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Commenting on: 01-01-15

This is still one of the best Pokemon-related websites I've seen to this day. It's so weird to come back to it after so many years, but it warms my heart.

Keep up the wonderful work!

[21/01/2015 12:03:17]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I feel it sort of goes against the spirit of the Zodiac to give every Pokémon multiple days. The Day of Pikachu is supposed to be one particular day, not one of two (or three). For Gen II I could get away with having a day for the normal and shiny version of the Pokémon, I guess, but Gen I didn't even have shinies. It would've been an awkward fit

Every generation but the first two has had a Zodiac, yes, but that's incidental. The Zodiacs aren't made for the generation; it's just supposed to contain every Pokémon, and because more Pokémon get added every generation, it works out to having to make a new one each generation. I consider the older Zodiacs obsolete and out of date - they're only even still linked on the Zodiac page as a bit of historical trivia.

[13/01/2015 21:20:39]


As a better solution that just flat out giving some Pokemon a third day, I worked it out and, by giving each individual Pokemon two days, and giving each evolutionary family a day, you end up with a preliminary Zodiac of 373 days (this excludes legendaries from the list of families, and counts Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan as one family).

By combining a few 'related' families - such as the fossil Pokemon, for example - you could easily get 373 down to 366.

[13/01/2015 05:29:25]


If you wanted to do it, you'd have to give multiple days to each Pokemon.

For Gen 1, each individual Pokemon could have two days, leaving an additional 64 days to fill by giving certain Pokemon a third day.

But, it's not important, I was more just curious - every generation has had a Zodiac, except the first two (because the original inspiration only worked in Gen III).

[13/01/2015 04:46:42]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

How would that work? There aren't enough Pokémon for every day of the year.

[13/01/2015 03:31:30]


Have you ever considered retroactively creating Zodiacs for generations 1 and 2?

[13/01/2015 01:32:20]

Commenting on: 01-01-15


[10/01/2015 04:12:05]

Commenting on: 01-01-15

Twelve years. Twelve. Years. And still going.

[04/01/2015 06:20:15]


Omg, how did I never hear about the tQftL DVD commentary? I pretty much died laughing. I lost it at 'musical.'

[03/01/2015 06:56:32]

William Syler

That's a fair point. I suppose if you did the "erase a large amount" gag you could follow it with a "forgot what I was talking about, here's a new topic" one to keep it fresh. Or just limit it to small amounts of deleting and editing. Whatever you want to do.

[31/12/2014 05:25:06]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Thanks for all your kind words!

So your proposal for the Marquee is just that it would have been amusing if it could "erase" as well as "type", as it were? It's hypothetically possible, but there is no virtual typewriter, so I'd have to specially program in a function to erase text, and I generally don't want to repeat an entire paragraph because despite the inanity of the marquee, it should be able to hold someone's attention, which pointless repetitions of what you literally just read generally can't. It could add some flavor to include a corrected typo or two, though. We'll see.

[31/12/2014 04:39:37]

William Syler

And of course I'd make a mistake when trying to spoiler something for no reason. -_-

[31/12/2014 03:19:53]

William Syler

Just discovered this site, and I'm loving all your theories, especially the History of Training. That one in particular is inspiring aspects towards a fanfic I've been working on for over a year now (titled [spoiler"]The Distorted Man" with only the Prolouge posted so far).
The Zodiac is also extremely impressive, and gets a 12/10 on my personal scorecard.

While I'm at it, I should mention I loved every second of the Marquee of Doom (that's my secret to surviving it, by the way. Being in love with people enough to want to explore their minds).
I missed a short section of it when I stole a glance at my Clash of Clans town, so I'm about to brave it again and experience the rest that was lost to me accepting my prize.
My one desire (if it's even possible from a technical standpoint) is if you could somehow have a misspelled word that you have to backtrack half a paragraph to fix, and the retype what was lost exactly, somewhere near the end (or past the reward) for the truly insane (like myself!). Perhaps even that leads to a misspelling that gets corrected right away. I don't know; I just was inspired having not seen it in the fabulous Marquee of Doom!

And with that, I shall seal this letter off and send it with all my [insert positive but socially appropriate emotion here].

[insert slightly different positive but appropriate emotion here as the Salutation],

[31/12/2014 03:08:26]

Commenting on: 12-12-14

That article about RBY source code sounds incredible. If you work on it, I would most certainly read it.

[29/12/2014 04:25:17]


merry christmas, tcod! i've been visiting this site for years and it's still as good as ever. i hope everyone is doing well, especially you, butterfree!

[25/12/2014 21:19:20]

#1 drew lover <3

l love this site thats all I need to say. Also DREW IS MINE, Not yours, MINE.

[21/12/2014 17:26:10]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 12-14-14

Nope. Deoxys isn't a mandatory catch (it'll respawn at Sky Pillar if you faint it) so it's okay with a catch rate of 3.

[18/12/2014 23:32:48]

Charizard Catz

That looks totally random
oh well that's what Youtube
does to you.

Aggron for spammifier

[18/12/2014 23:00:25]

Charizard catz

And you're welcome,
Dr. Who fans

Groudon for spammifier

[18/12/2014 22:51:26]

Charizard Catz

Omg! I was going to put Braviary was awesome
And I got him for the spammifier! #'Murica!


[18/12/2014 22:25:23]

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