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04/12/15: More-Fic

I have put up yet another Morphic extra, entitled "Dave and Mia Discuss Family", for those who care. This time it's a post-fic AU, and lest you think that means it's happier than the end of the original fic, NOPE.

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04/02/15: April Fools

No, there has not been a corporate takeover. No, I am not planning to move into the uninformative-list-articles-full-of-stock-photos market. I will be writing lengthy wordy mathy overenthusiastic rambling forever and you can't stop me.

The style I made for the joke, however, was actually pretty decent, especially since it's the first style to work properly on phones (because the last time I made a style was 2008 oh my god help). So that style now has a permanent home in the style switcher, as "Modern style", with a couple of edits: it now shows the style switcher, and the top banner is not ridiculously humongous. It is also now the default style for users who have not set a style, but if you don't like it, you can switch (the previous default style was Articuno).

Finally, I've added a section on this year's joke to the April Fools' joke archive, and I updated the style switcher page with information on the new style and updated style tags (because Internet Explorer 6 is not actually relevant anymore). If for some reason you preferred the style with the ludicrously huge top banner, the actual intact April Fools' Day version of the style is also there under Deprecated Styles.

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04/01/15: Acquisition

We are proud to announce that THE CAVE OF DRAGONFLIES® has been acquired by Daybreak Recreation & Activities Group Productions, Ltd. We are incredibly excited for this opportunity to give back to the community and help this great website respond to the changing demands of the modern Web.

We have begun by releasing a brand-new, responsive mobile-first design across the website, to better reflect the web design sensibilities of the modern age. The new layout includes stronger branding and a sleek, modern, professional look and feel that users will appreciate, as well as scaling elegantly down to mobile devices.

Rest assured that we will continue to produce the quality POKÉMON™ content you have come to expect from THE CAVE OF DRAGONFLIES®. Moreover, we will strive to engage an even wider and more diverse audience than the website has previously reached by emphasizing shareability and enticing titles. Today we are proud to release a new original article that we hope will get you excited for the new direction the site is headed, entitled, "You Won't Believe These Bizarre Glitches Elite Hackers Have Discovered in the Pokémon Games".

Stay tuned for more exciting updates, including brand-new ways to engage with all of THE CAVE OF DRAGONFLIES®' 150+ pages of original content across a wide variety of social media and new and intriguing monetization opportunities. We hope you are as excited about our plans for THE CAVE OF DRAGONFLIES® as we are!

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