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Website: The Cave of Dragonflies
Commenting on: 03-18-13

All added (wow, I can't believe I forgot some of this stuff). Thanks for the pointers!

[23/03/2013 21:40:17]

Commenting on: 03-18-13

There's also the "Free Space" thing in the bag.

[23/03/2013 18:54:50]

Cow Warrior
Commenting on: 03-18-13

The Gyms were redesigned.

[22/03/2013 21:23:53]

Commenting on: 03-18-13

Oh, here's something else you missed:

You know that bookmark list (I forgot if there's a special name for it) that pops up whenever you press the Y button in game? And how if you go to the bag menu, for example, there'd be this little box at the bottom of the touch screen you could check off/register so it appears on the menu?

In Black/White, you couldn't bookmark the Pokemon menu in this way, but in Black/White 2, you could (which made it ten times more convenient for me haha). :D

Here's hoping I'm being clear enough!

[22/03/2013 01:30:50]

Commenting on: 03-18-13

And yet you still haven't mentioned about the repels.

[20/03/2013 12:36:22]

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