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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 07-01-12

I've grown out of finding it cool to be annoyed with everything since I wrote the original FAQ. There's nothing wrong with rants, but there is when innocent readers who are actually doing the right thing by looking up their query in the FAQ are subjected to them in response to innocuous questions.

I don't want to sound like I mean business. I want to sound like a human being who doesn't delight in lecturing kids on how wrong they are about everything.

[09/07/2012 10:39:39]

Website: Loffy's deviantART account
Commenting on: 07-01-12

Hm… Not gonna lie, I actually remember thinking that the old FAQ page seemed pretty harsh; I could see it scaring off some newer or younger readers. The tone of the new page is much calmer; it's nice that you went and revamped it c:

[08/07/2012 18:48:44]

Commenting on: 07-01-12

Hahaha holy snap, I didn't even realise (with an S!) how harsh the old faq was until now. It was awesome though. I mostly just love reading rants, as eeveefan mentions. But this faq probably serves its purpose much, much better, and won't scare off the poor noobs ('noobs' being a friendly moniker, that is). :3

My only regret is that future readers will never know the wonder of the two who irreverently suggested a sonic section \o/

[07/07/2012 02:29:20]

Website: Imaginario Disfraz
Commenting on: 07-01-12

It's nice that you revamped your FAQ. I was reading it about a week before the revamp, and a lot of the tone of the answers seemed very angry, such as the one where you talk about having sheep facts on a scarf. O,o;

The answers to your questions no longer look like chapters to a novel. xD I haven't read them yet, but I will soon. I always love reading FAQs.

[04/07/2012 23:56:01]

Commenting on: 07-01-12

Well, it does seem a lot less ranty, but I liked your ranty answer to the type triangle better XD

And completely off-topic, but I can't help but be amazed at people who guess your crossword clues. I feel like a bad Pokémon fan XD

[03/07/2012 00:13:11]

Commenting on: 07-01-12

Can you still have a page for the old FAQ and Contact Me? I liked them better.

[02/07/2012 15:13:32]

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