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Commenting on: 06-05-12

Oh wow I never knew there was a bug like this in gen 2.

[29/06/2012 19:40:50]

Website: Pokefarm user page
Commenting on: 06-05-12

As a computer science graduate, I admire your fiddling, and fiddling with a buggy program is a lot more fun than with one that's hard to break open.

[25/06/2012 08:57:50]

Commenting on: 06-05-12

I love math! Actually, doing simple calculations about my Pokemon is what started me on math :)

[08/06/2012 22:42:53]

Commenting on: 06-05-12

"…and it makes me so sad when people don't find this as awesome as I do."

No worries there; mathematics absolutely does not register in my brain, but I still find things like this really interesting :D

[08/06/2012 01:32:28]

Polymetric Sesquialtera
Commenting on: 06-05-12

I was inspired to draw this by that post.

[07/06/2012 17:16:18]

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