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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Doe: Fixed. Thanks for mentioning it!

Charizard Morph: Oh, hey, it's been a while.

[21/06/2015 19:15:49]

Charizard Morph

Been a long time since I was last here. I'm not really sure if I should try to get back into the community or not. I just wanted to stop by and say hi, see how things are going.

[21/06/2015 00:47:28]

Commenting on: 06-14-15

Thanks once again for taking the time to work on this. Kinda a weird case where you don't expect people to be using the Picker daily or anything like that but at the same time when they do use it they will get the best experience out of it thanks to you. It is a site feature that is only useful when you need it but when you need it then you really need it and to my knowledge only your site have anything like this (that is well made anyway). I hope you will keep on working on it but at the same time I realistically can't possibly see what more you could add to it at this point. I really just wanted to show my thanks to you as it is the very least I can do seeing how you spent so much of your free time to give it amazing updates without expecting anything in return.

[19/06/2015 14:24:19]


I couldn't help but notice that the images in the Zodiac do not appear to be working? I clicked on it on a whim, as I'd forgotten what mine was in this newest update to it, and I tried several dates after mine just to make sure, and checked on both Firefox and Chrome. There's no imagery showing up for it.

It's a rather minor issue, but I just wanted to chip in my two cents.

[18/06/2015 05:34:21]

Commenting on: 05-31-15

That is fine then. I thought it wouldn't be possible but it never hurt to ask right?

[02/06/2015 06:10:32]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 05-31-15

Unfortunately that would be a bit of a bother because right now the picker sends no data to the server at any point; it all happens in your browser and I have no idea what goes on in your session. In addition to the actual statistical work I'd have to start actually collecting data and storing it somewhere.

[01/06/2015 10:47:10]

Commenting on: 05-31-15

Thanks for adding this. I know I been waiting for a while for something like this but it is quite a surprise to see you went all out and let the user choose the size. I was only expecting you to give an option to chop it down to ~6 per matchup. By being less overwhelming now you may can also expect more people using it.

Not really a feature but any chance of adding a statistic page without causing too much problem on your end? I am kinda wondering what is the world favorite Pokemon and possibly most hated Pokemon. Of course I doubt most people would even look at it but for the few who are interested it could be neat. While some people may just spam click the first Pokemon I'm sure the odds of all misleading results will rarely be the same enough to effect anything. No pressure of course as I finally got the update I been waiting for personally but just tossing an idea out there in case you get bored and wish to add something to it one day.

[01/06/2015 08:41:03]


I also like this website a lot, it looks very good.

[31/05/2015 02:48:00]


This is probably one of my favorite websites of all time. I love the style of it, and there's a lot of content to it, too. There always seems to be something new I haven't seen here yet. I've been browsing here on and off since about 2012 when I first did the Pokemon personality test. I also read Morphic then, and that was the first fanfic I've read, and the best I've read so far.
So, figured I'd sign this for the first time. Even though I'm well into high school, Pokemon will forever be in my heart, and so will this website.

[23/05/2015 06:02:38]

Website: Rare Candy
Commenting on: 04-02-15

Haha, holy toledo, I thought I'd gone to the wrong website for a minute. New layout looks great; nice to see something responsive here at long last!

Also, thank you for the FR/LG VS Seeker page. I'm sure I used it back in the day but I was running a Nuzlocke a few months ago and that page helped make grinding in Kanto suck less.

[27/04/2015 05:09:32]


so I love your quote bro the one with "where the smallest bugs live with the largest dragons" man I support you all the way and I love this site and I love pokemon. My favorite game is emerald

[18/04/2015 02:57:15]

Commenting on: 04-02-15

Oh wow! I LOVE THIS STYLE. It's so modern and flows very nicely. I like it very much. >w<

[05/04/2015 19:17:17]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-02-15

Norb: Dewgong hasn't been the default in years; as the update says, the previous default was Articuno. You can still use Dewgong if you want, though!

[03/04/2015 03:06:26]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Cabbages Spike: I doubt it. This is first and foremost a Pokémon site - the only reason I have a lot of sections about websites is that I'm invested specifically in the community of Pokémon websites.

Jirachu: Hi!

[03/04/2015 03:04:55]

Shadow Serenity
Commenting on: 04-02-15

I was so determined to not be fooled by anything yesterday. This was the only thing I was fooled by because I was so distraught by the idea of the site being sold to someone else. Points to TCoD for that.

[03/04/2015 01:21:33]

Commenting on: 04-02-15

Aww man RIP dewgong as default I guess.

I'll get used to the new style though

[02/04/2015 23:43:44]


Hi Butterfree :)

[02/04/2015 22:48:46]

Cabbages Spike

Wold you ever affiliate with a website design site? Just curious because you cover that topic too

[02/04/2015 21:49:02]

Website: Jackus Hub
Commenting on: 04-02-15

Lol, I actually liked that huge Banner at the top :P

[02/04/2015 19:15:38]

Arylett Charnoa
Website: DeviantArt
Commenting on: 04-01-15

Speaking frankly, I really do like this style and am glad that the only annoying thing about it (the huge banner) has been fixed. I browse a lot from my phone nowadays and I think it's really awesome. I agree that the banner art is beautiful.

Kinda silly that it took an April Fools Joke for this site to join the modern age , but I'd say it's one of the best I've seen as it legitimately made an improvement rather than being an obvious and somewhat pointless prank. (Not a fan of April Fools myself) Although I did appreciate the jab at over the top market speak, as I really find that irritating and it's just so damn common nowadays.

But yeah. Good job on the layout! It has inspired me to infuse a little more modernness into mine.

[02/04/2015 18:31:56]

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