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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-13-12

Yes, you'll still be able to create types, in a less clunky way. The type polygon feature might not make it directly since that doesn't really make any sense laid out on a chart, but I'm doing my best to have everything else.

[03/11/2012 06:48:32]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

I hope the ITC keeps the type-creating feature. That's what I liked most!

[01/11/2012 19:09:26]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

I was hoping for the movie review, but, the conquest review was very helpful. Good thing I read this before I bought the game.

[23/10/2012 22:09:32]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

Always enjoy reading your updated bios. 8) A bit unfortunate you have to practically disclaimer all your throwaway jokes, haha. It's all good, I get that it needs to be done.
I was interested in conquest from the art alone but upon reading your review I realised that's probably not the sort of game I'm interested in. So hoorah, your effort immediately finds vindication! (Don't worry, I'd probably do proper research if I ever actually bought games within several years of their release.)

[15/10/2012 09:09:06]

Commenting on: 10-13-12

The link to the forums on the About Me section doesn't work. It's looks like the lack of a '.com' is the reason.

[15/10/2012 00:22:57]

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