Pokémon Checklist

Check all the evolution lines you have not yet obtained at least one member of, select your version and then press the button at the bottom. It will generate a printable list for you, showing where it is best to obtain a member of each evolution line in order to complete your Pokédex. (Once you've done that, of course, you'll still have to evolve/breed.)

The list is not perfect; for instance, it is prone to listing the time as needing to be "morning" in specific cases where it doesn't have to be (links to detailed location data are included when the Pokémon appears normally in the wild), and this would be difficult to fix. It also only defaults to showing special methods (eggs, in-game trades, etc.) if the Pokémon does not appear normally in the wild. But the methods it provides will get you the Pokémon you're looking for, and they will almost always be the most efficient method of doing so, in terms of the Pokémon's rarity.

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