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Website: Rare Candy
Commenting on: 04-02-15

Haha, holy toledo, I thought I'd gone to the wrong website for a minute. New layout looks great; nice to see something responsive here at long last!

Also, thank you for the FR/LG VS Seeker page. I'm sure I used it back in the day but I was running a Nuzlocke a few months ago and that page helped make grinding in Kanto suck less.

[27/04/2015 05:09:32]

Commenting on: 04-02-15

Oh wow! I LOVE THIS STYLE. It's so modern and flows very nicely. I like it very much. >w<

[05/04/2015 19:17:17]

Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 04-02-15

Norb: Dewgong hasn't been the default in years; as the update says, the previous default was Articuno. You can still use Dewgong if you want, though!

[03/04/2015 03:06:26]

Shadow Serenity
Commenting on: 04-02-15

I was so determined to not be fooled by anything yesterday. This was the only thing I was fooled by because I was so distraught by the idea of the site being sold to someone else. Points to TCoD for that.

[03/04/2015 01:21:33]

Commenting on: 04-02-15

Aww man RIP dewgong as default I guess.

I'll get used to the new style though

[02/04/2015 23:43:44]

Website: Jackus Hub
Commenting on: 04-02-15

Lol, I actually liked that huge Banner at the top :P

[02/04/2015 19:15:38]

Hot Salsa Dip
Commenting on: 04-02-15

Thank goodness there wasn't a takeover xD At first I really did believe it

[02/04/2015 17:53:53]

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