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Poll 42: How excited are you about buying Platinum?

3572 (47%)
I imported it from Japan, so I don't need another one.
112 (1%)
Pssh, who plays games on a real DS nowadays?
229 (3%)
I've played the Japanese version, but I'm buying it in English anyway so that I can have it.
137 (2%)
I'm looking forward to it, but am not in a rush to get it the day it comes out.
1150 (15%)
I'm not going to be able to get it until later, and it pisses me off.
417 (5%)
Eh, I'll probably buy it if I happen across it.
441 (6%)
I'm going to wait until I can get it as a present.
360 (5%)
I would have bought it, but the economic crisis! Woe!
232 (3%)
I'm not THAT much into Pokémon.
227 (3%)
I never buy the third versions.
246 (3%)
You suck.
526 (7%)

7644 votes total

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