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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-07-10

Awesome! Even though I don't own D/P/HG or SS, it is still pretty awesome.

[20/07/2010 21:42:54]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-07-10

The problem is I'm not sure the Headbutt locations are in the database at all at the moment (hence the lack of Pewter City - there are no encounters for it that are in the database). That's not really under my control, since it's veekun's database, but of course Eevee/a_magical_me will be getting those in eventually.

And yes, I just got back; there's no way I could have been updating. I didn't even have any Internet at all.

[18/07/2010 02:04:54]

Rinky Dink Fink
Website: dragonflycave
Commenting on: 07-07-10


[16/07/2010 20:52:36]

Static the Porcupine
Website: Static the Porcupine's site
Commenting on: 07-07-10

just thought i'd mention that, Butterfree. your site is still the best one i've ever seen.



[15/07/2010 14:32:05]

Website: Static the Porcupine's site
Commenting on: 07-07-10

in the HG/SS locations, you're missing Pewter City. i need to find out when the best ime to headbut out Starly is. i REALLY want one in SS. so could you add in Pewter Ciy o that HG/SS locations? please?

[15/07/2010 14:27:42]

Commenting on: 07-07-10

The revamping guide is oddly worded. It's defined as "the art of taking a sprite from one of the older games and recoloring/shading it to the quality of a post-Advance counterpart", but Revamping Rule 4 says to "mimic thy Advance sprite closely", plus you use R/S/FR/LG sprites in the screenshots. Is using a D/P/Pt/HG/SS sprite a violation of said rule, or did you just forget to update it?

P.S. Have you ever used an Emerald sprite for something? ;)

[14/07/2010 19:11:37]

Commenting on: 07-07-10

It's quite a nice tool (at least in my opinion), although there really should be a 'Back to TCoD' button somewhere, since it gets somewhat annoying having to scroll through lots of Back pages if you've been using it for a while. (There's also no Headbutt data as far as I can tell, but since the rarities aren't on Serebii either, I'm not sure whether you accidentally left it out or if no one knows what the rarities are.)

[08/07/2010 02:43:03]

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