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Commenting on: 05-31-15

That is fine then. I thought it wouldn't be possible but it never hurt to ask right?

[02/06/2015 06:10:32]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 05-31-15

Unfortunately that would be a bit of a bother because right now the picker sends no data to the server at any point; it all happens in your browser and I have no idea what goes on in your session. In addition to the actual statistical work I'd have to start actually collecting data and storing it somewhere.

[01/06/2015 10:47:10]

Commenting on: 05-31-15

Thanks for adding this. I know I been waiting for a while for something like this but it is quite a surprise to see you went all out and let the user choose the size. I was only expecting you to give an option to chop it down to ~6 per matchup. By being less overwhelming now you may can also expect more people using it.

Not really a feature but any chance of adding a statistic page without causing too much problem on your end? I am kinda wondering what is the world favorite Pokemon and possibly most hated Pokemon. Of course I doubt most people would even look at it but for the few who are interested it could be neat. While some people may just spam click the first Pokemon I'm sure the odds of all misleading results will rarely be the same enough to effect anything. No pressure of course as I finally got the update I been waiting for personally but just tossing an idea out there in case you get bored and wish to add something to it one day.

[01/06/2015 08:41:03]

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