08/2014 19:37:07]

Commenting on: 08-03-14


As a math and pokémon nerd I love to see that kind of stuff and I've been looking for the sixth generation algorithm for a while now.

Well, I hope that eventually we finally get it =)

[11/08/2014 16:33:24]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 08-03-14

Unfortunately nobody has been able to find any algorithms in the sixth-generation games yet - ROMs only got extracted a couple of months ago, and without an emulator it's a whole lot harder to find the piece of code that does anything in particular. I'm dying to know how it works, though - it's definitely not the same as the fifth-generation games, since balls can shake twice again.

[10/08/2014 22:00:03]

Commenting on: 08-03-14

Do you know anything about the capture mechanics for sixth generation?

[09/08/2014 20:53:25]


Just wanted to say this website always makes me happy :)

[07/08/2014 15:07:30]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Yes…? What is the question?

[04/08/2014 01:29:54]

River of The Stars

Ok, first I want to say… I was having some troubles with the 'name this Pokémon' because I can't spell… On the other hand, I think this is a great site! Mostly 'cause I have none of my own, and yours is amazing!! I have a question to ask though.. I haven't been here long (Just found it today..) and I haven't looked around too much. But the question is about Black 2.

[29/07/2014 21:51:02]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

That was never properly on the site - I was just fiddling with it and posted it on my Twitter and Tumblr. It's here

[28/07/2014 12:07:06]


Okay, I've been looking for a particular page and I can't find it. It's a game (of sorts) to help someone determine their favorite Pokemon - it displays groups of Pokemon, and you pick one or more of them to move on to the next round.

I actually found it the other day, and I remember that it only had up to Gen V Pokemon, so it's probably kind of old, but I can't find it again.

[28/07/2014 04:11:30]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-12-14

Hi! Nice to see you still at it too.

Your site is actually pretty nice, and if you applied for affiliation I'd probably accept (though I'd have some nitpicks). My only quality requirements are that the site has some worthwhile content and that it's made with care and some basic professionalism rather than sloppily thrown together, which I think is quite reasonable. I do not demand that your site contains nothing I advise against in my website tips or Sections that Suck - those only come into play to tip the scales if I find the quality to be borderline (and are amply made up for by a bit of originality and dedication, of which you appear to have plenty).

And obviously you have a right to have whatever you want on your website. I don't agree, however, that therefore nobody should point out that some kinds of content aren't very useful - the point, after all, is not to tell people they should take their less useful pages down, but to encourage them to make them more useful. I don't just want more Pokémon websites (though I do want that) - I dearly want those sites to be good and have genuinely worthwhile content, so that I can recommend them wholeheartedly and not just because they're Pokémon websites.

Being unnecessarily wordy is an annoying tendency of mine that I'm working on. That being said, the "Applying for Affiliation" subsection on the affiliation page clearly says you should just send me an e-mail with the URL to your site that makes it clear you're applying for affiliation, so I'm not quite sure what's confusing you on that in particular; could you elaborate? Is it just that it links to the contact page instead of directly including my e-mail address?

[27/07/2014 02:00:16]

Website: Stareon's Hideout
Commenting on: 06-12-14

Correction: * given my lengthy explanation. *

[26/07/2014 12:14:52]

Website: Stareon's Hideout
Commenting on: 06-12-14

I think the Twitter idea is great, and I think you should definitely pursue other social networks, too!

On a side note, I'm really happy to see your site is still open. I have been searching for a while to find other Pokémon fansites that are open, and I really haven't found any. Most are either inactive for years or don't have any decent content. So, I just wanted to say it was nice to see your site still open.

I am trying to affiliate with any sites still open, and I had wanted to affiliate, but unfortunately, I am afraid you might not approve of Stareon's Hideout. You have a very long list of rules for affiliation, and I don't think I could live up to those standards. However, recently, I revived Stareon's Hideout, am slowly re-vamping each page, and I have decided to simplify the pages with less words and not more.

Another thing I have done is lowered my affiliation rules. Because I feel that any Pokemon fan site still surviving in this day and age of social media craze is to be commended and I'm glad to call them a partner, therefore not enforce too many rules. And, I did read all your pages about things you don't like on websites, and although in name, I may have those, I also feel that I have a right to have those pages and I like them and others like them. I am happy with them, would like to keep them, and improve on them. Other pages, however, that you did not mention disliking on your site, I did take off because I felt that they weren't useful or I simply didn't like them. Frankly, I feel all websites have at one point had silly pages that need to be taken down and it's no one's job to point this out to others, for the beauty of having your own website is learning this for yourself.

So, I say this not to start something or argue by any means, but simply to express myself. And, to say that, if I do perhaps in some way touch your standards of affiliation, I wish I could know right away, rather than reading a long rant and being directed to a contact page to read another long rant and still being unsure how I apply.

While I may love logic and reasoning, I have come to accept that simplicity and clarity is worth more many times. And, I know you don't like being given advice, given your extensive expertise in web mastering, but I would just like to say that simplifying and adding more clarity(and sometimes less words) to your site would do you a world of good. I realize this is silly, given my length explanation.

Anyhow, I wanted to say all that because I do admire your site a lot, and I would like to see there be a revival of Pokemon fan sites. I think you could start the revolution, but I definitely think there needs to be more simplicity on your site, since we live in a very streamlined and "easy-to-understand language" society.

And, as always, I do love this site, and I will continue to stop back here time and again, so please always keep The Cave of Dragonflies open. Maybe in the future, when I come close to your standards, we could affiliate. I would like that very much.

Have a great day, Dragonfree!

[26/07/2014 12:10:48]


Hey, I just wanted to say that I appreciate how the site is still largely the same as it was when I would browse here around… dang, it was six years ago! I was just discovering the internet, and your website provided me with hours of fun. Thanks!

[25/07/2014 08:26:31]



[23/07/2014 22:45:35]


Hi World! There's a site called playr.orgYou can play Gameboy and Gameboy color games free it's not mine if you are wondering.

[22/07/2014 21:22:07]


I'm soooooooooooooooooooooo

[22/07/2014 19:04:49]


I realized something about Volcarona. It was worshipped as a god, right? Probably a sun god. Since it's found in the ruins, its followers were probably the same people who built that place. Which is now home to the very Egyptian Yamask.

So if Volcarona was legendary, it would literally be Moth Ra. (also Unova would get a proper sun god that would be closer to its people than a space fireball)

[20/07/2014 10:12:55]


It has been almost four years since the latest crossword has been posted. Could you update it?

[20/07/2014 08:29:21]


uh…Butterfree I saved the nidoran female sprite from pokemon R/G by accident and can't delete it

[19/07/2014 21:20:04]


Does anyone know where to get a gameboy?

[15/07/2014 22:31:35]

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