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Commenting on: 12-12-14

Please do the "inside look to the Pokémon games." That would make my year, and the next one too! Maybe if you do R/B/Y, you could also explain "what happened, what was supposed to happen, and what got mixed up in-between."

I would love to see this happen.

[13/12/2014 15:13:41]


I was reading over your DP Changes, and you mentioned how hard it was to get used to the Physical / Special Split.

Anymore, at least for me, it's the completely opposite. I've been playing Fire Red, and have to constantly remind myself that there isn't one.

[12/12/2014 14:18:08]

Commenting on: 11-02-14

Happy Birthday, tCOD! ^^

I'm happy to see this website still running! It's a pitty the Pokemon fansite community is practically gone… how can we bring it back to life?????

[10/12/2014 23:06:30]


This website is absolutely amazing :D I have yet to find one that parallels the awesomeness found here :D keep it up :p

[06/12/2014 00:24:13]

Website: Mohacastle
Commenting on: 11-02-14

Happy belated birthday to the Cave of Dragonflies! It's really weird to think that I'm only two years older than your site…

[20/11/2014 16:37:20]

Website: Punch Quest

Punch Quest, infinite game race to punch clean.

[17/11/2014 22:34:46]


Wow, everything here is amazing! Imagine trying to read everything in the Guestbook in one day…

[11/11/2014 01:23:47]


Does anyone like mario around here?

[08/11/2014 18:13:29]


I enjoyed the Is Pokemon Childish? Interesting read for the Older players :)

[06/11/2014 19:19:41]

Website: Thousand Roads

Happy birthday, TCoD! Here's to another twelve years.

To think that when you started out, you probably never imagined the site would end up where it is today…

[04/11/2014 07:53:28]

Commenting on: 11-02-14

*Blows Whistle* Happy Birthday TCoD!

[03/11/2014 04:52:31]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-18-14

Whys dont you do a mega mode so we can choose our favourite mega pokemon

[26/10/2014 16:08:04]

Commenting on: 10-18-14

Not a frequent visitor, but I had no idea these existed. Nice!

[25/10/2014 17:03:00]


I know you don't take submissions anymore, but I thought this was funny, so I'll just post this here.

I took the intro to the in-game humor page, and translated with Google Translate (mostly to Korean and Chinese and back, several times). I ended up with the following:

I want to see them offering a sense of humor I have ever Pokemon game is his game too seriously I am not quoting memorable lines from the end of the game, in the days to remember. Dedicated to the support of others, and this is so that they can laugh at me.

[11/10/2014 00:05:51]



[10/10/2014 23:04:30]

Website: Thousand Roads

I was reading the "draw your picture" tutorial bit and thinking I'd need to recommend that you add a reference to "how to draw an owl" to it… but I see you were way ahead of me there. Still my favorite tutorial on the internet.

[30/09/2014 05:34:46]


All I can say is I'm happy to have stumbled upon this site. This place is fun, surprising that one person could do all this in their free time. Thank you Butterfree.

[29/09/2014 05:45:42]


Interesting that you mention the background music. A few minutes after I finished reading that page, I clicked on one of your affiliate links (Pokemon Rebirth) and the auto-playing music on its splash page nearly made me jump out of my seat!

[29/09/2014 03:28:48]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

All my webmaster advice sections are inspired by other Pokémon sites I've visited, usually because they applied for affiliation or a site rating, yes. Not any individual ones, though - these really are trends I've seen again and again on lots of different sites, not just me anonymously taking potshots at particular sites. The examples are never based on any one site in particular.

[29/09/2014 03:25:14]


I just noticed the little note at the bottom of Sections that Suck / Page Pitfalls, and I'm curious - are these actually inspired by affiliation requests you've received?

[29/09/2014 03:05:32]

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