Pokémon Sprite Generator (hybrid)

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You may direct link sprites from this page if you have to, but if you're planning to use them on your site or something you should really just upload them yourself.

Unown can take a while to be generated, thanks to all its different forms. Just be patient.

Note that even though it says "female", that is not entirely accurate: it is only for those cases where there is an extra female form in D/P that needs to be included. In other words, all-female Pokémon's sprites will appear in the ordinary Normal and Shiny columns, not in the Female columns, and if the male and female look the same, the female is not shown.

Because it would've been annoying to code otherwise, the Attack Deoxys is displayed as the FR/LG sprite for Deoxys while the Defense one is displayed as the FR/LG shiny (I figured not a lot of people would miss the shiny, really; if you desperately need it, just take the normal Attack or Defense Deoxys and recolor it in the colors of the shiny R/S Deoxys). Additionally, since the Advance Deoxys forms are version exclusive, they are not displayed as alternate forms, either.

Generate random Pokémon

If the generated Pokémon has multiple forms, a random form will be displayed, but other forms will also be available under the alternate forms heading.

Find sprites of specific Pokémon

For Nidoran, enter "Nidoranm" or "Nidoranf". Entering a Pokémon that has multiple forms will make the forms available under their respective headings.

R/S spritesR/S shiniesEmerald spritesFR/LG spritesFR/LG shinies
NormalShinyNormal femaleShiny female

R/S alternate forms (normal)

R/S alternate forms (shiny)

D/P alternate forms (normal)

D/P alternate forms (shiny)

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