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Commenting on: 03-15-09


[17/03/2011 22:40:34]

S c l e r a ~ ?
Commenting on: 03-15-09

I know, the whole partner not talking to you annoyed me too!

However, he does start talking to you a bit later again in the game. I distinctly remember your partner joining you (and talking to you) again to rejoin you on a later mission.

I'm the person who (Battonage Spoiler)Was REALLY sad when I left ranger school and all my friends! XDDD

(I never got to the complete end of the game because 99 floor dungeon drive me mental)

Heh, I got my favourate Pokémon (Slowpoke) as the spam-preventer!

[20/03/2009 22:09:33]

Commenting on: 03-15-09

What's funny is that I never really noticed the who MD-never-talking-again thing. When I beat Red, I was just "Yay, I can play as other Pokemon now. :DDD". Never gave the partner thing a thought, really. Maybe I'm just weird.

[17/03/2009 20:09:02]

Website: Scyther's Meadow
Commenting on: 03-15-09

Wow, you know,I was wondering if you forgot about the Dungeons. Hahaha. I still haven't finshed them myself..*_*

[16/03/2009 21:59:53]

Commenting on: 03-15-09

About your review–The end of the mystery dungeon game bothered me, too–it was just so heartbreaking. Thankfully in Time you still have your partner around out of dungeons even though you can still switch leaders around, otherwise I probably would have quit that one too.

And I got the Slaking mission as well–I finally just gave up on it after five tries and about 30 reviver seeds. xP

[16/03/2009 16:00:23]

Website: Lugia's Island
Commenting on: 03-15-09

You might want to add on on the Why They Exist on the FAQ section of the Sections that Suck that sometimes it's just plain fun making up questions and responding to them.

…or maybe that's just me.

[16/03/2009 03:13:20]

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