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Commenting on: 06-22-08

whoa, some new forums just popped up

If I wanted to I could go steal the position of member #2, presuming registrations are open

but I'm not going to

(also damn there's a validation image but I'm not sure if it's silcoon or cascoon)

[22/06/2008 18:44:17]

Pikachu Goddess

Yes, Typhloise, join us… *evil laugh*

When the forums are back up, what threads do you think would be the first to come back? Just a random question.

Dragon_night: Nice jokes, once again. XD

Zora: I'd run from it. Or, at least, make a final will and testament.

[22/06/2008 18:37:54]

Shiny Eevee
Commenting on: 06-22-08

I thought next week sounded reasonable. Well, I'm sad to say I haven't saved anything. Besides some avatars, but only the ones on my computer because I made them.

Good luck with rebuilding the forums!

[22/06/2008 18:31:04]


I think I might actually join the forums this time. It sounds pretty cool, anyway.

[22/06/2008 18:22:33]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

I will help out by lookoing through that web archive I found. Which threads are the important ones?

[22/06/2008 18:21:49]

Website: I don't have one ^^;;;
Commenting on: 06-22-08

So, um hi people of tCoD :)

I'm really sad that the forums got deleted :( Especially the RPGs.

So, Butterfree, got any idea on how it happened?

[22/06/2008 18:20:33]

Zora of Termina

XP You win. Those were awesome.

[22/06/2008 18:09:57]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Well I guess my school timing is almost perfect. If the forums are guessed to be up in a week, then I don't have to worry about being bored this summer! Although, what really sucks is if I'm not on the forums, I'm cleaning to get rid of my bed bugs ;_;

Anyway, because I'm still bored and to lighten the mood, I'll pass out more jokes ^^(again, I take no credit for them, I just heard them before, but don't know where they came from)

Inside a train is a man, a pretty woman, an old woman, and a male police officer. As the train moves into a tunnel, thus making it impossible to see (there aren't any lights in the train), the group people on the train heard the following: A kissing sound, and then a large smack.

As the train exited the tunnel, the pretty woman though "Why would the man kiss the old hag instead of me?"

The old woman though "That's right young lady, smack him good"

The police officer though "That man's sly. He get's the kiss, and I get smacked for it"

And finally, the man thought "Sweet. I kiss the back of my hand, smack a police officer and get away with it!"


A man stood in a park, looking at the horizon. A Frisbee came into view, and then man thought "Why is it getting bigger and bigger?"

Then, it hit him.

[22/06/2008 18:06:53]

Pazo the Mortamor
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Yay! New forums! Everything will be new :D

And I seriously have no idea why the forums were wiped. Neither does anyone else. Of course it's obvious to me because I'be never had a website like this before.

Anyway, good luck rebuilding the forums ;)

[22/06/2008 18:06:14]

Commenting on: 06-22-08


I didn't post much at all on TCoD forums, but I know how it feels to have posts and such important to you lost.

When Mew's Hangout was wiped… the first conversation I had with my first online friend was on there. Gone now. Tons of other great things and memories from the great year that was 2004… (to me, at least) gone. Just gone. For those who lost something important to them, like a post or a fic they cared about and never will read again… I feel for you. I really do.

[22/06/2008 17:56:49]

Zora of Termina

Leafpool, I thought you said you weren't coming back there. Then again, this is important so I guess the point really doesn't matter. :/

So anyway, I have a question for all of you. If a demon kitsune with a will to kill walked up to you, what would you do?

Mr. Potato Head Probopass for spammifier. :3

[22/06/2008 17:53:59]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 06-22-08

Really? Awesome. :D Thanks, and don't lose them.

[22/06/2008 17:38:59]

Commenting on: 06-22-08

Oh-Butterfree! I have the Mafia rules saved on the other forum I'm on! I can send you them over PM when the forums get back up.

[22/06/2008 17:35:31]

Pikachu Goddess

Yes, you may call me that, and yes, I read the update. I was just displaying my grief for the situation. Do you think that I would miss something that important after I've been visiting this website daily for updates on the matter? Plus, "Database Fry" can't be a good title for an update, so anyone who cares about this site would have read it.

[22/06/2008 16:51:28]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

The Insanity is already generous so a spam section would just be stupid. And people making adoptables with a high price is no justification for one.

[22/06/2008 16:20:54]


Well, I finally went on the other forum. So, yay? On that note, I still have a cold. Bleh, no fair! It's summer!

[22/06/2008 15:17:50]


I've finally trained my Pupitar to level 53! Once it turns into Tyranitar, I think this will be it's attacks:





Give me your opinion!

[22/06/2008 12:35:03]


I'm holding out hope that we can continue from where we 'left off' in ATE, as well as The Darkest Hour; not to mention all of the other Rps…

In lieu of a proper place to put this in, I'll post my progress with my mono-poison team on Leaf Green.

Nidoking Lv. 36, Gentle

Shock Wave–Thrash–Flamethrower–Brick Break

Venusaur Lv. 36,Docile

Razor Leaf–Tackle–Leech Seed–Sleep Powder

Haunter Lv. 34, Hasty *In training*

Hypnosis-Shadow Punch-Thunderbolt-Dream Eater

Current status-Now that i have the Silph Scope in my possession, I can now take a run at the Pokemon Tower's upper floors.

Planning to add a Tentacruel and maybe a Venomoth or Muk. Thoughts?

[22/06/2008 12:23:05]

Commenting on: 06-19-08

Great. Just great. It sucked enough that the forums are down here. But now the Smash Boards are down, which, incidently, run on the same servers. I mean that the forum was basically the same as this one, just on a different subject. All of this, coupled with my crappy internet, equals a boring summer.

[22/06/2008 12:06:57]

Mr. Toon
Commenting on: 06-16-08

OH yhea the geustbook is up but where the hell are thez forms???

Spammy Rampardos *pokes*

[22/06/2008 11:36:27]

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