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Commenting on: 09-28-17

I am actually pretty grateful for the reordering mechanic you are implementing. New pokemon are never going to stop coming out, and it is good to have a means to bump up new favorites to old lists without having to redo the entire list all the way over again. Additionally, I've been using the lists of friends to catch pokemon in their favorites for them, but because I organize priority in my list a different way than they do, being able to shuffle around a personal instance of their list such that I can avoid getting lost in the clutter is very useful. In addition to that point, if you could make a "remove from my list" option, like a little trash bin at the very bottom of the list that picks could be dragged to, that'd be cool. Opinions and emotions change, and sometimes it's just time to let go of old friends, you know?

[06/10/2017 15:53:42]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Very late reply to Missingmetaphorsoup, whose comment I managed to forget about before I actually responded: it was pretty much a one-time thing. Gold or Silver was literally one of the first pages I made for this site back in 2002 - which is why the writing in it is a bit wonky and it capitalizes things incorrectly; I was twelve. I think for the most part the version differences in later games have been more subjective - I could pore over which version's exclusives seem better, and maybe analyze which version of the plot seems to make more sense, but the objective imbalance of the Lugia/Ho-Oh you get that I spent most of the Gold or Silver section talking about (and was the main reason I made it - I was a little bitter that I got worse legendaries than people with Silver) isn't a thing in later games.

[29/09/2017 23:51:43]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 09-28-17

The code is already all client-side - you can see it just by using the view source feature in your browser. I don't mind if you make derivatives, so long as you credit it appropriately and link back.

[29/09/2017 23:42:08]

Commenting on: 09-28-17

Is there anyway you could open source the Favorite Picker code? I saw a Digimon one which said you gave them the code and I would love to do this with my friends for various stuff.

[29/09/2017 20:04:50]

Website: interior design sg

Thank you for the hard work and dedication. Keep it up and stay safe!

[03/09/2017 23:10:41]


Hey, I happened upon this site recently and found it really informative and interesting, not to mention full of personality (unlike something like Serebii).

Anyways, I just wanted to ask: Do you ever plan on writing comparisons between games other than Gold/Silver, or was that just a one time thing? I honestly never thought about it the way you did, and I'd be interested to read comparisons for other generations.

[28/08/2017 18:05:34]

Website: Thousand Roads

@Exceptile, the only way you're going to get a Mew is by using that Action Replay to make one for yourself or finding someone who can make a local trade with you. Since the Gen IV wi-fi service has been shut down, you won't be able to get into the GTS even with a cheating device; however there may still be GTS spoof servers running that I think you can use (which won't need an Action Replay for). In those cases you'll either be generating a Mew for yourself to download or downloading a pre-genned one off the server–if you're looking for a non-hacked Mew, you aren't going to get one this way. There weren't any Mew events programmed into the Gen IV games, so you can't hack yourself an item to unlock one of those and then catch a semi-legit Mew that way: you will need to either hack the pokémon itself into your game, get a hacked one off a GTS spoof server (if in fact you can still use those), or hack the wonder card for a wi-fi event distribution into your game.

[22/08/2017 17:37:14]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

Hey guys! I'm working on filling my National Dex in Soulsilver! I've already gotten my Johto Pokédex done, and I need a Mew for the Nat. Does anyone know if/how I can get a Mew in HG/SS or Platinum? I'm trying to get onto the GTS by using my Action Replay to connect with it so that I can trade with someone. Thanks!
-Exceptile, A Newcomer

[22/08/2017 01:18:36]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-25-17

Excaliber: It seems to be a common request, so yeah, it's on my list.

Cameron: Whenever a Pokémon is added to your found favorites, all Pokémon that were eliminated by that Pokémon will come back. So, if you picked some Pokémon X in the first round over nineteen random Pokémon, and then at some later point Pokémon X gets added to your Found Favorites, those nineteen random Pokémon will come back. This is because for all the picker knows, your next favorite is one of those nineteen - all it knows is that you like Pokémon X more than any of them. The picker is based on elimination and not on keeping track of how often you've picked individual Pokémon - there's an explanation of how it works on the page if you're curious.

[21/08/2017 20:28:07]

Commenting on: 07-25-17

Why does the Favorite Picker suddenly make a bunch of Pokemon i've never chosen pop up? It happens shortly after choosing the top ten or so.
I apologize that this isn't directly to you, but I couldn't find your contact info.

[21/08/2017 08:41:59]

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[18/08/2017 06:37:46]

Commenting on: 07-25-17

I don't know if anyone has asked this yet, but are you planning on making it so that the favorite picker can be limited by type? That would definately make the experience much more fun

[09/08/2017 12:10:47]

Commenting on: 07-14-17

Haven't been here in a long, long time. Remembered your fic and decided to come check it out, just in time. Thank you for everything you've done all these years!

[01/08/2017 20:58:19]

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it's a nice website and a great inspiration for my job . Thank you guys, i hope you like stuff i share with you. Feeling like a kid again :)

[25/07/2017 04:28:07]


I'm not sure if this would count as a D/P Change (because it was sort of introduced by XD) but your D/P changes doesn't mention the fact that Poke Marts expand their inventory of standard items based on your progress through the game (i.e. as you collect badges).

XD had it for some of its Poke Marts (I think all but the one in Phenac), but only barely (there's only like two or three points that they expand their inventory, and they only end up adding three or four items).

[23/07/2017 00:03:24]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 01-13-17

All the cap Pikachu are in the picker, but only one of them (original cap) appears if you have "Major only" checked, since the different caps are not considered to be a major form difference. Make sure that box is unchecked.

[22/07/2017 03:08:58]

Commenting on: 01-13-17

I have a question about the favorite Pokemon picker
Is there the Sinnoh cap pikachu ?because I'm trying to get all the ash cap pikachu's because my favorite Pokemon is pikachu
But if there isn't then can you please add that pikachu in.

[20/07/2017 19:26:34]

Commenting on: 07-14-17

I was actually wondering why you didn't do this earlier to be honest. But I'm glad you did now. :)

[17/07/2017 08:59:25]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies

I saw! Haven't had the chance to try to look into it at all yet though.

[29/06/2017 22:00:20]

Konrad Borowski
Website: GitHub profile

Recently I have seen post on /r/pokemon suggesting that the capture algorithm in Pokemon Colosseum is different to Gen3 games, figured I would tell you in case you weren't informed about it.

[29/06/2017 17:32:48]

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