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On the forum every Pokémon's name is replaced with Scyther.

[01/04/2016 23:18:54]

Commenting on: 03-31-16

If this isn't a joke, I have no idea how you would do Spectrum Style. O_o

[01/04/2016 21:25:33]

Website: Thousand Roads
Commenting on: 03-31-16

Heh, the way you drew the grooves in Dialga's face plate and positioned the eyes gives Quentin this great "I'm too old for this shit" expression while Charizard's over there all ":D". Looks nice! You've definitely improved a lot in three months (dear lord has it been that long already?).

But then I'm faced with… okay, so it's the first, and we haven't heard anything Daybreak & etc., so this is probably the April Fool's joke, right? But on the other hand, replacing all the art on the site with your own stuff sounds like something you would totally do? And probably wouldn't actually be that onerous? I don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of the site, but aside from the banners I don't think there are all that many things you'd need to draw? I mean, most of the images are dynamically generated or ones that it wouldn't make sense to replace with art (e.g. movie screenshots). PLUS this was actually posted on the 31st according to the header, so perhaps it's not supposed to be a joke? Or the joke is it's not a joke and there's more to come? DAMMIT BUTTERFREE GET OUT OF MY HEAD.

[01/04/2016 04:49:10]

Commenting on: 03-31-16

I see that nice Ditto drawing! HEHEHE!

[01/04/2016 03:06:36]

Commenting on: 03-31-16

OK, this time I pretty much immediately remembered the date… But I honestly think I like this style more than the actual Modern style! The pencil drawings remind me of the various artists in the Pokemon anime, especially Sammy. Fitting, since you've done a ton of research into the older games… Anyway, I hope you're going to keep it around as an option, even if it's not the default.

[01/04/2016 02:40:51]

Third Solstice
Commenting on: 03-18-16

Would love to see a Type option, just to pick our faves for a specific type.

Also feel like the shiny checkbox should be lower down with the other picker buttons as a toggle since it's function is pretty distinct from the other checkboxes (in that it doesn't reset the picker).

[26/03/2016 17:44:29]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I think it was an issue with my theme caused by something with Tumblr. There's supposed to be a setting in the theme for whether it shows a loading indicator or not, but I'd already turned it off and it just didn't do anything. I went in and just took out the relevant block of CSS, though, so it should be working now.

[23/03/2016 13:02:37]


This doesn't really have anything to do with your site itself, but I'm having a weird issue where your Tumblr never loads. It just has the loading wheel forever.

I disabled Javascript, and it works. I'm not sure if it's specific to your layout, or if it's Tumblr-wide (because I don't really use Tumblr), but I figured I'd mention it.

[22/03/2016 17:04:28]


Why does delibird haunt my life with togetic. why.

[22/03/2016 00:58:57]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Whoops, that would be because those sprites had the wrong filenames. Fixed now!

[17/03/2016 23:03:57]


Why are Mega Aggron and Unbound Hoopa missing shiny sprites in Favorite Pokemon Picker?

[16/03/2016 20:13:13]


Hey, just to say in your humor section you missed so much Pokemon Mystery Dungeon humor

[06/03/2016 22:29:15]


Hi, thanks for keeping the ability to change the site style back to how it used to be, I used to come here back when it said you were 16 in the about me page (so 10 years ago) and im now finding it quite nostalgic :)

[02/03/2016 18:54:42]

Commenting on: 02-22-16

Thanks, I'm happy to hear that! The pages I was worried about the most were the old AAP ones, since those are probably the ones I read the most back then. I like re-reading them, mainly for the incredible amount of nostalgia they give me. :3

[28/02/2016 15:26:46]

Website: my site

hlleo :^)

[28/02/2016 07:45:33]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 02-22-16

Yes, all links should still work, even old links - although if I find something particularly embarrassing I may edit the content (like, Art Thieves, Click Here was a terrible idea and for the port I've replaced it with a brief page explaining its history and what it was on about, with no alerts). When I qualified it as maintaining all public links, what I meant was that various standalone scripts and scrapped pages that have never been an official part of the site or linked anywhere on it will be removed - the only way anyone besides me would have known they were even there is if they typed in random URLs.

[27/02/2016 21:21:22]

Commenting on: 02-22-16

My OCD wants me to ask you this to make sure. Will the other old versions of the site, like the pages on the ones linked in Site History still work? Going back and reading old articles that were on the site when I was a kid but aren't now is important to me.

Thanks for making my all time favorite Pokémon site! :3

[27/02/2016 01:12:13]


You've done a proper job with this website! I've found the spriting guide very helpful - so thanks!

[24/02/2016 18:42:15]

Hoenn Confirmed!

My personality has gotten worse.
I took the quiz a year ago and got Weavile.

I took the quiz a month ago and got Houndoom

I took the quiz a minute ago and got Absol.

[21/02/2016 04:36:41]

A Person
Commenting on: 01-01-16

Yay you like Undertale all of my favorite internet people are into why are my friends not.

[28/01/2016 20:00:52]

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