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Commenting on: 10-11-08

Yes. Platinum sprites were one of the things I was hoping for. Thanks Butterfree, this is going to be great for my spriting. Yay.

Jolteon for Spammifier. Woot Jolteon.

[13/10/2008 08:56:05]

Commenting on: 10-11-08


Epic stuff!

This will help me with my spriting :DD

[12/10/2008 18:34:06]

Website: The Battle for Mother Earth - a Pokemon RP
Commenting on: 10-11-08

Platinum sprites!! T_T Amazing…my gratitude is endless, and I am sure that many others feel the same…this will make for spritework and GIMPing on my part. ^^

"Magikarp Quest"? Sounds epical. Magikarp are fun much.

[12/10/2008 18:14:35]

Commenting on: 10-11-08

Thank you immensely for the Platinum sprites. I've been looking everywhere for them. o.x

[12/10/2008 18:09:29]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 10-11-08

Your link doesn't work, but I didn't say I was the only person with transparent Platinum sprites; I said to my knowledge I was the only person offering all of them (both frames, mind you, and separated), transparent, and for download. If it's on DeviantArt, I'm guessing it's some sort of a sprite sheet, but that's not what I was talking about; a sprite sheet is no use to anyone who wants to be able to use one individual sprite somewhere unless they specifically go cut it out of the sheet, which they'd need to do for every sprite if they needed all of them.

[12/10/2008 17:04:09]

Commenting on: 10-11-08

You are not the only person with transparent Platinum sprites.… has them too

[12/10/2008 16:44:18]

Dragon Tamer
Commenting on: 10-11-08

Yay. Platinum sprites and Magikarp's Quest. <3

[12/10/2008 03:56:39]

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