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08/15/15: Screenshots!

I've finally finished my updates to the Power of One review, which in addition to gaining some screenshots was very significantly rewritten - on a rewatch I concluded a significant part of my main complaint about it wasn't actually valid (I'm pretty sure everyone decides Ash is the actual Chosen One because he's collected two treasures already, not because he's the Chosen One of the festival per se), so now I complain about a bunch of other things instead, and also I'm not quite as hard on it because wow, I was really hard on this movie. I still don't think it's very good, but at least I can acknowledge that it's really pretty.

I've also added screenshots to the Mewtwo Strikes Back review (and made a couple of other minor edits to it after rewatching the movie), and the reviews now all have previous/next links at the bottom.

Next up, the Spell of the Unown review.

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08/08/15: A Couple of Minor Things

I've added Hoopa's artwork to the Zodiac images (both the Confined and Unbound forms), and additionally I made a minor fix to the source code to ensure that at least Firefox's "reading view" will actually show the text of my pages instead of just the footer (not that this site has much in the way of clutter you'd want to remove with the reading view, but I felt it was good to make it work anyway).

I'm still working on my rewritten Power of One review. It's technically almost done, but in the process I managed to randomly decide to add some screenshots to it to liven it up, so I'm going to go rewatch the first movie and take some screenshots to add to that review as well before I put it up (and then move on to the other reviews and add screenshots to them as well).

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